Uncle Felix episode 4



I woke up and saw Felix sitting close to me in one particular clinic that I had no idea of and I noticed that it was late. I raised myself up from the bed looking around. “Please sir where am I? What happened to me?” He was just rotating his head sideways.

“You were unconscious so I brought you here for check-ups. Elohor..” “sir.” I answered and unexpectedly vomited on the mattress.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. The nurse pronounced that you’re pregnant and I don’t want you to say anything yet. I will take care of everything.” “Oh Jesus I’m pregnant!” I criêd out and he quickly covered my mouth. “Shhh I told you I’ll handle it. Don’t unveil anything to anyone yet. Do I made myself clear?”

While waiting for a response from me, a call came and it was mum. “Ummmm mummy yes she’s fine. I’m with her and she’s getting better. Mummy we thank Gõd that it didn’t surpass this o.” Felix replied.

“I heard she fell unconscious as she was about entering the office. Which Hospital did you take her to? Can I speak with her?” “Tell her you’re fine..” Felix whispered and gave me the phone.

“Mummy..” I said, staring at him.. “My daughter what happened to you? I apologise for not being able to contact you. I have a lot on my plate, and you know your father doesn’t even have time for himself let alone someone else, which is why I let your uncle accompany you there. I never expected any of this. What exactly happened to you? Please explain. I have enough of airtime.”

“Mummy. I’m still in the hospital here with my uncle and I’m… I’m.. I’m fine… I’m fine now…” “God is really wonderful. I’m glad you’re fine oo, because I’ve been worried. Please give him the phone.” I gave him the phone.

“Please make sure she’s well taken care of. When will she be discharged?” “Probably tomorrow.” “Felix Please oo. Make sure my daughter is safe oo..” she said and aborted the call. “Mummy rest assured.” “Oya naa. We will talk later.” Mum remarked and cuts the call.

I successfully got discharged the following day and mum was so amazed and insisted that I should take enough rest. The day that I managed to complete my WAEC registration, he penetrated me but I didn’t feel much pains. He also administered two specific drugs to me (CYTOTEX and MISTOPROSTOL) He asked me to take three of each for a total of six tablets every night before bed and I complied.. He also assured me to remain silent that he’d do everything he could to cover up the pregnancy.

I kept taking the medications as directed. A few days later, something unexpected happened. Everyone of us were having breakfast in the dining around 5pm, then my chest suddenly became hot like the previous time. I vomited and mistakenly broke the plate of rice my mother had prepared for me. Meanwhile I hadn’t eaten up to ten spoons. Felix was just staring at me confusingly.

Mum and dad were inquisitive but I just cried and sped off to my room without looking back. Mum was the one that ran after me.

“Elohor are you not the one I’m calling.?” She called again for the third time.

I halted as I was about entering my room. “Mummy.. Mummy I’m not feeling fine..” “mummy I’m not feeling fine..” I said amidst têars.

“Elohor you’re behaving strange. Is there something you’re not telling me? Last time you slumped and now you’re vomitting? Come here.” Mum instructed, looking so worried while motioning her left hand.

“Elohor what is it?” Felix said and rushed over. “Elohor you’re not feeling fine? Why didn’t you inform me. Mummy let me take her to the hospital. I think her situation is getting out of hand.” Felix muttered, walking close to me.

“Felix. Just excuse me. I need to talk to my daughter alone.” Mum stated, took me inside my room and shut the door.

My Tommy began to hurt me as if someone was excavating a large hole inside of me. I began to shout and wail on the ground.

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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