Dirty Housewife episode 10


Episode Ten

😍 Nancy 😍

I was greatly joyous when I heard the truth.

Patrick is not gonna be having a second wife after all.

That morning, I made sure I kept everywhere clean.

I mopped our bedroom and was dusting the curtains when the door suddenly opened and Lucy stepped in.

She looked mockingly at me and laughed.

“Finally trying to be neat, pig? Whatever you do… You will always remain a pig. ” She said and I smiled.

” I don’t know why you are being so angry.” I told her casually and she flared up.

” How dare you speak to me in that manner! Oh… now I Know you are not only a pig, you are dumb as well!” She yelled at me.

” Thank you. Now… If you will excuse me…. ” I was yet to finish my word when suddenly I felt a hot slap on my cheek.

I glared at her. “Did you just slap me?” I asked.

“Yes! And I will slap you again and again if you don’t mind that dirty mouth of yours!” She yelled at me.

I was beginning to lose my cool when Patrick came in.

“What’s happening here?” He asked.

“What does it look like is happening?” Lucy threw back rudely.

“Don’t talk to my husband like that! ” I screamed at her and she laughed again.

“Point of correction…. Our husband!” She snapped.

“What has come over you, Lucy? For heaven’s sake, we had a deal and I’m saying right now that we should cancel the deal.

I’m gonna pay you your money! What’s your problem? “, Patrick yelled.

” Oh no…. You are my problem Patrick. This deal can’t be over. I want us to make it real. ” Lucy said and I felt like laughing.

” You must be insane. First thing tommorow morning, I don’t want to see you in my house! This deal is over! ” Patrick yelled but Lucy only laughed and walked off.

I breathed in and looked at Patrick. “What are we gonna do about her?”

“We have to make her go. She cant possibly stay in someone’s house forcefully. ” Patrick replied and I nodded.

😍 Lucy 😍

I walked angrily away outside fuming.

What does he take me for?

No.. what do they take me for? Some piece of invaluable trash?

I had shown them what I’m capable of doing!

***Two months later***
I began feeling dizzy two months later after left Patrick’s house.

I left after the case was settled in court.

I returned home in anger and sorrow cos I’ve come to see Patrick as my husband now he wants to run back to his pig wife all because she changed!

I went to the hospital cos I already started losing weight and I sleep almost all of the time

I knew I was getting sick so I visited the hospital.

The doctor ran a test on me and it proved possible!

“Um…miss. You are two months gone now. Congratulations.” The doctor said with a smile and I gasped.

I couldn’t believe it!,

“Wait ..doc…you mean I’m pregnant??”I asked.

The doctor nodded. ” Yes you are.” He replied.

“Oh my God… oh my gosh…..I can’t believe this!, Patrick!!

Finally my dream has come true!

I’m pregnant!!

I picked up my bag and ran out of the doctor’s office, straight to Patrick’s house.

This is the end of it all.. let me see how he comes out of it now!!


Is she really pregnant?.
Find out in the next episode.


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