Dirty Housewife episode 14


Episode Fourteen
Last episode.. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

πŸ’§Nancy πŸ’§

I was shocked to hear that from her. Is it possible Lucy isn’t pregnant but trying to fake one?

I decided I would stay and save my home. Hurriedly I went back into the guest room and started scheming out plans.

Firstly I dialled Pat’s line. He picked up almost immediately “Pat…. Are you there?”

“Yeah. What is happening? You sound urgent”

” There’s something I have to tell you right now. Come on a soon as you can.”I said quietly and cut the line when I heard her opening the door.

She stepped in looking at me. “I thought you left already. What are you still doing here!” She yelled at me and I smiled.

” You think I’m really gonna leave my home for you to destroy? I’m gonna stay and save my marriage!” I yelled back and she laughed.

” Okay, continue staying. We shall see who’s going away.”

I smiled. ” It’s you who is going away my dear cos you don’t belong here.” I said into her face.

She raised her hand to slap me but I held her hand and threw it off.

She gasped and glared at me. “You think you’re strong now,hun? I will be back!” She yelled and left the house.

I looked down from the window and saw her entering one of Pat’s car.

I ran out of the room and hid until she had driven out of the compound.
I got into my own car and trailed slowly and carefully behind her.

πŸ’§ Lucy πŸ’§

I got into the doctor’s office and met him attending to a patient.

He quickly dismissed him and asked me to sit.

I did and brought out another pack of money. “So….the deal is done. It’s left for you to play your part now, doctor. During the day we are gonna come for test and DNA….I want you to make it look very real!” I commanded and he nodded with a smile.

“Very well then. I’ve got to start going. I don’t want them to start suspecting me.” I said and got up.

I walked to the door and pulled it open and gasped almost collapsing.

At the door entrance is Nancy, staring at me so shocked.

I was shaking. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her!

She… She heard everything??


πŸ’§ NancyπŸ’§

After she was taken away with the corrupt doctor by the police,Pat and I returned home so happy and excited.

I couldn’t contain the type of joy I was having at the sudden change of events.
It was a miracle to me.

That night later as we ate happily on the dinning,I finally felt the urge to throw up.

So I rushed to the restroom and vomited.

I was surprised cos I wasn’t sick lately.

“Are you okay honey?” Patrick asked as soon as I came back to the dinning.

I smiled.” I will just see the doctor tommorow.” I said and we continued eating.

Well the next day, I bit the hospital and came back home almost dying of excitement.

“I’m pregnant, Pat!! Four weeks gone!” I screamed excitedly once I got home and we had a great celebration and went out, having a nice time.

I couldn’t still believe my family was back.

It was a miracle to me!! A bit one!!🀩

Months later,I gave birth to our first baby boy,Danny.

And together we lived happily ever after.

***The end!!***

What have you learnt in this story as a wife or as an husband??
And to the singles hope u learnt something
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Love you all!! 🀩🀩
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