Sexx Temptations


“Pastor, it is so alarming this days the way sisters dress and come to church. You will see some of our sisters dressing s£ductively to lure us to start lust1ng and thinking imm0rally.” the youth Leader said.
“Brother Michael, am tired the way this our sisters are dressing to church this days. Majority of this ladies are dressing like that to attract husband to them which isn’t the right way that will lead them to a successful marriage.” the pastor encouraged.
“So, pastor what am I going to do about this, am becoming tired of them. Don’t you think we need to confront them physically and challenge them to stop dressing in such way?” the youth leader suggested.

“Brother Michael, we’ve done our best. The Bible says when iniquity shall abound ( the pastor coughed ), I mean to say because of iniquity shall abound, the love of many will wax cold. At the first time we were preaching the gospel to them, leading them to the way to the cross, but they aren’t satisfied with it so their love is waxing cold and only the mercy of God can bring them back.” the pastor encouraged.
“Pastor, especially this particular sister, her name is sister Nora.” he said “You mean sister Nora?” the pastor asked
“Yes, sister Nora, she has lead so many leaders to sleep with her and their ministry end’s at that stage.” He said.
“Brother Michael, I encourage you to be very careful with that sister particularly because she’s the green snake in this church. She dresses more seduct1ve more then other sister’s. Many mighty leaders are fallen by her. Make sure you don’t be a victim.” The pastor encouraged.
Brother Michael accepted the pastors encouragement and he left one day he was sitting at home and someone came to knock at his door.
“Hello….(sister Nora knocking at his door). Who’s at home? ” she said knocking at his door.
Brother Michael rushed to open the door to his surprise it was sister Nora at his door step, and she was putting on a very attractive s£ductive dress that made brother Michael to be carried away for some seconds….
“Sorry, who are you looking for here?” He asked.
“You of course.” she replied.
“Sorry, you came to the wrong place.” he replied.
“Are you denying me?” she asked.
“Not really, but I don’t have any meeting with you here in my house. Perhaps, today isn’t any fellowship and besides not holding here, so pls leave and don’t come again. ” he said and locked sister Nora outside.
“Don’t worry….. I will surely draw you to my arm.” she said with annoyance and left.

See what happened in the next episode 2.

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