Dear Anita episode 11

Dear Anita

Episode Eleven

I woke up in the hospital, and the doctor said I have stressed myself a lot and need rest.

Since the court hasn’t declared me guilty, my lawyer said I can go home and come to court when needed.

I was released to go home and heal properly.

Liam couldn’t even wait for them to finish talking, he just screamed, “We’re going home!”

I had to cover his mouth with my hands to keep the excitement contained.

We walked out of the prison with Liam holding my hand tightly, refusing to let go, while I held the bag of food that Barrister Nathan brought, including the Bible I put inside.

Mr. Nathan offered us a place to stay in his house, so we packed our things and moved in with him.

He was such a blessing to us.

His house was so spacious, and his mom would come visit and prepare delicious dishes for everyone.

However, she would frown at us without saying anything.

Maybe because her son was always around, she kept pressurizing him to get married, thinking that he was well established and needed a wife.

During that time, the Bible became my daily bread.

I read it every day and found so many comforting verses that gave me hope.

Even though I was on closed examination, Liam and I still frequented the church together.

It was a source of strength for us.

I taught him everything I knew about the Bible and I promised him he will go back to school once we were done with the case.

For myself, I didn’t know if I would anymore.

Days passed, and the day of the first hearing was near, and my anxiety grew stronger.

But I would comfort myself with the word of God.

The day of the first hearing finally came, and I took a cold shower to calm my nerves.

I read some verses in the Bible, and the police were already waiting outside the house for me.

I got up and stepped out, reciting the verses I had read as my mind filled with anticipation about what would happen.

They took me to court, and Mr. Nathan had already gone there early in the morning.

And then I left Nathan with his mother, although I had a second thought about it.

We arrived at the court, and everyone else sat while I was up awaiting my trial.

The court started the proceedings, and I wasn’t asked to say anything.

But Mr. Nathan kept fīghting on my behalf, and I saw God fíghting through him.

The judge refrained from making any statements following the completion of the argument, leading to the adjournment of the case until November 23, 2023.

The police took me in their car back home.

On our way back, they asked “you sure say you no use juju, where the whole magistrate no fit say anything as you enter court”, I smiled at them.

I got to the house and Barrister Nathan’s mom came over, as I just reached the house, I greeted her and she didn’t respond.

I didn’t pay much attention to the situation, so I called out to Liam, but he didn’t respond.

My heart started p******g, and I searched everywhere in the house, but he was nowhere to be found.

I asked Barrister Nathan’s mom if she had seen my brother, but she didn’t answer.

I asked again, but she just looked at me and hissed.

I started feeling so uneasy and restless.

I went outside the compound and asked people if they had seen my brother, but no one did.

Just then, a woman came up to me and said, “That woman inside the house threw your brother out, I saw him crying and walking in that direction,” as she pointed.

My anger grew stronger. I can handle insults and ābuse, but not when it comes to my brother.

I said to myself as I stormed into the house.

Barrister Nathan’s mom was sitting on the couch, painting her nails.

“Why did you do it?” I asked. She hissed again.

“I asked him to go to the market and he refused,” she exclaimed.

“A little boy of his age going to the market? Isn’t that wickednēss?” I screamed.

“I can handle anything else, but please, just pray that I find my brother,” I screamed at her as I stormed out in search of Liam.

I was lucky he didn’t go far. I saw him sitting outside a woman’s shop, and as he saw me, he cried, and my heart melted.

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” I said.

We went inside, packed our things, and returned to the hotel.

I didn’t care about the police.

My brother was more important.

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