The Broken Shell episode 2


[The broken shell is an inspired story, dedicated to all Christian youths worldwide]

Jessica got home after exchanging her contact with Harrison, John’s friend! Harrison is also a student of nekede, but lives close to the school just like Jessica that returns home after school lectures! When she got home that afternoon, Jessica mum called her attention!

“Jessy, Jessica”, she called
“Yes mum, am coming, she replied as she rushed to the sitting room to me with her. “Jessica, who was the person talking with you after the church service? Where did you know him,who is he? What business do you have to do with him?”, All this question was thrown to her. See became confused and never knew the one out of all to reply.

“Hey, mum…. Her mother cuts in,
“Keep your mouth shut, so you are referring me as hey? Your mother, is something wrong with you?”, She went close to her and uncontrollably landed her a slap on her face.

“Wow! Mum, you slapped me?, Jessica said, turning down her face to the ground as tears roll down her cheeks.

“I asked you a simple question and you replied me, referring me as unknown being. Don’t you know am your mother, and if you dear trigger my anger on you, I will do more than I’ve done”, her mother said and left her alone in the sitting room!

Jessica was downed with tears and broken in heart!
“Does it mean it’s a crime for me to pay just an attention to someone I don’t know? What if there’s an information I could get that would help me in school should come from the person? Why is mummy treating me like this, after I’ve tried my best to make her proud. After I tried my best to do all that she instructed me, now she slapped me. Well, I know what to do”, All this taught ran through her heart.

She stood up, freshen up and left to her room, locked up herself never to allow distraction from mum!

Few minutes later, a call came into he her phone….

“Grinnng….. grinnng, grinnng, her phone was ringing. She saw the caller was strange! She already knew it will be the guy he exchanged her contact to!

“Hello, please who’s on the line?, She asked

“Hi, Jessy, it’s me, Harrison, the guy you met at the church this afternoon, Harrison replied

“Oh, oh, I can vividly remember, how are you?”, She asked,

“I’m fine thank you, I hope you try the number to see if it isn’t the wrong one you gave to me, so I decided to give it a try, he explained

“Oh, no, I can’t do such, that’s an unrighteous act. It’s had been better I never give it out to you than giving you the wrong one, Jessica replied,

“I hope am saved at this moment you called me, hope all is well, Jessica asked

“Yes, by Gods grace, all is fine, just want to know how you doing,already everybody knows that you are the most beautiful woman in the world”, Harrison flattered

“Oh, stop it! Most beautiful what? Have you forgotten that the beautiful ones aren’t yet born?, Jessica replied with a smile on her face and couldn’t hide out his mouth and burst out laughing…..

“Yes, I Know that the beautiful ones aren’t yet born, but the most beautiful are already birthed and you are the first of them all, He keep flattering

“Enough, enough, enough, it’s okay, don’t flatter me again, Jessica replied

“You know what am talking about”, Harrison said

“What are you talking about Harrison? I don’t understand what you are talking about, I don’t know what you are saying, and I don’t like those flattering words of yours!, Jessica angrily spoke

“Am sorry”, Harrison replied
“Perhaps, am yet to know your reasons you asked for my contact, Jessica inquired
“Jessica, I hope you are coming to school tomorrow, we will meet after lectures so we can discuss more better, Harrison replied her

As Jessica was yet on her conversation with Harrison, mummy came and knocked at the door. She quickly hang up the call for the fear of her mum.

“Harry, I will get back to you please, she hanged the call and opened the door for her mum as she came inside and sat behind her bed shelf!

Jessica turned her face the north side of the room so she won’t set her eyes on her mum. She still felt unforgiving to her mum for her actions!

“Jessica, you know you are my only daughter! I never meant to hurt you that moment,just that I want to make sure you are always save in school and anywhere you go”, her mother exclaimed

“Mum,I know your wishes are good and helpful to me, but will you keep bodyguarding me everywhere I go?, She replied her saldly, still faced the north side of the bed!

“I know that I can’t follow you to wherever you go to! But, am afraid nothing happens to you”, mum replied

“Mum, please, can you just let me alone now, I don’t think I wish to have any conversation with anyone, Jessica insisted that her mother should leave her lonely in the room

“Jessica, listen to me, I understand how you feel about my reactions and I came to apologise to make your heart merry, she explained

“Mum, no need for apology, I just wanna be alone and meditate in the spirit, Jessica replied her and wrapped herself with her bedsheet.

Her mum was speechless and left the room for her at that moment! She peeped to confirm if she has left. Few minutes later, Harrison’s call, came in again!

She received instantly

“Hello, Jessy, Jessy, how’s your mum?, He asked

“Why are you calling me again, mum is fine, hope no problem because I don’t expect you to call me again as you concluded we are gonna meet tomorrow in school, Jessica inquired

“Yes, I know that, but just want to believe you are fine, Harrison replied

“That’s not your business,she replied.

“Am sorry, he pleaded

“No need for apology, please, she replied

It was already past 10pm, Jessica had took hours on call with Harrison, she then forget studying her Bible as she usually do! Her prayers that night, she didn’t observe.

The next Monday morning, she was already awake for school. After her preparation she left straight away to school, closeby her parents house! She got to school that day, all her consentration was to meet Harrison after lectures, tho hides her feelings from Harrison right from the fist day he approached her in the church. He made her smile and she felt so happy because Harrison is someone that has all it takes to win the heart of lady!

It’s her first experience to Meet such a different creature like Harrison that would make her smile like any other guy; that’s where hee feelings came from!
Tho, she has been in a sad mood since her mother plastered her face with just a slap just because of Harrion! She already believe that if she will have the opportunity to meet Harrion after lecture, she will surely smile again and forget about the past experience with her mum!

© ThankGod Austine

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