The Housewife episode 2

The House Wife

Episode 2

“You will have to abort this baby. I don’t think I can take responsibility for it right now. Please, I will sponsor the abortion. Whatever it would take, I’m ready to pay. I will give you the money, just go to the clinic and get rid of the baby. And I want it done within 24 hours.” Ali said to Nancy. They were at the hotel where Ali had gone to meet her for them to talk face to face about the situation.

“Why would you want to terminate the life of an innocent child? Why don’t you want the baby? Many people are looking for children and we now have ours on a platter of gold and you want me to abort it? I don’t think I will do that. I’m keeping the child.” Nancy said with seriousness in her face. She was standing with hands akimbo while Ali looked worried.

“Nancy, you don’t understand what I’m saying. The truth is that if this news gets out there and people get to know that I got you pregnant, it would ruin my life. Look, what happened between us was just a fling, there was nothing more. In fact, it was a mistake and I was drunk that night. I was not with my complete senses. Please, get rid of the pregnancy.” Ali said with an air of finality in his voice. The situation was becoming tensed. Nancy was busy at the bar serving customers but she had to quickly attend to Ali who had come calling.

“I’m not sure I can do this. Please, think about it. What if I die in the process? Abortion is dangerous. Let’s keep the baby. It’s a good thing. Even if you won’t marry me, just take responsibility of the child, I don’t mind. I’m keeping the baby and that’s my final decision.” Nancy declared. Some customers were beginning to shout to be served since they had waited for long, so Nancy wanted to break off from the conversation and go to attend to them. She stood up to leave but Ali held her back. She was forced to sit down again.

“It seems all that I’m saying is not penetrating your ears. Do you have water in your ears or you have a hearing problem? I said I can’t keep the child. The truth is that I’m married.” Ali finally drops the bombshell. Nancy became silent for a while as if she did not hear what he said. She heard him very clearly, but was just trying to properly process the meaning of being married.

“You are what?” Nancy asked with wrinkles of pain and anger on her face.

“I said I’m married. In fact, the night I slept with you, I was at the hotel with my wife. That was our wedding night and we were there for our honeymoon. We just had a little argument and that was why I was pushed into your arms. Please, abort this child if you don’t want to ruin my life and marriage.” Ali said as he flashed his ring on Nancy’s face as if to prove that he was taken. He had come to the bar with a small bag containing N1 million. He quickly dropped it on the table for Nancy.

“In this bag, there is N1 million for you. Please, use it to terminate the pregnancy. And please, don’t ever call my line again. As I’m leaving this hotel, I’m deleting your phone number and I don’t ever want to see you again. We never had anything serious and what happened between us was a mistake. Just take it that we never met and you never knew anyone called Ali. I’m happily married.” Ali said as he stood up and left the bar and then drove out of the hotel in his jeep.

Nancy was traumatized and devastated beyond words. She is twenty three years old and Ali was the first man to ever sleep with her. She began to blame herself.

“I have kept my body for many years only for me to give it to a man who wouldn’t appreciate it. I’m the fool here. I don’t know if I was also drunk or what? Why did I sleep with a man I just met?” Nancy asked herself pitifully. She stood up from the plastic chair she was sitting on and dashed into the bar. She took her hand bag, produced a pen and paper, wrote her resignation letter and left the hotel, never to return again.

Meanwhile, back home, it was now a month after Ali and Kassandra got married and things remained rough between them in the bedroom. For one month, Kassandra has refused to allow Ali to make love to her. In fact, things got worse because they soon stopped sleeping in the same room. It was like a demon got Kassandra possessed and she would not allow her husband see her undies.

In the beginning of the second month after their marriage, Ali was terribly down and depressed. He wondered if he had made a mistake to have married Kassandra.

“Why will I not be able to make love to a woman that I married? Why will I not be able to touch and feel the body of a wife whose bride price I paid with my own money? Why is she keeping her body from me? A woman I married thirty days ago has rejected me and totally kept her body away from me. She refuses to undress in my presence. She refuses to allow me see her nakedness.” Ali said one evening when he went to a close by joint to take one bottle. His head was spinning and he was thinking deeply.

“What is she hiding from me? Am I not her husband? Even the Bible says two shall become one and are not ashamed. Or, is she not a woman? Does she not have the necessary equipment to make me happy in the bedroom? The worst part is that I have never even seen her nakedness in the past six years. How am I sure she is a woman? My God, what have I got myself into? But this has to end; I will take it no more.” Ali declared with seriousness. He has not told anyone of what was going on. He does not know how he will put his mouth and say it to people’s hearing that his wife refused to be touched for thirty days after wedding.

That night, Ali went home, determined to make love to his wife come rain come shine. When he got home at around 8pm, his wife, Kassandra was already asleep. So he went into the bedroom, took off his dress and started touching her. He was fully prepared to force her if push comes to shove. At first, she did not move as she relaxed her body as if she was enjoying Ali’s touch. She even returned his kiss and also touched him in a way that suggested a woman who is ready for copulation. But as Ali’s body got hot and he wanted to reach for the honey pot, she broke off and pushed him away.

“Honey please stop. I can’t do this. My body is not ready. I’m not ready to make love with you yet. Please, allow me to sleep.” Kassandra said to her husband.

“This is the same statement you have been making for the past one month. The same statement I have been hearing since I met you. Kassandra you are twenty seven years old for God’s sake. Are you a child? When will your body be ready?” Ali asked with angry voice filled with frustration and helplessness.

“It is my body. I have the right to say I won’t sleep with my husband. Only I know when I want it. When I want it, I will let you know. You are just my husband and you don’t own my body. I have full ownership of my body and you will only taste it when I want.” Kassandra said as she covered her body with bed clothe.

Ali was devastated. He felt as if he was not a man any more. His manly ego was bruised. The pain was too much for him to take. He pounced on Kassandra and started forcing her to sleep with her. He tore all her clothes, as they struggled on the bed like children. Kassandra kept shouting and the neighbours were hearing them. Ali did not succeed because despite tearing her night gown, Kassandra closed her legs. He had to stop and angrily go to another room to sleep.

The next morning, Kassandra reported her husband to the police and accused him of rape. Ali was arrested and locked up.

Watch out for episode 3.

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