The Past episode 6


The past 6.

Throughout that night, I couldn’t sleep. A night that was supposed to be my best night turned out to be a nightmare I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

I knew I was warned by my parents, but I didn’t listen because Oly looked so perfect to be fake.

My life was at stake. She warned me sternly to desist from anything that would divulge her secrets.

The worst part was that she knew my every movement.

That night, I lay at the edge of the bed wondering what my life had become before I was tapped on my shoulder.

“Don’t you want to perform your conjugal duties? Come and enjoy what you paid for.”my wife said.

This time around, it wasn’t a plea but a command.

As I moved towards her to do what she asked me, I received a life threatening from slaep that sent me rolling on the floor.

“So, if I ask you to come and do, you will come, right? Will you go and start cleaning the house now!”

“This night?”

“I said, go and start cleaning the house right now. Immediately you finish cleaning, you need to go into the kitchen and make food for me, “she yelled.

“OK ma,” I stood up, still holding my cheek.

My much anticipated marriage has become a prison for me, and the worst part of it was that there was no escape.

Throughout the night, I was cleaning the house like a maid. When I finished cleaning, she made sure I didn’t rest nor blink my eyes while she slept like a baby.

Around 4:50 a.m., I finished everything she asked me to do, but just as I was to lie down on the bed and grab some sleep, she ordered me to the ground.

“From today, I don’t want to see you on the bed. Whenever you want to sleep, get a mat and sleep on the floor, “she blurted.

Before I knew what was happening, it was morning already. The loud knock on the door woke me up from sleep.

As I rushed and opened the door, it was my mum.

She came around to drop the gifts we forgot during our reception. According to her, she didn’t want to disturb us since we were enjoying our honeymoon but on a second thought, she decided to bring it and leave immediately.

“Haa mum, good morning. What a pleasant surprise!” Please, come in”

“No, I don’t want to come in. I just wanted to bring this gifts and leave. You and your wife need to have some moments together without any interference “, she said as she stood at the door.

I tried to persuade her to come inside our hotel but she refused.

Just then, I heard my wife’s voice from the room.

“Baby. Who is that ”

“It’s my mum. She came to drop something for us”

Oly rushed out instantly and hugged my mum with her face beaming with smiles.

“Mama, good morning.”

“My daughter, so sorry for bothering both of you. I just came to drop something and leave”.

Saying that, she hugged us and left.

As she was climbing down on the stairs, I tried to persuade her to at least take a drink but my wife dragged me inside, shut the door and ordered me to go and make breakfast for her.

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©️ Emeka Edozie.

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