Dear Anita episode 6

Dear Anita

Episode Six

When Mr. Bentley left the house that day, mom was really trying hard to make me happy.

It was like I wasn’t a disappointment to her anymore. She even tried talking to me, but I just ignored her.

Mr. Bentley used to come visiting almost every day, and Mom was always ready to welcome him with open arms because she knew he would bring a lot of provisions for us.

She even took on the task of cooking every day when Mr. Bentley visited, something she hardly do at home.

Then I was just eighteen and didn’t go to school because I didn’t have enough money to pay my fees, and I felt it was already late because I stopped going to school when I was just in JSS 1

I had to invest in Liam because I didn’t want him ending up like me, he reminded me of my father

I packed in to live with Mr. Bentley because the house was no longer conducive for me, mom made it hell especially when there was no money in the house

Mr. Bentley lived in a very beautiful house, the type I see in movies the first day I moved in,

I was scared because I had not seen that kind of house in my entire existence.

He asked if I was okay, and I replied, “Yeah, just a bit overwhelmed. This house is incredible!”

I was amazed by the beauty of his house. It felt like something out of a movie.

He ushered me in and made sure I had everything I wanted, I was living the life I never had.

I took in for him, and it was the worst experience because I didn’t want the baby, all these were Mom’s fault.

“Mom’s response really shocked me, when I told her I was pregnant.

She said, “Get rid of that thing on your stomach and don’t come back to my house with it. Do you really think he’ll marry you?”

I was disappointed. She gave me something to take that will terminate the pregnancy, I did as she commanded.

Mr. Bentley came back from work and saw me lifeless on the couch, bleeding heavily.

He rushed me to the hospital, and the doctor said I had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion.

Mr. Bentley asked for his blood to be tested, and it turned out to be a match with mine.

I was so curious that I even asked the doctor to carry out a DNA test to understand why our blood matched so easily.

And to make things worse, my mom heard about what happened, but she didn’t feel the need to visit me in the hospital.

To top it all off, I found out that there’s a new man in the house with my mom, she saw him on her way to church and he decided to move in with her.

I was so disgusted when I heard it because I renewed the rent with my money.

When I was discharged from the hospital,I went back home to execute my plans of ēnding the life of my mom and her husband.

The day I set out to execute my plans was the same day the doctor sent the test result to my email. Mr. Bentley was my father.

Not knowing about it was no excuse. He had also ruined my life by making me slēep with him, attracting cursēs to myself.

I prepared a special dish, which was my mom’s favorite, and made sure to serve her and her dear husband.

They ate to their satisfaction, and I watched him struggle for breath until they diēd.

I sent Liam to deliver the food to Mr. Bentley, i didn’t care if he knew he was my father or not.

Luvkily for him, he didn’t eat the food.

We decided to run away from the house early in the morning to avoid the neighbors noticing and calling the police.

Although the whole incidence made Liam sick, the poor boy couldn’t take in everything that happened.

We left Lagos to Enugu, our village leaving no trace in the house.

Unfortunately, things began to take a dark turn.

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