The Possessed episode 5

Episode 5

The Possessed πŸͺ„

I was awoken the next morning by a sharp cry in the room.It was my mom, I guess she had come to wake us up for school when she saw it…lying on the bed besides me was the motionless body of Kambili.

The lines of dried blood that ran from her nose and the two corners of her mouth and the manner her head was twisted was evidence she has had a great struggle with the forces for her soul.

I wept.

The doctor, after examination proclaimed her dead.

“She must have been chocked by something she took”. He announced.

I watched my mom threw herself on the ground and cried uncontrollably. I pitied her so much.

She was later buried and forgotten.

May her soul RipπŸ™πŸ™.

My parents decided they should give me more attention. They believed my sister died from lack of parental care(they were not so far from the truth, anyways).

Even though the quantity didn’t improve, But lunch will always be there for me in the pot anytime I’m back from school and mom too started taking Sundays off just to be with me.

But I didn’t need the attentions then. If I couldn’t get it the time I needed it, why now that everything has gone bad?.

After kambili’s death, I lost every sense of humanity. Nothing scares me anymore.

To me, sacrificing the one you love the most was the greatest wickedness, so, what more can I not do?.

All I needed was power and… more power. I just wanted to be above.

I have no sympathy for anyone or anything, not even my parents. I made dad sick for a month, after the burial.

Mom suffered it the most because she was his nurse and doctor at the same time, as he would not bring out money to be taken to the hospital not even for drugs.

Mom wandered in the bush all day looking for herbs to boil for him.

“Why should I go to the hospital for ordinary malaria?”. He would say, anytime Mom suggested they go to the hospital.

I wasn’t promoted to a new class after our third term exams because of my constant truancy during our time of mourning and dad’s sickness coupled with the fact that I missed the first term exams too.

Henry and Ada moved to a new class leaving me with a group of juniors.

Henry sacrificed his mom that same term.

There was a particular boy named King among my new classmate. Everyone knew him those days to be the best in the whole school. He had once represented our school in a spelling bee’s contest and came out as the best.

Everyone loved him, including the teachers and headmistress.

I wasn’t happy with the gaps he was giving me in tests.

So, one night, I made a request from the queen πŸ‘‡

“I want to be the best in my class, I want all my classmates to be under me”. I requested.

She instructed me to buy a stick of sweet and bring to her. I did and after her incantations on it I returned it to school and gave it to king.

The next test we had, Kings copied all I wrote, including my name. I smiled.

He said he forgot all he had read the previous day.

The teachers were worried about him. But what more could they do?. Soon, I became everyone’s favorite.

Everything was going just the way I wanted until a new boy showed up in my school.

His name was Timothy, the only son of a roadside preacher.

From the very first day he was led into our class by his mom, I despised him in my heart.

I got very jealous when the teachers started complementing him for his brilliant performances in tests.

So during our meeting one night, I requested for permission to eliminate him. But that was the end of the road for me…..

Final episode tomorrow

Story by β›” Joy Ifunanya

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