The Past episode 2


The past 2

“Just mention it, and I will do it,” I said immediately.

“If I decide to date you, we won’t get intimate till we seal the union, but that’s if you want to commit.”

I hesitated for a while before I agreed to what she said.

“Alright. I concur.”

Honestly, I didn’t consent to what she said willingly, but I had to because I’d fallen head over heels in love with her.

When we started dating, it felt like a dream because each day, she gave me more reason to believe that she completed the missing puzzle in my life.

I was dating Oluchi, but it didn’t stop me from dating other ladies. I ensured that I played my game perfectly so that she won’t find out about my escapades.

Personally, I decided to keep in touch with all my female friends till I decided to walk down to the aisle, although I made sure none of them visited me.

I couldn’t afford to lose Oly because of my carelessly with other ladies, and because of that, I either took them to the hotel or to my friend’s place.

After 8 months of dating Oly, I proposed to her at the restaurant where we went to grab a few drinks.

“Yes, I will marry you,” she smiled sheepishly.

That night, I was so happy because Oly agreed to marry me. She was the type of woman I ever wanted.

The following week, we started making preparations to visit my parents and break the news to them.

I told her about it, and she obliged.

Prior to our planned visit to my parent’s house, they’ve been dead worried about my refusal to get married.

“Emmy, my son. What’s keeping you from bringing a woman home to give me grandchildren? Do you want I and your father to join our ancestors before you do the needful?”My mum would always ask.

“Mama, don’t worry. I will bring a woman soon. The problem is that I’ve not seen a woman that my heart beats for. “.

“You’ve not seen a woman at this age? Do you know you’re approaching 40?”, she would complain.

“Don’t worry, mum. Just give me a little time.”

My father wasn’t left out. He would always remind me how he got married to my mum at an early age.
In all their complaints, I didn’t flinch because I knew that I would see the woman I truly love.

So, when I told my parents that I was coming over the weekend to show them the woman I wanted to settle down with, they were so excited.

My mom whom I termed, “the best chef in the whole world ” started making different delicacies so as to entertain us when we finally arrive.

On that fateful day, I and oly set out on the journey to my parents house.

The journey was a long one buy due to the fact that we left early, we arrived in the afternoon.

Immediately we knocked at the door, my parents who had been expecting us for a while, rushed out and opened the door.

“My son, you’re welcome”, they both choruses as they hugged me.

As soon as my Oly, my wife to be, who was coming behind me stepped into the house and my parents saw her….

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