The pregnant side chick episode 5

The Pregnant Side Chick

Episode 5

“You did this right? You finally succeeded right? Now you are happy, right?” Ekene asked his wife Sophia immediately he got into the living room and saw her watching television.

“What are you talking about? What is the problem my love?” Sophia asked with her usual tender voice.

“Oh! Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You w*icked, b*arren w*itch.” Ekene said to Sophia. Those words broke her heart and spirit but she still maintained her cool.

“What is the problem honey? Is it about Juliet? I told you I’m not a*ngry that you got her pregnant. What happened? Is there a problem with the baby?” Sophia asked. She was still very calm and collected.

“S*hut your r”otten mouth before I s”hut it for you. You arranged your gang of boys to kidnap Juliet right? That’s why you have been keeping quiet. She told me you were planning e*vil but I never listened. Now, you have called your boys to kidnap her without thinking about her condition. You want her to die so that I will remain b*arren and ch*ildless with you. You are very w*icked and I’m going to show you the other side of me.” Ekene said.

“I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent! I love Juliet sincerely and would never think of hurting her.” Sophia said calmly. For the first time since the pregnancy saga started, she c*ried hot t*ears. It was one thing to be ba*rren, but it is another thing entirely to be called a kidnapper.

“S*hut up! And don’t even try to confuse me with your crocodile tears because you will pay for this crime you have committed. I’m calling the police so you can explain to them how you had Juliet kidnapped. You will r*ot in jail.” Ekene said with a very loud voice. He picked up his phone and dialed the police emergency number, and within a few minutes, a police Hilux van arrived and Sophia was arrested and taken to the station.

The ride to the police station was bumpy as the Hilux van moved with so much speed. Sophia was made to sit on a bench at the back of the van. Two police men guarded her with loaded guns. Her husband, Ekene, followed them with his own car. Soon, they were at the police station and Sophia was bundled out like a common t*hief.

She was dragged into the station and taken into the interrogation room where she was questioned by wi*cked-looking police officer. Her husband, Ekene was called into the interrogation room.

“Did you kidnap your husband’s girlfriend?” The police officer asked. His voice was husky and unfriendly. He was jotting down some points while talking to Sophia.

“Nope! Keep my name out it. I kidnapped no one.” Sophia answered. She was not c*rying and refused to show any sign of emotional meltdown. Her voice was firm.

“You li*ar! Officer, don’t listen to her. She kidnapped Juliet.” Ekene said. He was shouting.

“S*hut up Mr Ekene. I’m the police officer here and not you.” The police man said.

“What have you been up to in the past 72 hours? Where did you go to and what activities did you participate in?” The police officer asked Sophia.

“I’m a teacher. I went to work on Friday, organized a party for my husband and his girlfriend on Saturday. That’s all remember.” Sophia said.

The police officer was surprised when he heard that Sophia organized a party for her husband and his girlfriend.

“Why hold a party for a woman trying to take your husband from you?” He asked Sophia.

“It was out of goodwill and nothing else. Also, she is pregnant, so it was a way of welcoming her and the baby into our house since that’s what my husband wants.” Sophia answered.

“Let me have your phone.” The police officer tells Sophia. He took her phone, searched through the dialed numbers as if he wants to know if she had called the kidnappers. But he found nothing incri*minating and handed back the phone to her.

“Do you sincerely believe your wife kidnapped your girlfriend?” The police officer asked Ekene.

“Yes, I do. She had it all planned while pretending to be nice and happy.” Ekene said. He stood up talk loudly.

“Mr Ekene, there’s no evidence to suggest that your wife kidnapped your girlfriend. All I have seen are evidence suggesting she had been good to her. This is a waste of time. We are releasing your wife with no charges. We will start a search and rescue mission immediately to rescue your girlfriend. Take your wife home.” The police officer said as he stood up and led Ekene and Sophia out of the interrogation room. Before they left, Ekene was made to write a statement detailing how the kidnappers demanded for N24 million. They drove home in silence.

When they got home, Ekene dropped his phone on one of the cushions in the living room and went into the restroom to ease himself. Sophia picked up the phone and searched for the kidnapper’s phone number. She saw that the last call made by Ekene before calling the police was Juliet’s number. She has it in her phone because she and Juliet are friends.

Sophia rushed outside the compound and dialed Juliet’s number with her own phone and the kidnappers picked up.

“Hello! This is Sophia. I’m Juliet’s sister. Don’t harm my sister. I’m coming to give you the N24 million.” Sophia said and ended the call without allowing the kidnappers to respond.

The time was already 10:30pm and everywhere was dark. Sophia went inside, took her bathe and slept off. Tomorrow is the day of battles.

Watch out for episode 6.

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