Sexx Temptations episode 6


Michael rushed quickly to the Church where the pastor usually stay for the church members coming for counseling and deliverance. The pastor was inside the office when he saw Michael rushing directly to his office,…. ‘Knocking….’

“Good morning sir, good morning daddy! It’s me Michael. Hello sir, daddy.” Michael knocking at the pastor office door, the pastor refused opening the door because he was really upset about such news…. Deep inside his thought, he has concluded that Michael had sexual immortality with Nora.

“Michael, you are really a disappointment to me, after the trust and counseling I ushered on you, you still pay deaf hears to my counsels and you went and defile the holyspirit inside you. When you stand for your restitution, what kind of shame will cover you for such an act. Having sexual immortality with a lady you aren’t married to, all this was because of your careless Christian life.”, the Pastor replied aggressively.

” Sir, it isn’t so ooo. I didn’t commit any sexual immoral act with her, not at all”, he explained.

“You see, whenever we pastors comes to tell the Church the truth, they will think maybe we are too ash on them. Michael, what you’ve just done is not just anything. It’s a contact in between you and a woman, transplanting and inviting demons into your body.” the pastor stood up locked the door of his office with the key to resist Michael from entering.

“SIR, pls open the door for me. It isn’t so, I didn’t do such, sincerely, my hands are clean, I didn’t sir. Sir, am honestly speaking the whole truth.” Michael tired to explain but the pastor refused listening to him.

“Shut up! Shut your mouth up! Am speaking and you are speaking at the same time, are you challenging my words?”, the pastor shouted on him.

” Am sorry sir,” he replied
” be sorry for yourself and find your way inside the church auditorium”, the pastor instructed.

Michael sadly left and went inside the church as he was instructed.

“What have I gotten myself into? Why all this mess happening to my Christian life. Perhaps, the pastor didn’t believe my truth, I didn’t have sex with Nora, just visiting her house was the issue”, he said to himself regretfully.

The pastor later came out and met Michael sitting down alone. He met him and asked him about the incident. Michael narrated the story to him, but the pastor insisted that he’s going to call Nora and hear from her through the cell phone….

” griiiiing, hello Nora, where are you?”, the pastor asked.
“Good morning pastor, am fine am off to work sir, hope all is well sir”, she replied.
“Okay, yes all is well, I want to know, what’s going on between you and Michael, I learnt he came to your house, tell what happened when he came to your house?”, the pastor inquired.

” sir, am surprised when I saw him because it was unusual, I wasn’t expecting him and he forced me and had sex with me, I tried ignoring but he forced me”, she lied that Michael had sex with her.

“What!!!, you mean he had sex with you?”, the pastor shouted….

” JESUS!! Me???” Michael screamed.

The pastor hang up the call and straight away gave Michael 1YEAR suspension. He’s not gonna be a youth leader again and he’s not gonna be a worker in the church for the next 1year.

Michael tried defending the truth about himself and what happened. But, the pastor couldn’t listen to his explanation. He left him and went to his office leaving him with the suspension letter…..+++++

“What is all this nonsense. Nora, lying on me that I had sex with her, am going to show her and she’s gonna regret this for her life.”, he said, panting….. He stood up and took his journey to go and fight Nora in her house.

His anger was so hot against Nora for laying such lies on his head which resulted to him been suspended from the church for 1Year. It was 7PM when Michael arrived at Nora’s house, because he went through the same traffic reaching her house, it was late in the night.

EPISODE :-6 continuation……

The awaited day came for brother Michael to visit sis Nora for the second time and help her in interpretation of dreams. Mostimes, the craftiness of the devil, a canal man can’t understand.

Before he could go to visit her, that night he had a shocking dream he has never had before because he was brought up from a Christian home…,,,,

He had a dream and saw a strange face dragging his bible from him seriously. He was fighting so toughly but couldn’t overcome, his bible was Finnaly taking away from him in that dream, he then woke up at midnight, it was 2AM.

Instead of him to counter the dream and pray as usual, he was muted, the hunger for prayer was absent inside his spirit, soul and body.

He slept back again and had another dream; he saw himself with sister Nora preparing for a wedding ceremony and at the end of the preparation it happens to be sister Nora that he got married to in that dream and a strange being wedded the both of them agreeing that they would be husband and wife for better and for worse.

He work up from the dream around 5Am, lo and behold he couldn’t understand the clear interpretation of the dream, he started speaking carnally.

“I think this dream is about having a spiritual wife, No! It is not a spiritual wife, I think God has shown me the woman that would be my wife and help my ministry to groom fast and fly higher. And that sister happens to be sister Nora whom God is using me to work on her salvation. I think I have to share the dream to her, No! I won’t share it, or maybe I will take her by surprise. “, a canal man speaking, he was contemplating and finally he was misled

He forgot that the two dreams he had was dangerous to his soul, meanwhile God was pointing out something that would definitely terminate his life, ministry ahead but he allowed himself to be deceived and he choose the wrong pathway meanwhile he knows the truth.

While he woke up after the contemplation of the dream he was preparing for work so that the day would run faster to the appointed time he would go to visit sister Nora in her home. His younger brother James woke up that morning and came to him and greeted him….

“Uncle, good morning” James greeted

“Good morning how was your night?”,he reciprocated

“MY night was not fine uncle, I had a dream and I don’t understand what it’s all about but I can vividly understand a bit that something bad is about to happen to a minister and I’ve prayed concerning the dream, uncle.”, James narrated

“Really, what was this dream of yours that you had, tell me, talk to me, okay!”, he asked

“Uncle, I had a dream where a man was struggling with a strange person and the strange person was trying to collect his bible from him which he successfully went away with the bible and the man was crying, but I can’t vividly remember the man’s face in that dream and even in the physical realm.”, he narrated.

“Really?”, he questioned.

“Yes uncle”, he replied.

“Okay, it’s just a mere dream for the fact that you have cancelled the dream is forever cancelled, okay”, he advised.

“Yes uncle”, James replied and left his presence.

Counting down to the time for brother Michael to visit sister Nora at home, already it’s still fresh in his mind to see her that evening.

This time around there was no traffic while he closed from his office, he rushed down to her house, on reaching there, sister Nora has already planned to make sure she have her mission fulfilled and her mission was “SEX” (to make sure, brother Michael is seduced and have sex with her).

Her initial plans has failed her, and this time around she had a very good plans and wondeful attempt to make sure brother Michael don’t miss the chance of sexing her.

So dangerous!!!

When he got to her home, he knocked at the door and immediately she unlocked and opened the door for him.

This time around, her dressing was unusual,,, brother Michael lost control at the door post as he unconsciously walked into the room.

“Oh! What an unusual appearance”, he thought.

“Welcome sir, hope you had a nice trip down here and I believed the expressway was cleared this time around,”She asked.

“MY dear, it was unusual while coming and it became and unusual when I came in”, he responded

“Really?” She asked.

“Don’t worry, it’s well”, he replied.

His sexual erection was already high and uncontrollable… He began to speak in tongues deeply inside his heart.

Sister Nora rushed inside and brought a bottle of pure wine and powered the wine with some sleeping tablets and brought it to him as well took her own.

He took the wine and exhausted it immediately not knowing what he has taken inside his system.

In less than 10 minutes of their discussion he dozed off, the tablet was overdose and he became unconscious at that moment.

She quickly took him to her bedroom, and she rushed to her bathroom for shower,( she has caught a bird inside her gage)

Let’s see what happened in episode 7

Don’t conclude, it’s not what you think,her plan was she has succeeded but she needs to shower before she could accomplish her success (finishing work).something happened you won’t like to miss reading the next episode.

Written by ThankGod Austine Chukwu

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