Will You Marry My Husband episode 4


That same evening, i was lying down on my bed inside my room contemplating whether to go to her house or not.

“But what if this lady is just pretending, i mean how can she be that nice, maybe because i pretended to be his cousin” i assumed.
i just hope am not been lur*ed to be ki*lled”

i stood up slugglishly from the bed to kitchen to prepare my favourite meal, after i was done, i dished out my food and proceeded to the dining table and sat down comfortably.

While eating, lilian came and sat down beside me.

“where is my food mma”

i looked at her and continued with my food. she sighed and left to the kitchen to get hers; later on she came back with her own plate of rice and sat down.

instead of her to eat she rather looked at me.

“vivian what is it? you’ve been acting cold lately; how was your visit to the hospital” she asked.

“it was cool, i came back this morning but you were not home”

“i was out to get my hair done” she replied.

“Alright! ray is recovering, i slept in the hospital last night till morning time , look.who came….his wife janet”
I adjusted myself well after speaking.

“Are you serious…i just hope she did not suspect anything” lilian asked.

“suspect what exactly? the lady is good, she even requested for me to come and know her home but i rejected, she kept persisting till i accepted ” i added.

Lilian looked at me in disbelief

“you mean you accepted it? see …see am not ready to bury any of my friends o , better stay back, don’t even try that” she fumed.

“Relax my dear i already presented myself as his cousin right from when she called me that first time, nothing would happen to me, you can’t expect me to say no when i have already told her am his cousin”

I stoodup from the chair down to the kitchen with my empty plate.

Lilian turned and asked me to come back and finish the conversation but i ign*ored her.

she left her plate of food on the table and followed me to the kitchen to continue the conversation.

“Dating her husband is not enough you still want to get closer to her, what’s really your aim in that family” lilian asked.

“you wanna know my aim?” i gig*gled and continued, “well …my aim is to be the second wife” i left immediately down to my room and locked the door because i knew how she will react to such word. she is so fond of carrying people’s matter for head.
but i still heard her voice while inside my room.

“Vivian, you’re risking your life, you barely know this lady and what she is capable of , i’m just looking out for you” she stood there for a while but no response from me so she left in sha*me.

i cared less; it’s my life.

The following morning i woke up to see three missed call from an unknown caller, immediately the number called back and i picked.

“Goodmorning vivian, it’s janet, ray’s wife”

i sat upright looking confused.

“Goodmorning ma”

“i copied out your number from my husband’s phone should incase you’re wondering how i got it”

“loll it’s cool ma, how is ray, are you at the hospital?” i asked.

“ray is getting better by the day but am not at the hospital, i’ll go later on with you?” she asked.

“uhmm ma i’ll be abit busy today”
i wasn’t comfortable going there to see ray because i wasn’t comfortable with her.

“I want to go there with you and quick reminder, remember you accepted to come to my place this morning so am expecting you, from there we’ll both go to the hospital together

“but ma i…”

“you have to come and know your cousin’s house. she interrupted and continued but am surprise how come you don’t know his house, where you guys distant cousin or what?”

i was speechless , i tried to convey words inorder to clear myself out.

“During my last visitation to this country , he was living in a rented apartment ; he could not tell me he now owns a house, i was even surprised when you made mention of it”

i heaved a sigh of relief thinking i have been able to convince her. but she replied

“you guys are ridi*culous you know …but i’m sure he didn’t tell you we both build this house together from the scra*tch right?”

“ohh no ma i wasn’t aware of that , you’re a nice Lady, he doesn’t deserve you”

“so who does he deserve thenโ€ฆ”

i kept mute unable to answer her.

i was shocked to my bone marrow that i made such statement but i was thinking if i had to be the second wife maybe ray would have rented another apartment outside for me because his wife wouldn’t let me stay been that she contributed money to the building of the house.
i wasn’t pert*urbed about that; i succeeded in teasing her.

she later asked me to come right away and the address will be sent. she cut off the call.

Still Feeling optimistic about my going there, i quickly rush to dress up , thank God lilian left early to work ,
so i finally headed out to her house.

On getting there i took a glance of the entrance to the house indeed it was beautiful,

i knocked on the gate she came out and asked me to follow her in.

Finally i was inside her mansion i mean ray’s mansion, his parlour precisely; i looked around like a village girl just then she tapped me and then held my left hand asking me to follow her upstairs…she dragged my hands; i can’t believe i ranup with her like a toddler just to please her.

Up there was a room , she opened the door and asked me to come in, the room was very nice, i accepted it to be the master’s bedroom, ray got taste i must say.

But i was scared abit, what if she wants to end my life right here! because human beings are unpredictable , what if she knew all along am his girlfriend and finally l*ured me here to do to me whatever that pleases her.

i turned to check on her but she was nowhere to be found, i began to wonder where she must have gone to without my notice, i blamed myself for getting carried away by the beautiful designs in her room ; i thought about running should incase she’s planning something harmful.

Just then, she came out of the bathroom ,

my heart skipped , i didn’t notice when she entered there.
she walked closer to me with a w*eird smile , i took few steps back.

“c’mon dear don’t be scared! i don’t b*ite” she whispered.

“oh okay ma, i’m cool, but what am i in here for?” i asked in a shaky voice.

“Don’t you like what you see? i mean my room, ray’s room?”

“i…i do ma” i smiled foo*lish*ly

“okay come over here dear come, come”

she beckoned for me to come forward, i wanted to run out but i summoned courage and followed her from behind towards the…(to be contd)

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