The Possessed episode 6

Episode 6 final

The Possessed ๐Ÿช„

Queen mother gave me a stick of sweet for Timothy after her usual enchantment but the boy rejected my offer.

After much persuasion, he collected it but stuck it into his breast pocket.

“I will take it later”.

Strange boy!

“Why not now?”. I asked him.

“I have to show to my mom first, she warned me never to eat anything without letting her know”. He explained.

I was pained and this made me hate him the more.

“Don’t tell me you’re a mummy boy oo”, I joked, with the intention of making him feel bad.

Though he felt bad but he still would not give in.

“I am not a mummy boy, I’m only obeying my parents just as we were taught in sunday school”.

” Which Sunday school?, be deceiving yourself…even if you eat this sweet here, your mom will never find out, you’re only punishing yourself”.

Still Timothy refused to take his sweet in school and test was the next day.

When I reported to the queen that night, she assured me the boy will take the sweet before the next day.

But to my greatest disappointment the next day, Timothy got the the highest mark in the test again.

I complained bitterly and the queen decided to do it the other way.

She tried invoking his spirit into a mirror but the mirror cracked.

There was commotion in the the kingdom that night.
Such had never happened before.

I had witnessed the killings and manipulation of so many others through that same mirror by just invoking their spirit into it and either commanding the victims to do your biddings or stabbing them directly with a plastic knife.

We were asked to go home for the night but should prepare our minds for the next night.

When I got to school the next day, I saw Timothy and his mom standing in the front of the headmistress’ office. I purposely decided to pass through that labe just to know what they were talking about.

On passing by, I overheard the headmistress begging her to allow Timothy represent the school in an upcoming competition I never heard about.

I was vexed.

I became moody throughout the day in school. That boy was seriously getting on my nerves. I was supposed to represent the school after Kings, who is this Timothy boy?. I asked myself.

That night, we were fully fortified for the battle.
Though, I wondered why we had to pass through that stress because of an eighth year old boy, but anything to get that boy out of my way.

Again, queen tried invoking his spirit in a new mirror but this time, the mirror shattered, splashing on everyone of us present in the meeting.

I couldn’t believe it.

The meeting was brought to an end again but before I left, I was given a red apple to give to Timothy..

“Do everything possible to make him eat this”. She had commanded.

But Timothy will not collect the apple from me the next day. I tried all I could until I decided to prove to him the apple wasn’t poisoned by biting into it myself. And that was the height of it all.

Everything changed form in my eyes before I slumped at his feet.

I entered a trance, their I saw myself standing before queen mother. This time, she didn’t have her crown on.

“What have you done, son?….. she spoke angrily
…. you ate a food made for another?, do you know what that was?”

I tried defending myself but my mouth couldn’t open.

“You’re on your own here, even the white hands cannot save you now”.

I opened my eyes to see myself being sorounded by teachers and pupils. My shirt was off and my body was wet so I guess they might had sprinkled some water on me.

Though my eyes were opened but I couldn’t feel my legs.

Just then, everyone made way and Timothy, his dad and a young man entered the crowd.

“Don’t worry, child, we’re here to pray for you”. Timothy’s father announced.

Such a kind old man. But I didn’t think I needed his prayers then. I looked around for the white hands and surprisingly, none of them were present at the gathering.

That was strange because we had at least, eight of us in the school.

Or could it be the trance I had was real?, was queen mother actually going to abandon me here?. I doubt.

As I was busy scanning the crowd for my members, the two men and the pupils were busy praying.

At a point, I felt fire all over me, forcing my mouth open.

Just then, I heard a loud voice screaming for help and everyone listened up ๐Ÿ‘‡

“I am a member of the white hands cult, we kill and we destroy. I killed my sister and my mission was to eliminate Timothy…..!”. The loud commotion from the crowd couldn’t allow me hear the rest of the confession but I was sure I heard Timothy’s dad say something about ‘Timothy being a destiny child’.

It was after the young man sprinkled anointing oil on me, that I realized I had been the one confessing.

I was screaming in pains and at the same time, awaiting the arrival of the white hands. But then, everything went dim.

I found myself crying and begging queen mother for forgiveness.

“Even the white hands cannot save you now”. She repeated.

When I opened my eyes again, I was at home with my parents. My mom was crying silently while dad was walking around the room.

I still could not feel my legs.

“He is awake” .I heard my mom screamed

“What have you done, Chidera?”. Dad shouted.

They have heard everything.

It was mom that responded to that question.

“Mike, this is no time for this, you know whatever happened was entirely our fault, we pushed him into it’.

Dad looked at me for a while with so much anger in his eyes before he left the room, banging the door behind him.

“I will make you something to eat”. Mom said and left the room.

But she entered almost immediately with the preacher and the other man.

How I don’t like seeing those men.

After hours of feverous prayers, I felt a force left my body and I began to scream with a loud voice.

Then, everything I had done started playing like a tape before my eyes, I saw how Kambili was taken from me. I saw Kings, who I had turned to almost an imbecile and so many other things I had done with my supernatural powers.

I felt so bad. I have been possessed all along.

I cried. My poor sister!.

After my deliverance, I mentioned all the other ones in my school. Luckily, some were delivered while some others died before the deliverance.

Pauline was one of the latter group. She confessed to her parents before she gave up the ghost.

Queen mother was never heard of ever again.

I’m twenty three now and has been bound to a wheelchair for the past thirteen years . But I’m still believing God for a miracle.

I was moved to share my story with the world today, hope y’all learn from it. Peace.๐Ÿ™

Thanks for readingStoryby โ›” Joy Ifunanya

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