Dear Anita episode 7

Dear Anita

Episode Seven

Enugu wasn’t a great place to be compared to Lagos and I found it very difficult to adapt, that was the second time we visited Enugu.

The first being when we were still kids and grandma was still alive.

We would visit during Christmas where everyone had come home.

I really enjoyed it because grandma used to tell us bed time stories but this time, I am running from my own guilt.

Grandma had died a long time ago and the house was empty with no occupants.

Liam adapted easily and I was glad he could relate with other children there at least it will be a good way of forgetting about everything that happened.

i tried my best to avoid every questions about my mom or anyone else.

I lied to them that mom sent us to the village to adapt to the environment and get used to village life and she would come soon.

I didn’t care if they believed me or not and I tried my best to stay out of their ways to avoid more questions.

On a Saturday, everyone has gone to the market and others to the farm.

The neighborhood was very quiet that I could hear myself when I spoke.

Liam had also gone to shoot lizards with his mates.

A text message entered my phone, and it read “I know what you did that day.”

It was from an unknown number, and it made me very scared.

At first, I deleted the text, thinking that maybe it wasn’t meant for me

A text popped up the second time, “you can run but you can’t hide”, that’s what it said.

I was so afraid that I rushed and locked myself inside the house.

Several thoughts came running through my mind, “who was it that knew my secret”. I asked myself.

Just then, Liam came back from playing with his friends, i immediately dragged him inside” don’t go anywhere again, no where is safe, I scolded him.

He was curious to know what I was talking about but I didn’t say anything else.

The next day at exactly 6:00 am, someone knocked at the door.

It wasn’t the usual knock, it was more of a bang like the roof will blow off.

I was scared and I refused to open the door until I heard a voice.

“It’s Officer John, open up”, just then, my heart sank to my stomach and I felt like I was going to urinate on myself.

I comported myself and opened the door already shivering “are you miss Anita?” He asked.

“Yes sir, is there a problem? Are you sure you are in the right house?” I asked pretending not to know anything.

“Since you are miss Anita, then I am in the right house”, he whispered .

“To what do I owe this visit”? I asked in shock as I was curious to know how he found me.

He suddenly gave me a frown, pulling a piece of paper from his bag as he sat down, beginning to interrogate me.

“Are you aware that your mother and step father are dēad?

I breathed heavily pretending to be shocked as I forced tears out of my eyes and I even rolled in the floor screaming.

“Why will they do this to me, who will take care of i and my brother now”.

Within me, I prayed they rōt in hell.

“Seems you were not aware of this, and where did you go that you didn’t notice your parents die”?

I was very scared but I kept my cool to avoid suspicions.

He closely examined me taking note of my reactions and jotting them down in his book.

“I was I was”, i stammered. “I came back to Enugu with my brother for a while, I finally answered.

Mom sent us here to stay and become acquainted with our cultures and people.

” isn’t it a coincidence that you disappeared after your mother and stepfather died?

He asked with so much boldness that made me feel I had been caught.

I didn’t respond to the question, he got up smiled at me and left.

“That was a narrow escape”. I said,breathing a sigh of relief.

I need to do something because I might not be that lucky again.

Thessycute Ekene

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