The Possessed episode 2

Episode 2

The Possessed ๐Ÿช„

I saw a white hand on the window, beckoning on me to come. I tried to scream, but couldn’t find my voice.

When I turned to wake my sister, I discovered that my body was actually laying on the bed, sleeping peacefully.

Fear gripped me as the white hand continued beckoning on me.

At last, the fear disappeared and I stood up and walked towards the window. Surprisingly, I passed through the wall and found myself outside. The white hand was ahead of me, encouraging me to come on.

The only thing visible to me in the darkness was the white hand leading me to an unknown destination.

After walking for sometime, it stopped and disappeared for a while, leaving me staring into space.

But then, there was light, not so bright but was enough for me to recognize my school field.

I was standing in the school field with a river of flowing water.

That was strange because the school field I know was covered in carpet grass and not water.

When I looked around me, I discovered I wasn’t the only child there. We were in a circle and I was the only boy in the midst of about ten girls.

And then again, another light like lightening started playing on the faces of the girls.

I was only able to recognize two. A girl in my class, named Ada and ofcourse…the girl with the apple.

She still had her beautiful smile on.

In the middle of the field was a throne..a very high throne. Seated on it was a woman with a pair of white hands.

It was later I found out that all the other girls have white hands too.

She was clothed in a lace and had a crown on her head.

“All hail the queen mother!”. The apple girl screamed and the others chorused:


After that, the queen mother hopped down from her throne and walked towards me. It was only then I recognized her… Aunty Peace, my teacher when I was in my first grade.

Aunt Peace was no longer in our school then. She hads been transferred to a school very far from ours. So I was surprised to see her that night.

“Kneel down!”. She commanded and I found myself kneeling before her.

There seems to be a force controlling my movement that night.

“You’re welcome to the white hands club… She said and turning from me, she announced:
…A’last! a son”

All of them started laughing mockingly.

What is funny?

I was later given a mark on my palm and another on the forehead.

“This is the sign of the white hands”.

Highlight of the meeting was the time of merriment. There were a lot to eat and drink, something that has never happened at home.

After a long night, we all dispersed to our various homes.

My body was still the way I left it when I got home, so I laid back in it.

When I woke up in the morning, everything changed. My dad looked just like every other person and not the god I have idolized him to be.

The meeting continued, every single night until I was given power.

‘Now, you have power to exploit the world”. The queen mother declared, inserting something into my left eye.

I was so anxious to try my new power. So, as I was passing by the store the next morning, I saw dad measuring out yam for mom to cook.

I thought that was a perfect time and place to try my powers.

I just muttered the secret word and blinked. The tape cut into two instantly.

He let out a big sigh and went back to his room, probably to get another.

I leaned back on the door and smiled to myself.

This is going to be a great adventure, after all…

Typing 3….

Story by โ›” Joy Ifunanya

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