The pregnant side chick episode 7

The Pregnant Side Chick

Episode 7

(The Last Fight)

Sophia stepped into the bush with courage. She had the bag of fake money on her head. As she was walking, a long branch of tree entangled on the hand of the bag and it fell from her head. Sophia also fell v*iolently and her white jean trouser got badly stained. She was injured as the skin on her right hand cracked open and b”lood g*ushed out. She lifted the bag again and continued walking, this time, more carefull to avoid falling.

She walked very deep into the bush and still, there was no sign of the kidnappers. Sophia decided to call them.

“Hello, I’m here with the money but I can’t find you. Can you be a little more specific with your description of the location? What kind of tree should I watch out for?” Sophia asked the kidnappers. She was getting tired and night was falling such that things could get messier if she couldn’t find them before it became dark.

“Keep coming straight through the tiny footpath until you get to the big baobab tree.” The kidnapper said. Just that moment, Sophia realized that she was not following any tiny footpath. She had missed her way. When she was about entering the bush, she had seen the footpath but did not follow it. Sophia thought kidnappers wouldn’t use that road.

“Oh! My God. I’m on the wrong path. I have to go back to where I started. I hope I won’t fall and die before I find them.” Sophia said to herself as she turned and started going back.

Just as she lifted her legs to start going back, she felt a sharp sting on her right leg. Sophia s*houted with a loud voice and the bag of money fell from her head. She looked back and saw a big snake me*andering and trying to get away. Sophia stood up and pursued the snake and hit its head with a big wood and it d*ied instantly. It was a black mamba, a very da”ngerous snake with t*oxic venom.

Sophia is a biology teacher so she knew instantly that she was in great danger. The venom of black mamba could k*ill a human.

“I’m in serious danger.” Sophia said as she stood up and walked to a small palm tree close by. She held the palm frond down and removed a lot of leaflets and then used it to form a rope. She learned how to do that from her late mother who taught her how to use the leaflets to form rope to tie firewood when she was in the village as a teenager.

After she made the rope, she tied it around her upper leg to prevent the venom from getting to the other parts of her body faster. Sophia then stood up and started running as fast as she could. As she ran, she was getting weaker because the venom from the black mamba snake had started to spread and slow down her strength.

Soon, Sophia found the tiny foot path and followed it straight. Soon, she started hearing voices and she knew she was getting closer to the kidnappers.

But she had become very weak because of the snake bite and she was already b*leeding from her ear and nose. Sophia’s body was shaking and shivering and her leg was swollen badly.

“Oh! My God! I can’t make it! I’m dying! God please come to my rescue!” Sophia said as she fell down flat and the bag of money fell from her head. She was no long far from the kidnappers, all she needed to do was to take a few steps and she would be there, but her human strength failed her.

Sophia felt dizzy and her head was too heavy for her neck. She lay down flat and her face was directly facing the evening sun that was fast going to sleep. Sophia sh*ut her eyes as d*eath knocked on her door.

“I’m sorry Juliet, I couldn’t make it. Please forgive me.” Sophia said as she s*hut her eyes. But just a few seconds later, it started raining. As the heavy rain poured on her body, she kind of regained a little strength and decided she is not giving up.

“I will make it!” Sophia said as she lifted herself up with positive energy. She ran quickly and then within 10 minutes, she located the kidnappers.

“Here is the money!” Sophia said as she dropped the bag on the ground. The kidnappers surrounded her with g*uns. One of them unzipped the bag and nodded his head in approval. None of them thought of checking the money to see if it was real or not. It was like someone poured charms into their eyes. They picked the money and started going away.

“Now, where is Juliet my sister?” Sophia asked. She was still standing but there was no more strength in her body. She was shaking and shivering like a hen beaten by heavy rain.

“Over there. Your sister is right behind you.” The biker who kidnapped Juliet said. Sophia turned and saw Juliet lying down in mud water with the head of the baby still trying to come out. She rushed to meet her but it was becoming too late.

Juliet could not push anymore and the baby was going to die if nothing is done about the situation.

“Sophia!” Juliet managed to say Sophia’s name. Her voice was very tiny.

“You came for me?” Juliet asked.

“Yes of course! I could never leave you behind. You are my sister. We have been friends since childhood. Just because you made a mistake does not mean I will abandon you. Now, let’s push out this baby and leave this place in joy.” Sophia said to Juliet. Unknown to her, Juliet was weak and cannot push.

“I want you to do something for me. Bring a sharp stick.” Juliet said to Sophia. Sophia ran around and found a stump of stick that really looked very sharp.

“Here is the stick.” Sophia said. She bent down and was massaging Juliet’s belly as if she wanted to push out the baby. It wasn’t working.

“Stop! It won’t work. The baby will die if it stays any longer. Use this stick and tear me up down there. Give me a big tear and bring out the baby.” Juliet said.

“But…..” Sophia wanted to talk but Juliet interrupted.

“Don’t say anything. Just do it!” Juliet s*houted.

Sophia was still shaking but she managed to properly tear Juliet down there like a nurse. Juliet s*houted as b*lood gushed. She gently held the baby’s head and pulled him out.

“It’s a baby boy!” Sophia shouted out of joy. Soon the baby started c*rying. When Juliet heard the cries of the baby, she was very happy, but she knew she won’t be around to nurture him.

“Sophia! I’m sorry for sleeping with your husband. It was a mistake. Please forgive me. But you see, this baby is not his. I thought I could use the lie and take your husband but, look where I found myself. Your husband didn’t get me pregnant, my boyfriend did. But I really liked your husband. Please, take care of the baby. Take him as your own child and bring him up in a good way.” Juliet said. She was talking very slowly.

“I know that my husband didn’t get you pregnant. I discovered one year ago that my husband is importent, but I have not told him because it would affect his ego. That’s why when he said he got you pregnant, I knew it was not true. But I was determined not to let this destroy the relationship I have with you. That’s why I have been acting the way I did. Honestly, I had no evil intentions.” Sophia said. Both of them were now crying and it was still raining, and Sophia was still holding the baby.

“Please give me the baby.” Juliet said. She took the baby and held him on her chest. The baby’s umbilical cord was hanging down and touching the wet ground.

“Goodbye son. I love you.” Juliet said as she died.

“Juliet! Juliet! Juliet!” Sophia shouted, but it was all over. She took the baby from Juliet and stood up to leave. Just then, the kidnappers came back.

“This money is fake! Give me that baby at once!” One of them said.

“You would have to kill me first before taking this baby.!” Sophia said with a strong voice.

“Hold it right there!” It was the police. They came from behind the kidnappers and had all of them arrested.

Sophia was taken home by the police.

“This is your baby.” She said to Ekene her husband. Ekene was very happy. She narrated all that happened in the forest. But she never mentioned that the baby was not his. She kept that as a secret till date, but she also earned the respect of her husband who now treats her like a queen.


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