The Past episode 4


The Past 4.

Since my parents couldn’t change my mind, they decided to support me in getting married to Oluchi.

I made them understand how much I loved her and wanted to be with her, but they weren’t convinced, especially my mum.

It was written all over her. No matter how she tried to hide it, I’d known her since I was born, and I could be able to decipher that she wasn’t fully in agreement with my plans.

Three weeks to my traditional marriage, my father called me in the cool of the night one fateful day.

“Good evening, dad. Is everything ok? Why did you decide to call me by this time ot the night?”.

“My son, everything is fine. I’m so sorry for waking you up from sleep. The toad does not run in the day without a cause, and that’s why I called you now.”

“Dad, I’m all ears. What’s the problem? ”

“Do you really love this lady? Have you taken the time to know her better? Recently, I had a bad dream about I don’t want you to make any mistake in your marriage.”

“Dad, it’s just a dream. I love Oluchi, and I can’t do without her. I’ve made my choice. You and mum were disturbing me to get married, and now that I’ve found a woman my heart beats for , you don’t want me to marry her because of a mere dream?

My dad didn’t say anything anymore. He wished me a good night rest and ended the call.

Honestly, I couldn’t wait to devo.ur my wife on our wedding night considering the fact that I’ve not been intimate with her.

Our wedding was a glamorous one. Different personalities graced our wedding probably because they wanted to see the lady I got married to.

Even the ladies that I dated were shocked. They never expected that I would get married to another lady without giving them a hint.

Why would I?

I never gave any of them the impression that I was going to get married to them. They simply came to me because I was irresistible. I guess they all wanted to bask in the euphoria of being with me.

As the priest was reciting the vows, I wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying. The thought of how I was going to make love to my wife filled my heart.

I muttered a smile when my wife tapped me to respond to the vow he read.

“Yes, I do”, I chuckled.

Immediately our wedding was over, we left the reception hall straight to the hotel.

As I flung the hotel door open, I gently lowered her to the bed while planting kisssses all over her body.

“Wait, honey. Go and freshen up first before we do anything. You know you danced and sweated a lot” , she said.

“Ooooh honey, can’t we just do one before we go and bath? You know I’ve waited patiently for a day like this”

“Nau.ghty man! Go and bath first. It’s not running away. It’s all yours. Just go and bath while I arrange the gifts and the room.” She teased me.

Like lightening, I dashed into the bathroom; and before two minutes, I was done.

“Honey, I don bath already ”

“Haaa, now now. Did you allow water to touch your body at all? “, she quizzed.

“Babe, I can’t wait anymore “, I retorted while smooching her breesss and kisssing her passionately.


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