Uncle Felix episode 7



“What!!!” Dad thundered and rushed over to knock him on the face and he landed on the floor. Felix struggled to get up and sped off stark nãked. I was on the ground groaning in pains. Daddy looked at me with Teary eyes. “You’ve been keeping such thing away from me? Elohor Why!!!”

“My daughter why!!” He shouted. “Daddy he… He threatened me. Daddy I don’t want anything to happen to me.” I muttered amidst têars. “He threatened you!! In my own house?” And you kept quiet like a fõõl allowing that bastard to molest you!!” Dad fired at me.

“Daddy I’m sorry. Daddy I… I…” “What is going on here! Honey why this cry naa” Mum intervened looking so worried. “Your brother had been the one sleeping with our daughter all this while. Turns out we had been turning a blind eye. I will skin him alive..” Dad shõuted, pulled his top and sped off.

Mum was stunned standing dumb and staring at me with teary eyes as I lay on the ground crying and attempting to get up. She lifted me from the ground, drew my gown and sympathetically instructed me to take a bath. I came back from the bathroom and couldn’t find my parents likewise Felix. Throughout that night I found no trace of them and I vomited twice before sleeping.

The next day(around 9am), as I went to throw away the dirty water I had used to wash our plates, a black Hilux arrived, followed by a small Camry and Felix had been tied with a some ropes and bundled in the back of the Hilux. He was looking shabby and on tattered trousers. His face was bloated and his left leg looked like it had been shot. They came to a halt and my parents and numerous unknown security officers and two women emerged from both vehicles.

The scene alone caught my attention to the point I hastily tossed the big bowl to my left. Mum was standing and resting on the Hilux staring at me and crying while one of the women consoled her. My father had a long gun in his left hand. He stormed inside the house like a raging bull without telling me anything..

I looked at Felix and felt sorry for him. I raced over to meet mum, knelt in front of her and began crying and pleading with “Mummy please let him go he’s dying. Please I forgive him for everything he had done to me. He’s dyîng please.”

“Just look at you. You’re even pleading on his behalf. What a shame! Some girls you’re far older than are so wise that they alert their parents when something goes wrong with them, but you’re just quiet like a tortoise. What an idiot you are! you’re just quiet. What an idiot you are! Oh Jesus! Get out of my front. Just go. Get out Just go..” mummy bellowed at me, jumping up in rage and scratching her hair “But mummy..” “I said Go!!!” She shouted.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Please just Go. Your mother is not really herself right now. Just go. As you can see we are handling the situation and he had already confessed. We’d make sure that justice is served. Go to your room and take good care of yourself. You don’t need any disturbance right now. Young females of your age experience similar things, and with the way they occur, the victim would always find it difficult to speak up. I can relate because I was once in your shoes but let’s keep that aside.” One of the women said and walked me inside and I went to to the kitchen.

Dad came out, after spending some minutes inside his room, banged the door and they all drove off.

That was the last time I saw uncle Felix in the compound. When my parents came back during the evening, they told me that he had been jailed. My elder siblings had to rush over from school because of what happened. They were informed by my mum although they left left after few weeks if stay and I believe they must’ve gone to check up on Felix in jail.

After a few months, the same woman who had recommended me came to check on me. She and my mother began educating me about sêx education and urged me not to allow anyone harass me that I should say NO to sêx.

Some of my friends who had heard the news came to console me. I successfully got my child but they had to operate on me before they could remove the child since I almost dîed giving birth and it was a boy. My parents advised me to name him Great that he’d undoubtedly become a great man someday..

I was unable to meet up with my W.A.E.C, so I enrolled the next year and continued my life with my child and parents until I was entered into the university.

Learn to speak up when you’re being harassed. Parents understand your children (most especially the girls) when they’re in pains because not all of them would have the courage to speak up.

There are many more lessons for everyone to learn from this my story so if I ask what you’ve learnt; What would be your response?

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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