The Broken Shell episode 6


The lessons Jessica learnt from her mother’s experience is a lessons never to forget, but It depends on Jessica’s decision, if she can still keep to her covenant with GOD and promise to her mother.

The next day was lecture! Jessica had already prepared for lectures that day, and also ready to reply Harry’s request. She got to school that day and after the closing of the lectures, her phone rang as of other days! She peeped the phone, lo it was Harry!
“Hello, Jessy, Jessy’, he said as his usual way of greetings to her.

“Hi, Harry”, she replied

“How are you doing today?”, he asked

“ I’m not feeling too well”, she replied

“You are not feeling too well?, He asked again,

“Yes”, she slogantly replied

“We met yesterday ,and you were alright, sound and happy and even Hale and hearty, why this Time around you are not feeling well?”, He replied like a good Samaritan

“You care too much, I’m okay, I will be fine”, she replied.
“Alright, sure, I believe you will be fine. But right now I’m already waiting and anticipating to see you at the sycamore tree where we met yesterday, I hope you will be coming”, he asked

“You know I told you that am not feeling okay, how do I manage to come, tho I know you will already be anticipating to meet me, but I’m still contemplating if I would come”, She replied, trying to turn down their meeting, cos the experience of her mum is still ringing like a bell in her memory! An unforgettable experience!

“Okay, I understand how you are feeling, infact, am already feeling the same pains with you right here”, he replied

“Why are you feeling my pains?, She asked him.

“Well, the reason being that, you mean so much to me. Am getting addicted to your spirit and connecting to your feelings”, he flattered

“Hey, Harry, stop flattering me, enough of all those flatterings”, she sanctioned

“So, dear, are you going to come”, he asked

She was speechless because her thought and decision to turn down his proposal will be a breaking of heart to him, “let me help him so he wont feel bad”, she concluded in her heart


After everything she went straight to the sycamore tree and there they met other students with their sin partner sited around.
They relax…

“You are welcome Jessy, trusting you’ve taken drugs for yourself”, he asked

“I will be fine, don’t worry yourself about any bit of my self”, she replied him anxiously

Jessica relaxed and said to him,

“Harry, I know why you are here and why you called for my presence with you. I know you needed me to give you the necessary reply you’ve lustly concluded in your heart”, she bounced on him with her words, Harry was super surprised because it’s obvious to him that something else is about to emerge

” It’s obvious that the heart of men is desperately wicked and no man knows it. And I can see you want me to be like other ladies you rock around with, but what has it profited you, having them around you? What is more important than your soul?”, Jessica kept hitting the nail on his head

“No! No!! No!!!, That’s not what I meant.” He cuts in

“And what do you mean or meaneth? What I’m telling you is the truth, but why not think about tomorrow and rephrase your life, rebuild your thoughts, and remember you have a future, because, every brighter future is made by God. And tell me, how do you expect God to be clapping for you when you are rocking your life, sleeping with women around the corner in the Schools, tho I haven’t seen but my spirit can’t tell me lies at all”, Jessica landed on him with meanness

Harry was speechless to her and bent down his head to the ground. Jessica got more confidence and kept on unleashing her message to him.

“Harry, what plans do you have for yourself?”, She asked him

He was stammering before he could reply,
“I, I…. ,I have plans for myself and one of my plans was to settle down with a woman I will love so much and I also have plans to aim a greater heights and good job opportunity immediately I graduate”, he revealed

“If that be the case, what are you supposed to do, just to make sure you work towards getting your plans and to reality?”, She asked and pressed sore on him

” I know I have to be closer to God,”, he replied

“But, you need to return to bethel and start your relationship with him and stop chasing ladies all around! You can’t find true love from woman when you don’t love the Father of Love. The Father of Love is the first priority because He alone can direct you to a woman that will love you as you said. Get yourself more committed to God like never before, forget the fact that I know you are my church member, but God hates hypocrite that worship in the Bible believing church and are wayward outside the church!, Be real for once and forever!, she advised

Those words from Jessica choked Harry’s heart, and he began to have another second thoughts. At last, Jessica held his hands and made prayers for him that evening, after which they quickly dismissed.

“Jessica, you are such a vessel of Honour into God. Your words choked my heart and I felt like someone poured a bucket of ice water from the crown on my head to the soul of my feet, when you held my hands in prayers”, he testified

“It’s the Lord’s doing Harry”, she replied

“I’m very grateful to God on your behalf how I was able to change my thoughts and directions”, he said

” It’s well with your soul Harry, just make sure you take care of yourself and join me tomorrow in the school campus fellowship if you don’t mind”, she reminded

“Trust me Jessy, I will surely join you tomorrow in the fellowship”, Harrison happily replied as they both dismissed with a waving a hands!
Jessica arrived home that evening and disclosed the experience to her mum.

“Mum, I met a brother today in the campus from our church, tho he was the brother you were asking me of the first day I met him in the church, he’s so funny. If you get close to him, he can make you laugh out loud like never before”, she said

“Really? Oh, he’s the one you were hiding his identity?” She asked

“Yes mum”, she replied.
“Hence, he’s one of our brother in Christ, you should have told me I wouldn’t have reacted to that extent that day, but you kept insisting to reveal who he is as if tho you are having an affair with him”, she said regretted her actions

“Mum, I was just afraid ooo, but guess what mum”, she replied with her face full of smile

“I’m not good in guessing things like that Jessy”, her mum replied

“The brother you think he’s from our church isn’t the true identity he is in the campus!”, She revealed

“Really?, You should be careful with him”, she replied
“Mum, today, I spoke to him as I was led by the holy Spirit and he was really touched and promised to make u-turn to serve God again in truth and in spirit and I prayed along with him”, she happily said to her.

“That’s good my daughter, keep winning souls for Christ and affecting life with your Christian lifestyle”, her mum advised

Right from then, consequently, they meet as usual after the school hours and she would always gist her mum of how funny Harry is.

The joy her mother always find her in whenever she’s talking about Harry became so surprised to her because since she started talking about Harry, throughout that day, her mood of Happiness becomes overwhelming.

John, Harry’s friend noticed the seriousness and closeness of Harry to Jessica, then on faithful evening after lectures, John caught Harry and Jessica at the sycamore tree that evening while they were both jisting together!

John on his angry mood and action, he met them and his plan was to condemn Harry before Jessica.

Let’s stop here, episode 7 dropping soon!

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