The Broken Shell episode 5

Written by ThankGod Austine

Jessica brought the cup of water to her mum as she quickly exhausted it and quenched her thirst! So, she continued from where she stopped

“After the signal Veronica gave to me, I succumbed as I said and followed Ken to the bar seat with him. The waiters had already occupied the table with drinks, acholics and pure wines with soft drinks and orishirisi. They were all occupied on the table where we sat together!, She narrated

“Mercy, why not take any of the choice you want to drink! It’s free and will be pleasureable to you if you taste it”, he pressed sore on me as I insisted not to take any of those drinks.

“Mercy, I understand you. And I love you, tho I can’t deny the fact that there are ladies coming to me everyday, but you are the one I want and want to settle with as my woman. I can do anything for you, I will make sure you ride on the best car you want, and live in the house of your choice anywhere in the world”, he flattered me so much until my brain box began to ache me.. ..

“After all he said; I submitted and he gave me a cup of drink which he fetched it from one of the black bottles on the table! He told me it’s a sweet wine that will make my heart relax. I had no option, I exhausted it not knowing it was so strong and 100% acholic”, she said

“Few minutes later, my system couldn’t Carry the voltage of that stuff. The party was already rounding up, When I told him I was feeling sleepy! I was out of my senses… At that moment I couldn’t recall what happened next to me, I could only remember telling him that I was feeling sleepy. There I fell into a deep sleep like that of Adam, even when God opened his body and took a rib, it was unknown to him…”, He narrated and Jessica sat down with her hands on her jaw!

“In that deep sleep, I saw someone, a strange being broke off a shell I was covered with! Then I began to weep like a child because the shell is unrepaired”, she revealed

“Unconsciously, I could only feel pains all over my body! It was like a thousand being was operating in my system, something I never experienced before! But I never knew what exactly happened! But, before I gain my consciousness was when I arrived home on bed. When I woke up, lo and behold, I knew that I was already disvirgined by Ken and the voltage of the mess was like when I was soaked inside a drum full of blood!” she said and tears rolled down her eyes, pass through her cheeks to her lips as she tested her tears; it’s tasteless.

“Veronica has already gone to school the next morning, leaving me alone at home!!! I wish I could just explode myself and better still go to hell because of that experience.” Jessica shook her head

“The tears that roll down my eyes were hot like a boiling water in a kettle!. I regretted my self after all my promises to God to keep myself from defilement. Right from that time, I became empty like other ladies; it was a bad experience, but good experience to have with the rightful man which is your husband, because, he will be proud of you and will be glad marrying you as a tear rubber car, untouched by any man! Also, God will also be proud of you and honour that marriage because it is known to be called am Holy matrimonial home. But, this was what I carelessly cajoled with”, she bitterly explained with her dress soaked with tears!

“But, mum, where you able to revenge from Ken”, she questioned

“Revenge! How do I revenge. Once you lost it, you can’t get the broken shell to be repaired again! As for Ken, he only pleaded to me and moved on with his life. I stood up and picked up my pebbles, cleared them from the way and moved on from where I stopped, but I was not the same person I use to be before the shell was broken”, she sadly said..

“Jessica, when the shell is broken, you will become like them! Tho, thousands and millions of women today aren’t concerned about their pride, they regard it to be like it doesn’t matter something. That’s what they say and that’s why they allow the wrong person to into their life. Many has gone ahead to make their pride (virginity) as a birthday gift to their sin partner! Some, sold their pride (virginity) and placed a price on it to a useless young man who isn’t their partner, and at the end, they become jealous of others who are faithful to keep themselves pure and trap them to be like them, that is why I want you be extraordinary careful of those you partnership with and tag as your friends”, she advised, and Jessica was nodding her head like agama lizzard!

“ Mum, am really overwhelmed and filled with lesson’s from your experience. Can you tell me more I need to know about it”, She replied…

“ My dear, God loves virgins very well, right from the Bible and He’s proud of them just like Mary in the Bible, the saviour couldn’t find any other woman in that whole city, or either nation that was pure (virgin), but found only Mary. He was proud and happy to use her and she conceived through the power of the Holy ghost, that was where the story of Jesus to save the world began!”, she added more light and took Jessica through the Bible.

“Mum, you are making a point here and ready to make a covenant never to allow any being break this shell, but only the man who God has prepared for me will break it and see my nakdness”, she replied her mum!

“That’s a good word from you my daughter! Virginity is not an old fashion as some other ladies think it is; it’s a pride, virginity is an Honour to every matrimonial home that has it intact. And hear me, you can keep it no matter the weight of the storms that is ranging! You can keep it till that night, no matter the millions of men that’s round about you like a bea that See’s an Honey”, she advised

“ Yes mum, Yes, I believe you”, she replied her with meanness!

After everything, Jessica took a covenant with her mum and refreshed her covenant with God to remain pure till her wedding night, but is that possible for her; can see be able to bear the waves already coming from Ocean Harrison, seeking for her as his girlfriend! How possible will she be able to turned down his request since she already has feelings for Harrison, and Harry has been available to lunch her into the Joy and laughter other guys couldn’t do to get her.

Let’s stop here, episode 6 dropping in the morning!

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