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“This is my time to strike, I will make sure that I frustrate his ministry and make sure that I escalate this video clip to the world general church so they would retrieve that post he is holding in the church”, that was sister Nora’s plan.

On a faithful Sunday, she went to the church and approached the pastors office, while she got there she knocked at the door.

Pastor Caleb was inside the office with brother Michael, he went to collect the message he would preach to the youth that morning from the pastor.

As he cane outside,
he saw someone resembling sister Nora, actually she was the one knocking at the pastors office.

“Hi, good morning sis Nora”, he greeted, she ignored.

“Sister Nora, okay aunty Nora, good morning”, he was repeating the greetings but she didn’t replied.

“Well, you want to see the pasyor, he is inside the office, later you can come and visit the youth gathering if you don’t mind”, he said and left her at the door post to the youth gathering.

The youth were happy to see him back after a long period of time he was absent in the church.

They gave him a standing ovation and a very welcoming song.

Nobody knew what actually happened to him that refrained ghost from the church activities. They thought he travelled for a business trip.

After much appreciation to God, he sat all the youths as usual every Sundays and spoke,,,,,

“I’m very happy to be with you once again. It’s really wonderful to be here in your midst as I can see the glory of God shining and radiating upon your free heads”, the congregation laughing.

Oh that’s funny of you!!!

“Well, that’s the truth, because you are devil’s target”; he said.

The congregation was shocked at his comment; how can one be the target of the devil and yet still shining? That’s complicated. They failed to understand the direction of his point.

Then he proceeded his speech; “for the fact that you are a child of God doesn’t mean that the devil will be away from you. He will always be on hunt for everything you have most especially that unpredictable future God has fashioned for you before you were formed into your mother’s womb.”,

“The true and undening fact is that you are a child of God and an Heavenly candidate, that is what staggers the mentality of the devil to go hunting for your salvation, so that you will drop out from the race and face the spiritual grave.

Nobody is wiser than him, he has been in existence for the past 200 years ago and that is why he was known to be a cunning bastard.

“That is the reason why you need to be very careful because he had fashion his demons and agent workers ranpard on all the places to pull the golden pen away from rejecting to write the name of the children of God in the lamb’s book of life.

“So you should be wise not to be a victim of FORNICATION?” He saud, why is it only fornication everyday.

It’s becoming the most complain in the church mostly all the times; and our pastors peaches against it but it seems as if tho the storms refused to stop raging” a youth sister asked that question

“The devil is using that pleasurable department called fornication to get Christians because it’s one the sin that God hates with all of his passio.’; he replied.

“I’d you are here and you are being careless of your Christian life and you are toiling with your salvation, that means that you don’t love your future and your ministry.

“There was a brother who almost committed fornication, he hasn’t committed any immorality but his heart started getting defiled that is why is the bible saids,

(Matthew 5:27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart)

The experience he has was so undeniably that he won’t escape that temptation, he visited a single sisters house several times without numbers and he has been escaping traps but he was unable to pray, he became like a vagabon and empty in spirits.

His anointing became drained unknown to anybody that he was dying silently secretly not until one night he was endorsed with drugs so he could sleep off in the sisters house, Finnaly the sisters plans was achieved.”, the congregation was calm and tears was dropping out from every man’s tears.

Brother Michael who was sharing the experience also was touched and couldn’t control him self anymore as tears😭 was rolling fast out of his eyes.

Everyone’s eyes has become redish I’m colour because of this shock of the story.

He continued,”brethren, let me show you something in the bible.

(Proverbs 6:27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?) He asked, the congregation shook their heads as they continued pouring out tears with their heads bow.

He asked again, “Proverbs 6:28 Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?) The congregation shook their heads.

That was the same thing that happened to the brother; but unbelievable to him, he unconsciously woke up from the bed and found himself in the church, that was how God delivered him that night from committing fornication; and that brother is the one standing here and ministering to you all.

“It’s me brother Michael,”he said and the whole congregation was ablaze with the power of the Holyghost rolling on the floor while some where screaming and crying out tears😭

Lo! And behold sister Nora was also in the congregation unknown to him that she has been there listening to his message.

Under his ministration many gave their lifes to Christ after making confession and God delivered them and renewed their lifes.

That’s the end of the story, SEXX TEMPTATION.

God might have touched someone’s life through this story, maybe you are an addicts to fornication, masturbation,homesexual and all manner of sinful act, don’t delay to make confession and seek for deliverance the same way the youth who listened to brother Michael did and they got salvation.

God can save you (anybody) no matter how deep you’ve go to sin.

I do really appreciate you all for reading this story.

I’m so grateful for your support.

God bless you all; I love you all with the Love of Christ.

You can share your lessons in the story and don’t always forget to invite you friends to join Heavenly candidates.

Written by ThankGod Austine Chukw

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