Uncle Felix episode 5



My condition worsened to the point mum abandoned everything and rushed me to the nearby hospital alongside with dad and Felix.

After all of the tests, mum and dad were informed that I was three weeks pregnant that my odds of giving birth to the child were only 10% out of 100%, and that I’m starting to lose the child due to some harmful pills that I had been taking. The nurse later advised Mum to make sure I stop taking the pills to avoid losing the child. Mum was just crying bitterly while dad was peering at me annoyingly. I stayed there for approximately six days with all manner of medications before mum brought me back home. She didn’t ask me anything about the pregnancy not until I got home.

Each time mum would question me about the pregnancy; I’d face the ground shedding hot tears. Mum and dad instructed Felix to search my room and look for the drugs that I had been taking but unfortunately, Felix hid everything by himself and told them that he found nothing because I could vividly recall that I hid the drugs under my wardrobe.

Despite the beatings, I refused to speak because I was afraid. Mum and Felix were putting a lot of pressure on me. Mum eventually felt sorry for me, seeing all the scars she had inflicted on my body and considering my pregnancy. She stopped striking me and started caressing me, asking with me to reveal the person responsible for the pregnancy.

Uncle Felix continued with the threats. He’d sneak in my room at night (most especially around 11pm) with the pills and pressure me to swallow them saying that; “It’s better you lose this child. Do you know what it means if your mum finds out that you’re carrying my child? Do you want to dîe?”

“No uncle please I don’t want anything to happen to me. I heard everything that the nurse told mum. Please and I don’t want to kîll this innocent child. I won’t tell anyone that you’re responsible.” “Good which is why you have to keep on taking the drugs every night. Understood!” Some days after taking the pills, he’d position me and penetrate me from behind regardless of the pregnancy and would sneak back to his room.

I hadn’t noticed a shred of happiness on my mother’s face since she learned about my pregnancy. Felix would frequently be the one to beg her while she sat outside crying. Dad on the other hand would occasionally choose to stay at home out of frustration. There was a time when dad became so irritated and started hounding mum, accusing her of being to blame for everything. There was nothing I could do other than to cry and watch, and if it weren’t for felix who usually separates them, dad would have beaten mum till she was unconscious.

After mum and dad had reconciled, pastor came to our house one particular evening to pray with us. It was kind of spontaneous because we weren’t expecting him. Pastor immediately remained silent while we were praying, then spoke to Felix.

“Felix, there’s a terrible addiction you have, and the holy spirit has told me to tell you to stop,” he said.

“Haaa.. Pastor I think you must be mistaking me for someone else though. Addiction!.” He exclaimed shockingly.

“Felix! Just keep quiet and listen to what he’s telling you. Just listen shoo.” Dad squeaked him. I could tell that he wasn’t happy at all considering all the frustrations he had been going through all because of me..

“Felix sorry to ask. But have you given your life to Christ before?”

“Yes.” He responded with a weak voice.

“What about you elohor?”

“Ummm.. I.. I..” I began to splutter staring at my mother, whose eyes were filled with tears..

“Please help me to ask her oo. I’ve done everything to persuade her to unveil the man responsible for this child she’s carrying, but she won’t say anything. Pastor I’m just frustrated because I haven’t been myself for more than a month. This girl should not kîll me before my time oo.” Mum shouted amidst tears.

“Yes Pastor.” I replied him and turned to him. Felix had already stood up peering at me.

“Tell me the truth. You know I’m a pastor and you can’t lie to me. Who got you pregnant?”

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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