Perpetual episode 3


Episode 3️⃣

Please, I don’t want to say anything until I get home. Perpetual told Amara who has been asking her what Lekwachi said to her that made her leave like that.

The way you walked out scared me. Did he show you a gûn? Amara asked.

Perpetual didn’t respond to any of Amara’s questions until they got home as she promised.

Aha, so soon? Precious asked Amara and Perpetual as they entered.

Perps, I will see you later. Amara who didn’t want to banter words with Precious told Perpetual and left immediately.

Bye, Mara baby. Bye bye. Precious who noticed Amara turned back because of her bid her an annoying farewell.

Lover girl, I guess you both have reconciled well. Congratulations oh. Precious said.

Perpetual didn’t respond to her instead she laid down on the couch and her eyes closed.

Perpetual’s phone rang. When she cast a glance it was Lekwachi. She picked.

When are you coming to pick up your belongings I don’t want to set my eyes on them by this time tomorrow. Lekwachi asked Perpetual from the other side of the phone.

Get rid of them. I don’t want to set my eyes on them either. Perpetual said and hung up the phone.

Perps are you okay? Precious asked in a pitiful voice.

How am I supposed to be okay? Answer me. Six failed relationships. right from the University it has been heartbreak all through and you sit down there and ask me if I’m okay. My four-year relationship is gone, Lekwacha is gone, and all my efforts and sacrifices are gone yet you ask me if I’m okay. If you were in the situation I am now you tell me, will you be okay? I don’t know if I’m cursed. Others succeed in one relationship. Why me? Must I pass from fire to oven before Mr. Right appears? I can’t recall scattering another person’s relationship I wonder why mine keep scattering. Anyway, since you asked me if I’m okay yes, I’m okay. I guess I’ve answered your question now. Perpetual said with her eyes still closed.

Perps, don’t forget you are talking to a single girl too. We are in this together remember. Precious said.

No, we are not. You have just been in one relationship and since then you don’t want to give another a chance. I just wish I knew how to stay without a man in my life like you and Amara I don’t think all this will be happening to me. I just pray I will get over this. Perpetual said.

You will get over it. You are lucky when it comes to meeting guys. This time around the one that is yours will come and he is going to stay forever. Precious assured her.

Use another word to console me. You don’t have to lie to me before you can cheer me up. That’s what I kept hearing after I broke up with Patrick. The one that is yours will come still they keep failing. Perpetual said.

The next morning. Precious woke up early before Perpetual. She prepared very delicious jollof rice with a strong aroma. Perpetual perceived the aroma and came out to know if the rice had been prepared in her house.

you cooked? Perpetual asked as she opened the pot and ate from it.

Precious was surprised because Perpetual cried to bed with a broken heart only to wake up with a smiley face.

Wait a minute. I’m coming. Precious said and rushed inside the room and came out immediately.

Why did you rush to my room like that? Perpetual asked.

Because I’m scared. I went to check if you gave up to a ghost last night and your spirit arose. I was thinking about how I would wake you up and beg you to come and eat. Precious said.

C’mon, how will I die because of Lekwachi? You have been right all this while Presh. Lekwachi is not worth crying for. Although through last night I kept wondering how I stayed up to four years with him. I couldn’t find any memory to cherish. I only blame myself for being stupîd and wasting my time for a good four years. But it’s fine. At least when one wakes up is his/her morning. This is my new morning and everything about Lekwachi now belongs to the past. Come here, baby. You are a Darling. Perpetual said and hugged Precious tightly.

You don’t know how happy I am to see you looking this bright and wearing a smiley face. I’m excited but have this at the back of your mind and always remember it. Always make decisions with your head whenever you are in love not with your heart. It’s very important to know this. Precious said.

Ahaa! I’ve learned another one from you today. Dish the food let’s eat I’m famished. Perpetual said.

Precious didn’t waste time in dishing the food and set it on the dining table. They both went to eat.

I’m wondering if we should go to the Houston Hotel this afternoon and soak ourselves in their swimming pool. What do you think? Perpetual asked Precious.

Awww! I’m thinking the same too. Let’s go theréeée! Precious screamed.

In the afternoon, Perpetual and Precious went to the Houston Hotel and had a nice time at the pool. They were sitting in the inn when Precious received a call that her package arrived.

Babe, give me ten minutes I will be right back. The delivery man is at my gate. Before you know it I’m back. We will have this fun to the fullest. Precious said poured the remaining beer inside the cup into her mouth and left.

Hello, beautiful Cinderella. Can I sit with you if you don’t mind? A tall cute guy who has been admiring Perpetual approached her.

I mind. Don’t sit with me I just wish to sit alone. Perpétual rudely said.

Wow, that’s beautiful. Me too I just want to sit alone with someone who wants to sit alone so we can sit alone all alone. The cute guy said and pushed the chair to his buttócks.

Perpetual was mesmerized by his words. She slowly smiled without anyone noticing.

My name is Derrick. The guy introduced himself and stretched his hand towards Perpetual to have a friendly handshake.

Perpetual ignored his hand and was slowly sipping her drink.

Common Cinderella, don’t keep my hand hanging. It’s just a harmless greeting. Okay, tell me your name I don’t bite. Derrick said and slowly brought his hand down.

My name is Perpetual. I only told you my name so you don’t call me Cinderella. I’m not a cartoon. Perpetual said.

Woa, sweet name! You know what I will call you Pebby. What about that? Said Derrick.

I said Perpetual. Perpetual repeated.

You look perfect with everything you are putting on. Most especially your red gown. I feel like singing:

I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight,
I’ve never seen you shine so bright,
I’ve never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance,
They’re looking for a little romance, given half a chance,
And I have never seen that dress you’re wearing,
Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eye,
I have been blind;

The lady in red by Chris De Burgh.

Hahaha! Pardon me, my lady. I know I must have appeared funny to you but trust me I’m not a talking type. You just made me go bananas. Derrick said as he finished singing.

Derrick has already captured Perpetual’s heart with his beautiful voice but Perpetual keeps resisting.

Who is sitting in my seat? Precious said as she returned.

Oh, I’m so sorry. Derrick said and gave way for Précióus.

Can I have your number Pebby? Please don’t say no because I would love to see you again. Derrick pleaded.


Here, put the number here. Derrick said and handed his phone to Perpetual.

Derrick dialed the number to confirm if he got the correct number. He felt happy to see Perpetual’s phone rang as he called.

Yeah, I got you. That’s my number. Derrick said and left.

Hmmm, it seems I’ve missed a lot. Gist me. What has happened while I was away? Precious asked looking confused

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember

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