Sexx Temptations episode 7


Sometimes we blame the devil in everything that happens and we forget that the serpent cannot bite when we don’t break the hedge, just like brother Michael who thought he was trying to help her, perhaps he was being carried away with lust and fake dream the devil manipulated, canvassed and furnitured appropriately then showed him in the dream.

He thought he has seen a sister from the same church to marry; he then went ahead to pay visit, playing with fire!!!

Sister Nora has already have him inside her gage in her bedroom as she went to shower so she could defile him and drain his anointing, rendering him to become like a pieces of bread.

While she was inside the bathroom that evening, right on her bed where brother Michael was laying unconsciously because of the sleeping tablets she injecting inside his body. Lo, he stood up sitting on the bed and walked staggering and approaching the sitting room. Sister Nora locked up the whole door of the house but unknown to brother Michael because of the state of his unconsciousness.

He opened the door and staggered to the exit of the house to the busstop.the conductors and transporters saw him on the way acting like a drunking man as he was staggering and falling down.

A car drove passing by and saw him, immediately quickly packed, “is this not brother Michael?”, it was pastor Caleb driving.

“Oh Jesus, what is happening, brother Michael, brother Michael, Michael”, he rushed from his car and raised him up from the ground where he fell.

“What happened to you, where are you coming from?
Who did this to you?
What did you drink?
Why are you acting like a drunking man?”, too many questions from the pastor but he couldn’t say anything, then the pastor took him inside his vehicle and drove off to the church.

Not quite long sister Nora came out from shower, already she felt relaxed because she would spend the whole night with him and slain him as she has done to many ministers of God in the church, but surprising to her she couldn’t see him. She checked around the vicinity but he was no where to be found.

She only saw his tie, shoes, smartphone and his bible because she loosed his tie and pull off his shoes then unbutton his shirt before she left for shower but her plans was dissapointed and unsuccessful.

Pastor Caleb drove down to the Church in less than 10 minutes but his condition was too tough and his unconsciousness got pastor Caleb afraid, that night he quickly contacted some of the prayer warrior leaders In the church to they would come and join him In prayers so he can be delivered.

While they were praying, he was still laying on the floor. They prayed for close to 2 hours that night but the condition became worsening than before.

“Pastor Caleb, something is really wrong, we just need to make sure he confess to us what he did so that he can be free, because it’s only his confession that can save his life. Also, he needs to confess so that we can know how to channel our prayers point”, the prayer warrior leader suggested.

Mostimes we pray amiss because we feel that every content of prayer is all about firing the devil and binding demons.

The pastor and the warriors suspended their prayers at that moment and beckon on brother Michael so he would explain what resulted him to that state.

“Brother Michael, now you have to speak out and tell us what you were doing at the road side at that night where I picked you up. I can vividly remember when you came to me for deliverance and I asked you the same question but you all denied the words of the holyspirit because the holyspirit cannot lie.” The pastor instructed everyone to sit down so they should regain strength after 2 solid hours of prayers.

He was unable to speak out as of then but when the question was thrown to him be began to speak.

‘PASTOR, I went to visit sister Nora”, he paid.

“Jesus Christ my saviour!!!”, the pastor was shocked and the prayer leader shouted, “Holyghost fire!!, that devil? The green snake under the green grass that has brought firebrand burning ministers from Grace to grass; so you also went to dip your hands down inside a burning furnace.

The warrior leader was so pissed off when brother Michael unfolded everything
and confessed, then they started praying for his deliverance and unhesitedly he got his perfect deliverance.

It’s not yet over….
Sis Nora who has an inferior intention
took his shoes, tie ,bible and projected a s*x video clip and called brother Michael telling him that she has the s*x video clip with her.

The fear of brother Michael was that
he can’t vividly remember what happened while he was unconscious,
so he was so afraid of letting her release the video clip.

“Please sister Nora,
don’t do such that is not good at all.
remember I have a ministry and I don’t want my ministry close down because of this video. Please keep it I will sort it out” he pleaded but sister Nora instructed him to visit her house again so she would not publish the dirty video clip.

Let’s stop here and wait for the final episode and what happened there.

Final episode 8 loading soon.


Written by ThankGod Austine Chukwu

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