The Housewife episode 6

The House Wife

Episode 6

“Madam, there is something I want to tell you ma. You know you are my person and I cannot see something bad and not tell you.” The security man tells Kassandra who was sitting in the living room, drinking wine and watching Zee World as usual. Kassandra placed the cup of red wine on the marble table before her and then sharpened her ears like those of a rabbit to listen to the security man.

“What do you want to tell me?” Kassandra asked, lifting up her face to look at the man.

“It is about Oga, your husband.” The security man started. He was about spilling the beans when Ali entered the living room with Nancy. He knew that the security man was about to expose him, so he decided to treat his fuck up.

“Alloy! Go right now into your room at the security post, arrange all your things and leave this compound and don’t ever come back.” Ali said. That was the end of Alloy’s job as the security man in the compound. He left with his head bowed like a dog with his tail in-between his legs.

“He wanted to tell me something important. Why did you sack him just like that?” Kassandra protested.

“He stole N100k from my car. I caught him red-handed.” Ali lied against the security man. He knew it was bad to lie but there was nothing he could do in the circumstances he found himself. He felt the security man was poke-nosing after he saw him sleeping with Nancy, so he had to leave the compound. Period! Kassandra was surprised to hear about the N100k theft, so she kept mute.

“Honey, I have registered Nancy in a tailoring shop. You know it is not good for her to be staying idle at home. I want her to have handwork.” Ali said. Nancy was standing beside him with her head bowed. She personally felted that one day, the piles of lies that Ali has told will make the entire house to collapse. Even what he was saying about the tailoring shop was also a lie. He was just looking for a way to make sure that Nancy continued going to her shop.

“But how is she going to be doing domestic work and also learning handwork? I don’t think this will work. Besides, she is pregnant and the stress of combining the two could be overwhelming for her and the baby. Please, I’m not in support of this idea.” Kassandra said as she sipped from her cup of red wine. She had her legs crossed like a big madam and she was using her right hand to turn down the volume of the TV with a remote control.

“I have asked her several times and she said she can handle the stress. I don’t want her to stay idle at home. She should be useful to herself and she is starting at the fashion house tomorrow. I have decided.” Ali said as he left the living room. That was how Nancy was able to continue going to her fashion shop. Ali handled this particular issue properly because he took the decision without listening to his wife, Kassandra.

“Go to the kitchen and prepare food for us. Cook vegetable soup.” Kassandra told Nancy. Since Nancy arrived the house, she was always sad each time Kassandra sits like the madam of the house and sends her around like an errand dog.

“Yes madam.” Nancy responded as she disappeared with speed into the kitchen to start cooking. She has accepted her fate, but she is also making wise moves. Refusing to stop going to her shop was a very wise thing. She did not want to put all her eggs in one basket. She wants to have her own money so that if anything happens tomorrow, she will not be stranded in the hands of Kassandra or even Ali.

Meanwhile, Kassandra has started wondering why Ali no longer touches her in the night.

“Before now, my husband used to come in the night and touch me and tell me that he wants to do something. Even when I kept refusing, he kept coming back to demand for it. But now, he hardly does that again. I can’t even remember when last I felt him sleeping beside me. What is going on?” Kassandra asked herself after Nancy left the living room. She was genuinely worried even though she had not recognized the fact that what was keeping her husband away at night was actually her fault.

“There must be a reason why a man will stop touching his wife. It is either he is touching another woman, or he has lost interest in her. I’m seriously worried. I don’t want any other woman to take my place in Ali’s heart. I love him so much that I may even die if I discover that he is cheating on me with another woman.” Kassandra said in her heart.

That night, when they finished eating, Kassandra decided to keep an eye on her husband.

“I will not allow him step out of the bedroom the way he used to do every night. Anywhere he goes, I will follow him. He must stay in the bedroom with me until daybreak. Tonight is tonight. I must know what is keeping my husband away from my bed.” Kanssandra said. She went into the bathroom, took her shower and wore a tiny lingerie that made her look very attractive like fresh tomatoes. She took her expensive designer perform and sprayed it under her armpits so as to smell fresh.

“Now, no man will be able to resist me. I think I’m now a hot cake and I’m ready for my husband this night.” Kassandra said as she went to bed to wait for Ali. By exactly 8pm, Ali entered the bedroom and he was surprised to see how she was dressed. He has never seen her in that kind of night wear. She used to cover herself tightly like a bag of cement. He has never even seen her thighs not to talk of her undies, but today, he could see her belly because of the tiny lingerie she was wearing.

“This one that rain is falling during hamattan, what is going on?” Ali asked himself. He decided to keep calm and see what Kassandra was up to. He cleaned his two legs and dusted them of sand and then climbed the bed silently and stayed separately on his own. On your own, OYO.

Suddenly, Kassandra started touching him in a romantic way. This has never happened before and Ali was stupefied. Kassandra stood up and climbed on her husband’s belly and started playing with him in way that suggested that she wants to do something.

“Am I dreaming?” Ali asked in his heart. He was even scared. In this kind of thing, Kassandra could be hiding a kitchen knife under the bed sheet, so he decided to be very careful. But Kassandra did not give up or stop touching him and his body was getting hotter and hotter. Soon, Ali could not control himself anymore. He overturned Kassandra and now lay on her belly. He was about to try to open the honey pot when they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

“Oga and madam, please, you people should come and save me. There is a snake in my room.” It was Nancy’s voice. Ali immediately ran outside and left Kassandra behind.

“Please, stay here let me go and kill the snake.” Ali tells Kassandra and followed Nancy. He knew Nancy was playing games.

“I have been waiting for you since 8pm. What kept you so long? I could not bear it anymore because that security house is very lonely.” Nancy said when she and Ali got outside the main building. The compound was a bit dark.

“I had to wait for Kassandra to sleep before coming out so that she won’t suspect us.” Ali said to Nancy. That was how Ali went to kill snake for Nancy and did not return to Kassandra who even fell asleep after her husband left the room.

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