The Housewife episode 9

The House Wife

Episode 9 (The Last Fight)

“You are a beast and I’m here to end your miserable life. You destroyed Kassandra’s life to satisfy your evil urge. Now, I’m going to destroy your own life. Say your last prayers.” Ali said to Mr Ogo, Kassandra’s father. He pulled his gun and put his finger on the trigger and then pointed it directly at Mr Ogo’s head.

“There is no last prayers to say. You are a coward Mr Ali. Look at you pointing a gun at me as if you have courage. You had this gun in your house all these while but you did not use it to command my daughter to make love to you. What kind of a man are you? Now I know you are a vegetable. I knew you would face problems with my daughter. That was how I raised her. I raised her for myself and not for you. You stole her from me.” Mr Ogo said. He was adamant and refused to say his last prayers. He also refused to beg for his life. It appears he knew a day like this would come.

“You are evil personified! How could you destroy a child you gave birth to? The worse is that you have no remorse. But that won’t stop me from killing you.” Ali said. He has never killed anyone in the past. He only kept the gun at home for protection and not to use it against anyone. So, as he was talking to Mr Ogo, he was gathering the emotional strength he would need to pull the trigger and end his life.

“I’m not scared of death young man. I’m already old and I have enjoyed life to the fullest. Do it if you are the man you claim to be. I dare you to shoot me.” Mr Ogo said. Ali has started to shake and shiver out of anger and total disgust for Kassandra’s father. He totally lost control of his tempers and then pulled the trigger and the man fell and died at once. Ali spit on his face after he died, kicked his head and kept slapping his face several times but Kassandra’s father could no long respond, he was dead and gone.

Ali left the compound and started driving home. Just like Kassandra had cursed her father, no one ever found his dead body. It turned out that his friends and relatives knew what he did to Kassandra and kept mute about it. But they decided to isolate themselves from him. So, even when he was killed by Ali, no one asked questions and no one raised alarm and no one ever visited the compound again.

Ali got home and met the entire compound empty. Everywhere was as quiet as a grave yard. He entered the main building hoping to tell Kassandra that he had successfully killed her father as a revenge for destroying her life. But Kassandra was nowhere to be found. She had simply disappeared into thin air. Ali searched every part of the compound but did not see his wife. He called her number but the line did not go through. He got scared and finally went into their bedroom and he saw a piece of white paper on the bed. It is a long letter written by Kassandra.

“Dear Ali, please do not react to this letter in an irrational way. I want you to take what I’m about to say calmly. I know by now you must have killed my father. I also know you are looking for me right now. Just calm down and read this. I’m fine but you won’t ever see me again. Thank you for killing my father and taking revenge on my behalf.” Part of the letter reads. Ali sat down on the soft bed in the bedroom and read the letter with very close attention.

“I have accepted my fate in this life and I wish to let you be so that you can be happy. I have realized that I cannot give you happiness. I’m incapable of making anyone happy because all my life, I never knew what happiness meant. My childhood was bitter and there was no love around me. This is the reason I’m unable to love anyone. My heart is turned against the world. I don’t blame you for anything, I take all the blame for the failure of our marriage, even though my background prepared me for this painful failure.

“I’m aware that you got Nancy pregnant. I found out the truth from the security man. I looked for him after you sacked him and he told me that you have been sleeping with Nancy. He also told me that he used to hear you people discussing like husband and wife in the night. From what he told me, I’m sure the two of you are probably married. This is fine by me. It was my fault and I take the blame.

“I refused to give you that one thing that every man desire so much which is comfort and joy in the bedroom. I didn’t give my body on our wedding night and I even injured you and got you locked up for demanding for love-making which is legitimately within your right as my husband. I take responsibility for pushing you into the arms of another woman and believe me, I’m happy for the two of you. I want you take care of her, cherish her and raise the baby as our own in my absence.” At this point, Ali became heartbroken and he desperately wanted to get to the end of the letter so as to know what exactly happened to Kassandra or to find out where she disappeared to. He became too tensed, so he went to the fridge and produced a bottle of chilled water and gulped it within few seconds. He started sweating profusely. He removed his shirt and then continued to read the letter.

“Don’t look for me because you won’t be able to find me. I decided to leave the compound so that you and Nancy can find joy and peace in each other’s arms. I see that you love each other and I don’t want to be a hindrance. My father ruined my life and I don’t think anything can be amended in it. I’m not capable of bearing children anymore because the multiple abortions I had for my father damaged my womb. The doctors have conformed this. You see why I have to get out of your way? I have gone far away to a place no one knows me and I hope to find peace someday. Please, kindly forget about me and be happy. From Kassandra, your ex wife.” The letter ends. Ali broke down in tears. He blamed himself for not finding out early about what happened to Kassandra.

“I was a terrible husband to her. I didn’t know much about my wife’s background. I should have gone deeper into her life. Maybe I would have been able to help her to recover from the torture she went through in the hands of her father. I only concentrated on making love to her without knowing why she was saying no to me.” Ali said.

As he was crying, Nancy entered the room. She just returned from her tailoring shop.

“What is the matter?” She asked Ali. He could not say anything. He handed the letter to Nancy who quickly read it through. She also started weeping after Ali told her the story of Kassandra’s life.

“I guess I misjudged her a lot. She went through so much agony. What she went through could have killed anyone. What a world?” Nancy asked. Ali’s head was resting on Nancy’s laps as she was trying to calm him down. That was how Nancy and Ali became inseparable. Kassandra disappearance became the strong glue that joined them together.

It took a long time before Ali came out of the shock and started to forget about Kassandra. When Nancy gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, he named the girl Kassandra, and the boy Ali Junior.

“I hope one day, I will be able to see you again, but for now, I will use my daughter to remember you, Kassandra. Wherever you are, I apologize for not doing enough to help you.” Ali said on the day of the naming ceremony.


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