Dirty Housewife episode 7

πŸ’§πŸ€± Dirty Housewife πŸ’§ 🀱

πŸ˜‹ Episode Seven πŸ˜‹

πŸ’› Patrick πŸ’›

Later that day at the office, I had a rethink.

I knew what I did last night was a bit too cruel.

I love Nancy very much and I should help correct her mistakes not pushing her away.

Never knew she could be this dirty.

What do I do? I asked myself thinking deeply.

πŸ’› Nancy πŸ’›

“Oh girl…. Marriage life is showing on your body!” Kachi laughed as she sat down on a couch.

” Na you Sabi. So, when did you get back?”, I asked her.

“Last week. ”

” Last week? Haba! Since last week and it’s now you were coming to visit me! ” I exclaimed.

Kachi hissed. ” See, don’t be annoyed. I had a lot to take care of. So how is our husband na? ” She asked winking her eyes.

I shrugged. ” He’s fine. He has gone to work. ” I replied moodily.

” Are you okay? Is anything the matter?” Kachi asked once she noticed my mood.

I looked at her. “I won’t lie to you. Pat is changing every minute passing. I don’t seem to understand him anymore. ” I replied.

” What? How many months marriage? Ahhh…. No oh.

That’s too early. What really went wrong? ” Kachi asked and I explained last night incidence to her.

Kachi looked thoughtfully for a while before glaring at me.

“You must have done something wrong.

Yes. Try and find out what it is but wait oh, I hope you have changed from your dirtiness? ” Kachi asked and I frowned.

” And what’s that supposed to mean? Stop it… I don’t like it.” I replied, crossed.

” Oh sorry… I’m just saying. But try very hard to know why your husband is giving you attitude. ” Kachi advised.

” What will you like to eat joor?” I asked with my mouth pouted.

” Thank you. I’m not a visitor. When I’m hungry, I’m going to go into the kitchen and get myself something. ” Kachi replied, rolling her eyes.

” Na you Sabi. ” I answered, resting more into the couch.

πŸ’› Kachi πŸ’›

Hmm!!! I quickly covered my nose once I got into my friend’s kitchen!

I almost ran back.

Everywhere looked like some cows came in and had a big fight.

Dirty plates littered around…. Dirty cutleries…. Pots and everywhere was so dusty.

Jesus Christ!

Why won’t Patrick change towards her?

What sort of a woman leaves her home this dirty?

I stood, with my mouth wide opened under my palm.

How on Earth am I gonna take food from this place?
Gross! Never!

I turned and ran out of the kitchen.

*****Two weeks later*******

πŸ’› Patrick πŸ’›

My wife’s dirtiness became unbearable.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

She baths once in two days!

She doesn’t sweep the house! She doesn’t do the dishes.

She leaves the home unclean. And she smells!

I couldn’t even make love to her. I couldn’t sleep comfortably beside her talk less of touching her.

I tried correcting her severally but she only gets worst.

I decided to take a drastic move.

πŸ’› Nancy πŸ’›

I sat on the floor in the living room, scooping rice into my mouth with my hand.

The cutleries were all dirty so I decided to eat with my hand straight from the pot.

The time was 8pm and Pat was yet to be back from work.

Even as I ate,I was worried.

Finally,his car drove into the compound.

Minutes later,I heard the door opening.

I glanced up with a smile and my smile quickly faded.

Beside my husband is a beautiful looking woman.

And they were holding hands.

I stopped eating and stood up with my dirty hand pointing toward the woman. “Who’s this?”

“Yuck…so dirty ” I heard her say.

Patrick looked at me and pulled the woman closer to himself. “She’s Lucy, My new wife.”
He announced and I gasped.




Did I hear right??

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