Uncle Felix episode 6



I was simply perplexed and speechless, sobbing silent tears and pondering what to say.

“Felix.” “Yes.” He answered.

“Don’t you have any idea about her pregnancy? Because it’s only the three of you in this house or are there any other strangers who comes to visit?” Pastor confronted him.

“How am I expected to know?” Furthermore, any random person can enter. She has buddies with whom she socialises. It might be possible that one of them could be responsible for the child. Who knows.” Felix objected pretending like one that doesn’t know what was going on.

Pastor dropped his Bible, heaved a sigh of relief and folded his hands.

“You this girl. Don’t worry. By the time I torture you, you will speak up. You want to disgrace me in this house abi! Don’t worry.” Mum shouted amidst têars, swinging her hands and cracking her fingers.

“Hey.. Hey.. Hey.. Hey it’s okay. It’s okay. If you had been watching her closely, none of this would’ve happened. What’s the duty of a wife? What’s the main reason why I married you in the first place? Is it not to take care of our children! Regina don’t let me hear your voice again.” Dad warned mum extending his left hand.

“Please it’s okay. Please let’s settle this cordially. We will soon get to the bottom of this. There’s nothing that the Lord cannot do.” Pastor told mum and dad.

“Elohor.” “Pastor.” I answered, scratching my left hand and looking so devastated. “Who is the man behind this pregnancy? Your parents are really frustrated because of the problems you’ve inflicted on them. Your mum is so upset with you.” He stated gazing at me.

“I… I… Pastor I don’t know what to say. I’m scared. Pastor I don’t know what…. what to.. ” I cried out and rushed to my room covering my face with both hands. “Elohor!” Pastor called but I left regardless.

“Don’t worry I’ll go after her and talk to her.” Felix said and rushed to meet me in my room. He shut the door, drew the curtains and sat close to me on the bed.

“Wipe those your têars. What’s there to cry about eh! Once they ask you, just tell them you don’t know that’s all. Nobody will come and use razor blade to cut your mouth which is why I’m trying everything possible to make sure that you abort this child. Are you hearing me?” He whispered to me, cleaning my tears. I nodded and stood up. “Just stick according to the plan.” He said and left.

While pastor was talking to dad, Mum came to soothe me in my room that day begging with me to tell her the truth but I remained dumb and crying. She became enraged and yelled at me even spanking me on the head thrice but all I did was scream and roll on the ground. Pastor pleaded with them to allow me some time. He stated that being harsh on me is not the best approach to address the matter.

Mum would ensure that Felix takes me to the clinic for checkups but Felix wouldn’t. He’d take me out to anywhere of his choice. Most of the time, he’d purchase me costly foods. Mummy chose to keep a tight eye on me at night because she was afraid something horrible would happen to me. During those times, Felix was unable to penetrate me nor administer the drugs as usual.

After a few weeks, that should be around the fourth month of carrying the child. Felix crept to my room as usual(that was around 12:15am). He was on shorts and was holding the two small cups of drugs and a small sachet of water. That day I was so fatigued mum didn’t come to my room as usual so I slept off. Felix was the one that tapped me and I jolted up in fright. When I looked closer, it was him; at first, I thought it was a dream. Since I could recall turning the lights on before going to sleep, he had already turned them off.

“Felix please don’t tell me you want to give me those drugs again.” I muttered, saddening my face. “Have you forgotten what I told you?” He said and quickly removed his shots.

“Felix abeg. Abeg not with this child I’m carrying. Please I’m bêgging you.” I kept pleading him as he positioned me to thrust “Quiet naa. Do you want mum to know that I’m here? Stop complaining. This is something you’re already used to . ”

“Why doing this to me? Is it because I’m a young girl? Can you do this to your sister?” I said calmly, while crying bitterly. “Shut up. You talk too much.” He said and began to thrust.

After thirty minutes of satisfying himself, he handed me the six tablets with the water and sat close to me on the bed, fondling my breãsts.

I was on the verge of swallowing the drugs when someone abruptly opened the door. Felix rushed to get his shorts while I tossed the drugs on the floor out of fear. The person quickly turned on the lights and it was my dad.

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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