The Broken Shell episode 8

(T. B .S)

After the school hours and lectures that day! Harrison called Jessica to resolve the matter John raised the other day they met at the sycamore tree. Jessica refused Harrison’s request for them to meet there, not quite long Harrison picked up his phone and called her already waiting at their meeting point, the sycamore tree!

“Hello, Jessy, Jessy”, he called

“Please Harry, don’t call me that short names again because I’m yet to hear from you about what happened the other day at the sycamore tree”, she said

“Well, I understand you, but is nothing much, it’s just all about understanding”, he replied

“You mean it’s nothing much? Oh, I can now see what you meant by that. So, you expect me to keep quiet and be drove like a sheep or like a donkey?”, She replied aggressively

“Not so Jessica, it’s not something you should border yourself about at all. When you come to our meeting point, am already waiting for you at the sycamore tree so we can explain better on this scratch”, he reminded

“Okay! You call it a scratch again? So, you expect me to keep quiet and watch you and someone I don’t know to come and start fighting just because of me. And as for the meeting, am not coming to that place, am heading now to the fellowship and will be coming back late from that spot I will go home”, she replied feeling so pissed off!

“Okay, then, I have to rush down to the campus fellowship so we can meet there”, he decided

“Please don’t even come at all, relax yourself wherever you are and don’t trouble my soul anymore”, she replied him so aggressively

“Jessy, why are you doing this to me?”, He asked.

Jessica felt not to make him feel unhappy or disapoint him as she promised to see him immediately after the school lectures that day! She then immediately changed her decision so as to maintain his standard at first not to fail her promise to Harry!

“Okay, I don’t way to hurt your feelings, you can come around to the campus fellowship, but am not discussing with you till the end of the fellowship, just get that stocked in mind”, she addressed him with a soft words!

Jessica moved straight away to the campus fellowship at the school hall where they usually hold it. Harrison redirected his steps also to the campus fellowship.

After the fellowship that evening, Jessica went to Harrison, instead of Harrison coming to her as the rightfully step to take.

It was a surprise view to the campus fellowship leader, brother Chisom when he sighted Jessica with Harrison. He knows Harrison as one of the youth in the church, but not a serious type when it comes to the things of God, and perhaps, he’s not addicted in attending the campus fellowship that often hold every Wednesday and Fridays of the week. He was amazed seeing him, but was shocked seeing Jessica together with Harrison…..

“That young man Harrison, what is his mission. I know he has a mission to accomplish, but I will make sure I scatter his plans”, the campus fellowship leader thought in his heart when he sited the both of them!

The reason being that, some years back, before Harrison dropped from attending the youth activities in the Church, he was caught in the act of fornications with some sisters in the Church and also his waywardness on campus, and he wouldn’t want to change from such, but he felt uncomfortable from joining in the youth activities because he’s always guilty of the truth that’s often ministered in that fellowship. Due to his inconvenience, he had to leave the youth department totally.

“Hi, Harry”, she met him surprisingly

“Jessy, am sorry for whatever has happened”, he apologized

“Oh no, no need for apology, just the display of what happened gets me pissed off whenever I thought of it”, she replied with her soft words.

They both left the fellowship venue, trekking down the road to their destination while their discussion continued************

“Now, you are making me not to trust you again Harry, because I believe the person that approached you the other day will be someone you know but trying to hide the truth from the sun, when you know that there’s nothing that can be hidden under the sun. So, tell me who is he and what gave him confidence to say he love him and wants me, those words were very strange to me and I kept pondering on it,” she said

“I understand how you will feel. First of all I apologize for denying his personality to me”, he said

” No need for apology, Harry, am with you”, she replied

“You’re with me? Truly?”, He asked, jokingly

“You are not serious Harry, leave me alone… And tell me what you are saying, am listening I meant to say”, she replied and smiled again as of other days…

“Actually, John is one of our brother in the church who introduced me to you, I mean, he revealed you to me and we live together. That was how I came to know about John. He’s my best tight friend”, he said

“Good presentation from you of whom he is, and I don’t recognize him as one of us in the vineyard”, she said

“Yes you don’t know him because you don’t pay attention to brother’s in the church of which that’s becoming a problem to some of them, but I was surprised and so amazed how you paid attention to me when I met you that Sunday afternoon after the church service. I spoke with you and you gave me attention you never gave to other brothers”, he said

“Really? Well, you were funny that afternoon and I couldn’t control myself as I laughed out loud. So, my heart is glad for beholding you that day and wish you would keep making me happy and you’ve been doing that always”, she testified


Jessica couldn’t keep quiet but kept revealing to Harry how she felt all that and that for him which Harrison was surprised and knew that Jessica was ater him because she loved him more than other people!

(2) LUST

Let’s stop here, episode 9 dropping soon!

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