Dirty Housewife episode 3

💧🤱Dirty Housewife 💧🤱

🌹Episode Three🌹

🤩 Patrick 🤩

Two weeks later… 💝

“How’r you doing my love?” I said into the phone once she picked it up.

It’s been two weeks since I met Nancy and I’ve deeply fallen in love with her.

I’m seriously head over heels in love with her.

“I’m doing good and you?” She said and yawned from the other line.

Is she still sleeping at this time of the day?

“You must be quite tired. Are you still sleeping? It’s 1pm.” I said with a smile.

” Oh yes! It’s my day off today. And I was so tired last night that I couldn’t eat. ” She said and I smiled again.

” Sorry darling. Would you mind coming over to my house today? You’ve not been to my house and I’m looking forward to it. ” I said and sat on a couch to hear her response.

” Ahh…. Em…. Is it not too early to come to your house? I mean… We just met two weeks ago. ” She said and I sighed with admiration.

She’s a good woman and a wife material.

“No baby… I mean no harm. I just want you to come over so we can eat together and know each other more than this ” I said softly.

” Okay. What time?” She said after sometime.

Yes! ” Hmm…I will pick you up at 3pm…. make sure you are ready.” I said happily.

” No oh! Don’t come and pick me up. Just send me your address.” She said immediately and I wondered why.

🤩 Nancy 🤩

En? Pick me up? No!

“I will come by myself.” I said again, looking around my room.

It wasn’t looking nice at all.

” Okay…if you insist.” He said and I breathed in as a relieve.

After I cut the call, I fell back into bed and slept off again.


I jerked up from sleep as my phone rang out again.

“Ohhh!!! Who is it nah!!” I shouted picking up the phone.

I saw Patrick’s name and looked at the time. Jesus! It was half past three and I haven’t even taken any bath.

I rushed to the phone from bed and answered his call.

“I’m… Coming!! The address? You already sent it? Okay, I’m coming. ” I said and cut the call.

I rushed into the bathroom and took a quick bath then wore the clothes I managed to wash in the night.

It was still wet but I put it on anyway.

It wasn’t hard finding the address at all.

I got to Patrick’s house and marvelled at the great sight.

The guy is stinkingly rich!

He was waiting for me at the entrance.

“Welcome dear…” He said and tried hugging me but I pulled back knowing my cloth is wet.

Patrick laughed. “Just a hug.” He said and I shook my head. He would not understand.

“Let’s go in. Late lunch is ready.” He said and we laughed as we went into the house.

“Wow ” I said staring around. The whole house was shinning and beautiful.

“Feel free.” Patrick told me.

I sat on a beautiful large sofa and watched the large TV displaying.

After a while, he came to me. ” The dinning is set. Come on.” He said with a smile.

I stood up and followed him towards a large table with chairs around it.

I tried respecting myself by salivating secretly!

The look on the table was appetising with different fruits and drinks.

He pulled out a chair for me and I sat. I grabbed my spoon and digged it into the big dish of rice.

“Hey… Hold on!” Patrick laughed.

“Why?” I asked, annoyed that he stopped me. My stomach growled angrily.

“You have to serve the food first. You can’t possibly eat from the large dish cos you can’t finish it, can you?” He asked.

” And who told you I can’t finish it? Watch me na. ” I replied and started feasting on the food.

🤩 Patrick 🤩

Dumbfounded, I watched her eat out of the pot with the large spoon.

I quickly carried my own portion of the food before she would finish it.

Before my very eyes, Nancy actually finished the full pot!

I was shocked. She eats this much??

I stared down at the empty pot and looked at her. She cleaned her mouth and belched noisily.

“God….. Did you just finish the food?”, I asked.

“If you bring your own self, I will still eat more.

I don’t joke with food oh. You are a nice cook too. “, She said and smiled back.

I was amused as I looked at Nancy. Wow. She’s not even chubby!!

“Do you usually eat like this?” I asked still amused.

” Ahh….no oh. I ate nothing last night before going to bed tired.” She responded and I nodded.

” Oh I see.” I replied and started eating while she kept me lively with her humorous nature.

I finished eating and just then my phone rang. “I will be back. Let me answer this call. It’s one of my staff.”, I excused myself and left.

After making the call, I returned back to the dinning and saw another shocker.

The dinning was still how I left it.

Dirty plates all over the table…. dinning spoons… grains of rice ….stained and used napkins….

I stood glaring down at the table.

I looked at the chair where Nancy sat but she has already disappeared.

Where did she go to?, A common sense would have told her to clear the plates and clean up the dinning.

Like… she’s a woman and she’s supposed to know this.

I’m not asking her to wash dishes cos it’s her first time to visit me but at least she should have cleared the plates when I wasn’t available!

I left the dinning to find her sleeping comfortably on a sofa in the living room.

Infact…she was snoring away!!


Nancy…. what have you done?😂

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