Dear Anita episode 2

Dear Anita

Episode 2

Liam finally came back as I was about taking snīper to end it all, he rushed to where I was and poured the substance.

“What are you doing? please stop this, he screamed”.

I stood face down I couldn’t even look at my brother in the face.

Where is mom and our stepfather , he asked.

I couldn’t say a word but I just pointed towards the door.

Liam went inside the house and came back screaming “you kïłłed them, didn’t you?

Anita you are a kïłłer”, he placed his two hands on his head as he began to cry.

He suddenly got up and said, “The food I brought to Mr. Bentley, he refused to eat it.”

Wïcked soul, disgustïng, i hissed, that Man doesn’t deserve to live.

I’m sorry, Liam said, but I don’t understand a word about everything you have said.

And what are we going to do with the two people you kiłłed, Anita?

You kiłłed my mother” he said sobbing. “That woman is not a mother, she has caused me a lot.

“She blamed me for kïlling dad and made me feel guilty all my life. She deserves more than that.”

Have you suddenly forgotten how your so called stepfather tried to push you at the balcony because he felt you were taking all of Mom’s attention?

“What are you going to do with their bodies?” he interrupted, not letting me finish.

I will bury them, I responded and we will run away from this place together before someone finds us.

I waited till evening and rolled them in a bag then with Liam’s help, I carried them to the back of the house.

We dug a shallow grave and buriēd my mom and her husband.

I felt guilty for involving Liam in everything that had happened because I knew it would mess with his mental health.

After burying them, I went inside the house and took a cold shower strīpping myself off my ugly past.

Liam couldn’t stop crying and I really felt bad for him, I allowed him pour out his emotions freely.

I felt that was the only thing I could do for him, I couldn’t also think straight.

I couldn’t sleep in that house because I felt my mother was somewhere staring at me.

Messing with my heads to do all the things she wanted me to do and blaming me for kīlłing my father.

I can remember that afternoon daddy diēd,he was an asthmatic patient and he loved going out without his inhaler and on that day.

He picked me from school and mom wasn’t around, she had gone to the market to get things she would use in preparing lunch.

I was alone with dad watching my favorite cartoon “Barbie”.

He suddenly started breathing heavily I was just twelve and didn’t know what to do or where to get an inhaler for him.

I kept screaming as he fell to the ground, I didn’t know where to run to or who to call because the gateman wasn’t on duty and I couldn’t open the gate.

He finally stopped breathily and I thought he was just asleep and will get up when mom comes back.

Only for her to come back, she pulled the door open and found dad lying on the floor.

She screamed my name and I didn’t understand what was going on.

“You kiłłed my husband, she screamed pointing at me, she closely examined him and he was no longer breathing.

She rushed him to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that he was no more.

I didn’t even understand what the doctor meant.

Dad was the only one that provided for the family while my mom did nothing but to stay at home and cook.

She didn’t even help with my assignment.

Since dad died, she would yelled at me for no reason and she said

“since your dad is no more because you caused his dēath, you will begin to take care of the family.

I don’t care about what you do, just do anything”. She had screamed at the top of her voice that day.

I thought she was joking until she pushed me to slēep with one of the neighbors.

I was meant to atōne for the sin I never committed.

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