Will You Marry My Husband


My name is vivian, i’m tall, beautiful and well endowed but i don’t have a man of my own.
Well! am not perturbed about that because i am inlove with Ray; Janet’s husband.
Please don’t judge me i know you’ll say of all the men in this world why someone’s husband, well! in him i’ve found the true meaning of love and happiness.

I and Ray have been together for like 2 years still counting. Infact we are inlove with eachother.
I can recall when he said to me that i and his wife has a special place in his heart and he loves us equally.
I wondered how a man can love two women at the same time i was confused but yet still happy atleast i’m been loved.

I and Ray has never stayed a day without seeing eachother. i know you’re wondering why his wife has not discovered this hidden secret yet or maybe found out about ua, that’s because ray has his own ways of keeping this away from his family without being suspected by his wife.
Ray has been so caring, loving infact our love for eachother is limitless. Sometimes thoughts like being his second wife do pops up whenever am thinking about him;

when he leaves his home the first place he stops by before heading to his office is my boutique.
Don’t be surprise that i own a boutique. you can’t dine with the rich and go back empty; ray got a shop and filled everything in there from shoes to wrist watches to clothes, whatever that was needed in there was filled to the brim.
Fast Forward to the day ray visited my shop, well i wasn’t expecting him because he called earlier on this morning to tell me he won’t make it and that he had a meeting with his client at his workplace so i wasn’t expecting him, as usual i was relaxing reading my novel when i heard footsteps at first i thought it was a customer i turned to check oh here he comes…ray.
i rushed up to hug him and we kissed.

“you told me you won’t be coming” i said

“well plans changed! see dear i can’t start up my day without seeing your beautiful face ”

“lol stop teasing me” i smiled stupidly
still resting my arms on his shoulder;
He kissed my forehead and requested to take me out for lunch later in the day.

This is how we’ve been lovey dovey until oneday i stopped seeing his calls tried all possible way to get him pick his calls but to no avail. i was disturbed; what could have happened, its been 2 weeks now, no calls and when i tried calling no one picks up , something is wrong somewhere.

i was deep in thoughts in my room then i decided to share my plight with lilian because she always has a solution to my problems; though she wasn’t in support of my relationship with ray claiming that he’s married and that i should let him be.

Lilian and i have been friends since our secondary school days, we got a house and lived together; she’s quite annoying sometimes but she’s a good friend to me. Luckily lilian came into my room when i was still in deep thoughts i told her about the sudden distance between i and ray, she stared at me with such dissapointment then warned me to let him be that he may have choosen to be with his wife at last. i didn’t like that statement so i blasted it out
“you don’t even have a man of your own you’re advising me. you’re just jealous” that didn’t go well with her she looked at me with anger written all over her face then left to her room;

“i have a caring man and am fine with him i need no other man ” i felt fulfilled after saying that i smiled and layed down on my bed.

The following day while i was lying down on my bed fondling my phone a call popped up behold it was ray, i quickly picked up the call ever ready to blast him for abandoning me for two week but to my greatest surprise it was a female voice, i removed the phone from my ear to checked if it’s actually ray’s name written on the screen indeed it was his name.

“could it be his wife or one of his concubine” i whispered to myself then brought the phone closer to my ear

“hello” she voiced out

“Hi” i responded mildly

“i’m Janet; ray’s wife” (to be continued)

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