Perpetual episode 8


Episode 8️⃣

I’m yet to understand why you are jumping here and there. The 2nd of December is still a long time. Moreover Perpetual has already promised she will take us to Derrick’s house once they are back from Dubai so I don’t see any reason you should be restless about the whole thing. Amara told Lekwachi.

Everything is happening so fast and you are saying I shouldn’t be restless. I would have struck before their trip. Get me all the information I asked for and don’t tell me 2nd is a long time. Lekwachi angrily said.

Strike how? Are you planning to elîminàte Derrick? If what you are planning involves taking lîfe count me out I can never be a party to such a conspiracy. Amara said.

I am not slàying anybody but I will do whatever I have to just to make sure Perpetual returns to me or belongs to nobody. Lekwachi said.

Lekwachi, if you can take my advice I would tell you to let Perpetual be. I don’t know what you have in mind concerning Perpetual and Derrick but I feel guilty. I feel like I’m betraying my friend and it’s giving me sleepless nights. Amara pleaded.

Lekwachi lighted his cannabîs and pretended Amara wasn’t saying anything.

A week later. Perpetual and Derrick traveled to Dubai. They had a lot of fun and shopped a lot for their wedding. Perpetual didn’t exclude her friends and her siblings from what she bought. She bought a lot of goodies for them. They didn’t exhaust much time in Dubai because of so many things they needed to put together before the wedding. They went back to Nigeria immediately after one week.

Wow! All this from Dubai? Wait, was it the Trailer that brought all these from Dubai to Nigeria? Precious jokingly asked.

Hahaha, is not only the trailer even Tipper. Perpetual teased back.

Please oh, show me the once you bought with my name let me start testing them. Precious asked.

So, Perps now that you are back from Dubai when are you taking us to Derrick’s house for the sight seeing? Amara asked Perpetual.

Amara’s question made the atmosphere so cold and quiet immediately because her conversation fell off the conversation they were having. She noticed the unpleasant look on Perpetual and Precious’s faces. She wishes she could take her question back but she has to be ready for Precious’s attack because she knows she’s just the only one that will throw words at her.

Hello madam, I don’t understand what that question has to do with Perp’s shopping we are talking about here. If not for one thing I would have said you have another motive or I would have begun to suspect you. Precious said.

Oh, sorry oh, it was just a harmless question. Crûcify me if I ever ask such a question again. Amara calmly said.

You better be cause é dón déy tóo mûch fór yóûr bódy. Please, come and take this bag it’s one of your stuff. Precious to Amara.

Amara completely lost appetite for the discussion they were having and the things Perpetual bought. She had to sit on the couch and support her head with her hand.

I want to go and meet my wedding planner who is going with me. Perpetual asked.

What am I doing at home? Let’s go, please. Precious said.

Drop me opposite Masarachi. I’m not feeling too strong. Amara said.

They all left together. Perpetual dropped Amara at Masarachi and they headed to see her wedding planner.

This girl is so annoying. Left for me I wouldn’t have gotten to this length with her. Is just because we always meet at your place that’s why I’m still talking with her if not what am I doing with backward people? Precious complains about Amara

My dear, her reasoning sometimes baffles me. Wétin we gô dó nà? She’s still our friend we won’t throw her away. Perpetual said.

You and whose friend? To me, that girl is just my acquaintance. She is your friend, not mine. I met her through you. The moment you get married that’s when our communications will cease. I will even block her everywhere both on WhatsApp. Precious said.

No, don’t do that. Don’t just think of it. Perpetual said.

I just told you my mind… Your phone is ringing Perps. Where is it? Precious called Perpetual’s attention to her phone.

It’s in my handbag. Please, stretch your hand and get it for me it might be Derrick. Perpetual said.

The number isn’t saved on your contact…

Let me see.

Precious showed the screen of the phone to Perpetual. Truecaller identified the name of the caller as Odeluga.

Hahaha, that’s Lekwachi Odeluga. He’s calling with another of his numbers. I’ve blocked all the numbers he has called me with. I will soon block this one. Perpetual said.

Perpetual and Precious had already gotten to the entrance of her wedding planner when Perpetual decided to check her WhatsApp messages that had been coming. She stormed on Lekwachi’s WhatsApp message that read:

Perpetual I’ve tried for us to sit like two adults who were in love to talk. and rekindle our love but you kept proven stubborn. By the time you finish reading this check the the pictures I have forwarded to you. those I sent are just the tip of the iceberg. I gave you 48 hours to meet me at my house. If you fail to come I will storm to the church on the day of your I do with the rest of the pictures and you know what that means.

Perpetual recklessly jumped to the next message. It happened to be the pictures of the beautiful moment she had with Lekwachi.

I guess you have not also forgotten the abórtion you had for me earlier this year? Lekwachi added to his messages.

Perpetual’s leg could not carry the weight of her body. She lost her balance but Precious was fast enough to hold her.

What’s wrong Perps? Precious.

Take, please drive me home. Perpetual said.

To be continued…

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