Perpetual episode 9


Episode 9️⃣

Look Perps, I think the best thing for you to do right now is to tell Derrick about your previous relationship with Lekwachi. Don’t you ever think of going to Lekwachi’s house to meet him because it might be another setup? Precious advised.

I can’t. My wedding is around the corner and telling Derrick now will only destroy my wedding. I can’t Presh. I just can’t. Perpetual said.

So, is it better he finds out from Lekwachi? My dear, telling him will make or mar your relationship but Lekwachi telling him will only mar your relationship. I understand how difficult this is but there’s no other advice I will give you other than this. Precious said.

God, I just wish you could take Lekwachi’s lîfe now. I just pray you to strike him with màdness wherever he may be now God, please. Perpetual prays as she shakes and cries.

Perps, call Amara and find out if Lekwachi has mentioned something like
This to her. Precious suggested.

Perpetual immediately bought the idea and dialed Amara’s number. Amara picked and was surprised to hear Lekwachi is blàckmàiling Perpetual. She promised to see Lekwachi as soon as possible to know if there was anything she could do to stop him.

Hours later Amara went to Lekwachi’s house to confirm if what Perpetual told her was true.

Is it true? Amara asked Lekwachi.

Yes, everything they told you is true. Lekwachi responded.

Oh, you even know what I’m talking about? Amara asked.

Why won’t I know? I know they must have told you and I’ve been waiting for you to come and ask me. Lekwachi said.

So, is this how you intend to get her back by blàckmàiling her? What makes you think she will have something to do with you if you destroy her relationship with Derrick? Amara asked.

Who cares if she has something to do with me or not? All I want is to make sure the marriage doesn’t hold. I’ve gotten her already. She has been crying and pleading. I’ve told her to come to my house before the end of tomorrow. All I want to do is to persuade her to come here tomorrow. I need more evidence to náil her down. Lekwachi told Amara.

And what if I tell you I’m not in with you on this what will happen? Amara asked.

As if you have options. You know what will happen if you don’t. Lekwachi said.

But on a serious note, I don’t like this. You would have told me you were up to this instead of hearing it from Perpetual. Amara said.

Amara got home and called Perpetual to come over to her house. Perpetual didn’t hesitate to be in Amara’s house.

Perps, I’ve talked to Lekwachi…

What was his response? What did he say? Perpetual interrupted Amara.

That was what I wanted to tell you. He didn’t say many things or something bad. All he wants is to see you for you both to talk about it and he gets everything deleted from his phone. Amara said.

I’m scared Amara. Do you think seeing Lekwachi is a wise thing to do? What if he’s up to something else? Perpetual asked Amara.

No, Lekwachi cannot be up to something else. He is doing all this to get your attention for a brief talk. He can only be up to something when you fail to answer him. Just go and talk things out with him. Amara said.

Okay, but will you come with me to his house? Perpetual said.

I will but you have to go first I will join you after thirty minutes. Amara said.

The next day Perpetual secretly went to Lekwachi’s house.

Lekwachi, why are you doing this? Perpetual said.

I’m surprised you still know how to be polite Perps. Well, I missed you, babe. Lekwachi said wrapping his hand around Perpetual’s waist.

What do you want Lekwachi? Perpetual asked.

I want you back that’s all. I’m not asking for too much. Lekwachi said.

I’m getting married Lekwachi please don’t start this. I thought you called me for us to talk. Perpetual said.

Are we not talking about it now? Lekwachi asked while he caressed Perpetual.

How much do you want Lekwachi? Perpetual asked.

I don’t want money from you. I want you that’s all. Lekwachi said.

Please I’m begging you, stop. Perpetual pleaded.

Okay, let’s do it this way. I want to máké love to you from today till your wedding then after your wedding, all this will pass. Deal or no deal. Lekwachi said.

Perpetual hesitated before he could respond to Lekwachi.

How sure am I you won’t change after dancing to your tune? Perpetual said.

You know me. If I wanted it to continue I would have told you I would have you forever. This is what I want babe.

Okay, deal but can you have them deleted now? Perpetual asked.

Sure baby, Lekwachi said and pulled Perpetual to himself and kissed her passionately. Perpetual responded to Lekwachi’s kiss.

Wait, I’m not prepared today. Can we do it tomorrow? Perpetual said.

Don’t stop me, babe, I’m already in the mood. Lekwachi said sounding hórny.

I promise tomorrow. I’m on my mónthly cycle. Perpetual said.

Oh, okay, baby. Lekwachi concurred.

I need to see my wedding planner today. Perpetual said.

Do you mind if I drop you off? Lekwachi asked.

No, I’m taking a drop. Perpetual said and hurriedly dashed out.

Yes!! well-played and recorded. Lekwachi screamed as he saved the conversation between himself and Perpetual he recorded on his phone.

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember.

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