The Past


The past.

Before I met Oluchi, who I fondly called Oly, I was the rave of the town or should I say neighbourhood. Every lady within the neighbourhood lost their head whenever they saw me.

In fact, they would personally send me text messages just to get my attention. My friends wondered why ladies would prefer to flock around me like bees than giving them attention, but who wouldn’t be?

I was dark, clean, quiet, smart, and knew my way with words and dresses impeccably.

My friends nicknamed me, “007” because there was no lady I couldn’t get to grace my soft bed then.

Everything changed when I met Oluchi. She’s an epitome of beauty, beautifully carved by God, lovely heart and nice dentition that could melt the heart of the most wicked human on earth when she smiled.

I would say she’s intentionally moulded to awe. Her headlamps were sizeable, perky and inviting while her backside was curvy,round and vibrates like NØkia 3310 when she walks.

On that day, I was coming out of the supermarket to pick a few groceries when I stumbled on her.
My heart did a double back-flip, completely forgetting its original job~ pumping blood.

“Hi,” I said as I approached her instantly.

“Hi,” she said nonchalantly without even taking a look at my cute face.

“I’m Emeka, but my friends call me, Emy. I don’t know if I can…”

I hadn’t finished my statement before she interrupted me abruptly.

“Please, I’m not interested in whatever you want to say. Thank you, “she said before leaving the supermarket.

I stood there transfixed like one who saw a ghost. It felt surreal to me because no lady has ever rejected my advances before.

My ego was bruised. I was determined to get Oluchi by all means.

I got home that day after having traced her secretly to where she lived with a strong determination in my heart to have her.

Oluchi gave me sleepless nights. No matter what I said or what I bought to impress her, she didn’t bend to my advances.
She stood strong and resolute in her stance of not wanting me.

At first, I wanted to have her on my bed, but as time went on, I began to fall thoughtlessly in love with her.

Gradually, I was tripping for her as she ticked nearly all my boxes. She had the poise, humour, wit and seemed well focused to be a help meet.

My efforts were frustrated by her and every attempt I made to talk to her proved abortive. I met one of my friends who helped me to get her number from one of her girlfriends.

Immediately my friend sent her number to me, I was so excited that I sat down and memorised sweet and endearing words to tell her.

I inputted her number on my phone and on the count of three, I dialled it.

Soon enough, a voice sounded from the other end.

“Hello, good evening”

“Goooood morning ma…sorry, good evening Oly. How are you doing “, I stuttered.

“Who is this please?, she snapped.

“Eerrrm, it is Emmy, the guy that has been asking for a chance in your life “, I said nervously.

“How did you get my number and how did you even know my name?”

“Oluchi, please forget how I got your number. When the heart is willing, the impossible becomes possible. I don’t mean harm to you. I just want to know you more.

“Why are you so persistent? What do you really want?”

“Oly, the truth is that I love you more than the stars in the sky,more than the waves in the ocean. You’re my world, and my everything. Since I set my eyes on you, I’ve not been myself. I feel like I’ve known you for a thousand lifetimes and I can’t seem to get enough of you. I’m lost in your eyes, in your smile, please give me a chance in your life”, the words flowed from my mouth like river.

“Anyways, if I will date you it will be on one condition”, she said.


©️ Emeka Edozie.

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