The pregnant side chick episode 6

The Pregnant Side Chick

Episode 6

It is now close to 72 hours since Juliet was kidnapped and tied up in the thick forest. The kidnappers had only fed her once and given her only one bottle of water and the water has finished. She was becoming very tired and weak. She was thinking of taking her own life by tying the rope around her neck, but she thought twice about it because of her baby.

Juliet was already more than eight months gone before Ekene decided to tell his wife about the pregnancy. This means that there were only a few days left before the estimated delivery date she was given in the hospital. As she was in the bush s*uffering in the hands of the kidnappers, her baby would constantly kick in her tommy.

“Hang on son! Mummy is facing some troubles right now. Please, hang on. I pray I’m alive to see your face when you are born. I hope I won’t die in this bush. God please, if you are there listen to my cries and come through for me. Even if I’m dead, please preserve my baby.” Juliet said to herself on the third day of her stay in the bush. The kidnappers do not allow her to go anywhere, not even to ease herself. When nature called, she was asked to urinate and poo on herself. It was a pitiable condition for a pregnant woman.

“The sooner your family brings our N24 million, the better for you. If we b*utcher your body and sell, we will make more than N24 million. So, it is better for us to even k*ill you.” The biker who brought Juliet into the bush said. He was very heartless.

Juliet’s waist was beginning to ache because of a long period of sitting down. Each time she is tired of sitting, she stands up and holds her protruding belly. Juliet knows that there is no way Ekene can afford N24 million, so she has accepted her fate to either die in the bush except for any divine intervention.

On the evening of the third day, Juliet went into labour. The stress she has gone through in the forest made the baby to start coming five days earlier than her delivery date. She used her hands to tear her dress. She tore her undies too, not minding that the kidnappers were watching.

“Jesus, what am I going to do in this bush? I’m b*leeding! Oh! My God, please protect my baby.” Juliet said as she touched her body and saw b*lood rushing out like tap. The b*lood stained her white undies as well as her dress. She did not know what to do. She did not know whether to ask for help from the kidnappers or to just keep calm and endure the pain. But it is impossible to endure labour pain. A woman in labour will shout even if you th*reaten to k*ill her because the pain is usually e*xcruciating. So, Juliet opened her mouth wide and s*houted with a loud voice. Her voice rang in the bush like a school bell summoning children to the assembly ground.

“Please help me. I’m in labour.” Juliet said to the kidnappers, but none of them showed her any sympathy. They kept drinking alcohol and smoking w*eed.

“S*hut up there my friend. Do we look like nurses to you? Do you think we are midwives? We are kidnappers and we don’t care about you or your baby. In fact, if you give birth here, we will gain because we will sell your baby to r*itualists.” The leader of the kidnappers said with a h*usky tone d*amaged by w*eed.

“Please help me! Please help me! Remember you have mothers! You were given birth to by a mother. If you treat me like this and let me di*e, I will c*urse you!” Juliet said in deep pain.

She was sill b*leeding and the baby had started coming. Because she was tired due to the stress of staying in the bush, she was unable to push properly. She pushes once and rests for like thirty minutes before pushing again. Juliet knew that she was r*isking the life of the baby. The nurses at the clinic where she goes for antenatal care thought her that pushing too little could k*ill a child because the baby could hang in the p*elvic and su*ffocate. But she was simply tired. It was not her fault.

The leader of the kidnappers picked up Juliet’s phone and called Ekene.

“My man! We are still waiting and luckily for us, your wife has gone into labour. If she gives birth, we will k*ill her and sell the baby if you fail to come and give us our money. Remember N24 million, no police!” The kidnapper said and hung up. Ekene was te*rribly sh*aken. He was at home as he could not go to work because of mental stress. He called the police but they said they had no clue on how to start looking for Juliet since there were no leads. They needed more time to investigate since Ekene did not have the money and the kidnappers did not use their own phone to call.

The kidnappers then called Sophia shortly after they called Ekene.

“Madam! You said you are bringing our money. We have waited two days now and you are nowhere to be found. Well, we just want to inform you that your sister has gone into labour, and if she gives birth inside this forest, we will sell the baby. You better hurry up.” The kidnapper said.

“Just give me two hours. I will be there. Send me the location. Trust me I have your N24 million. Please give her a helping hand so that she will give birth. If she gives birth successfully and I meet her and the baby alive, I will give you guys N50 million instead of N24 million. I’m at the bank withdrawing the money right now as I speak.” Sophia promised. She sounded very calm and confident such that she managed to convince the kidnappers.

There is nothing money cannot do. The kidnappers cracked at the mention of N50 million and they now made it their duty to make sure Juliet stayed alive, but it was a tough job. All the five kidnappers went to where Juliet was. She was still trying to push but she had become very weak such that she was no longer talking loudly. She has lost so much b*lood and the baby’s head could be seen.

But the kidnappers could not help her as they got scared because all of them has never seen a pregnant woman pushing out a baby. When they looked at the baby’s head and how it was coming out from the tiny space, all of them stepped back as they were t*errified by the natural birth process. None of them said or did anything to help as they s*hivered and went back and continued drinking and smoking.

Meanwhile, Sophia had gone to a printer who prints books and asked him to print fake N1000 and N500 notes for her. The printer printed fake N10 million and used the money to fill one bag. The money looked very real and freshly minted. It was a smart move by Sophia but if the kidnappers discovers, death could follow.

When she finished arranging the fake money, she picked up the bag and started going the direction the kidnappers had told her on the phone. She called the police and told them of her plans. They followed her to the bush but they packed their van far away and took strategic positions while only Sophia went to meet the kidnappers.

Time is ticking and d*anger is looming!

Watch out for episode 7, the last fight.

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