Tears episode 7


(episode 7)

There comes a time in a person’s life where they realize that being faithful to one partner is far more fulfilling and satisfying than cheating and having multiple side piece. At that point in their life, these people begin to see life a whole lot differently than they used to. They realize that there’s much more to life than lust, infidelity and unfaithfulness. Precious was already at a point in his life where he was willing to totally commit his all to Barbara but it’s sad that his tempter ‘Mandy’ was the best friend to his partner, and that made her at close proximity to him.

That night was a day that would determine the fate of Precious and Barbara’s relationship and could either make or break them. It was going to take only the grace of God and a realisation that Barbara didn’t deserve to be betrayed and treated that way, in order for Precious to come back to his senses and turn his back on the temptation standing right in front of him.

As the door opened and Mandy saw Precious, she already concluded in her mind that he was already hers and there was no turning back. She had already started devouring him in her mind and couldn’t wait to physically tear him apart.

On seeing Mandy, Precious eyes were red because she was putting on a cloth that left nothing to the imagination. Her dress was extremely sexually appealing and he had already stripped it off in his head. “Come here baby, you made the right choice, now watch me give you the night of your life and definitely something Barbara has never given to you” Mandy said and gently held his tie and dragged him closer to her.

At that moment, the atmosphere was charged and Precious was turned on. He held Mandy’s hips and lifted her up. She smiled when he jacked her and notified him to lock the door.
They kissed passionately and Precious carried her to the living room. He was about to take her clothes off but suddenly stopped when she said “Yes baby! Take it off, Barbara doesn’t deserve you, I do”.

Those words from Mandy pierced Precious heart and his eyes fortunately opened to the intensity of what he was about doing. It dawned on him there and then that he rather didn’t deserve a loving, faithful and loyal lady like Barbara.

“I can’t do this” Precious said out of nowhere and Mandy was shocked. “You can’t do what? No no baby, please don’t say this now, I love you so much” she said and forcefully tried to take off his clothes but he stopped her from going further. “What on earth am I doing? Barbara doesn’t deserve this from us, I feel like a loser and a clown right now. What in God’s name came over me?” He soberly said.

On seeing that Precious was back to his senses and wasn’t on the same page anymore, great fear overshadowed Mandy and her heart raced as though her life depended on every beat. Before she knew what was happening, Precious got up, picked his car key and headed for the door. It was there and then that it dawned on Mandy that Precious was done with their affair.

As Precious headed for the door, Mandy hurriedly followed him begging but he was filled with so much guilt at that moment and didn’t have any spare attention to give to her. She tried to hold his shirt but he knocked her hands off at every attempt. “Leave me alone!” He yelled as he walked towards his car.

Mandy’s world seemed as though it had come to an early end and her dead conscious eventually started coming alive. She began to see things from Precious perspective in the sense that Barbara loved them dearly and didn’t deserve the way she was betrayed.

In no time, Precious got to his car, entered it and zoomed out. While on his way home, his conscience started pricking him and his peace of mind was snatched away from him. Mandy kept calling his phone but he wasn’t picking up and even ended up blocking her number there and then. When she realized that he had blocked her, it made the whole situation worst for her and she started praying that Precious wouldn’t confess all that happened to Barbara.

After several attempts of trying to reach Precious but his line wasn’t going through, Mandy called Barbara to see it he had told her anything. It was quite late but Barbara picked up because her ‘supposed’ best friend was calling her. “Hey babygirl, what’s up?” Barbara greeted when she picked, “Hi girl, how are you?” Mandy inquired, “I’m good dear, are you home yet?” Barbara asked and she said ‘Yes’.

Mandy told her that she just wanted to check up on her and ended the call afterwards. Actually, the truth of the matter is that she called Barbara just to indirectly find out if Precious had done anything crazy by confining in her by telling the whole truth. The fact that Barbara sounded cool, relieved her a little from the great fear she had within.

On the other hand, Precious couldn’t hold his guilty conscience and started tearing up. He felt extemely bad for disrespecting Barbara in such way and didn’t think he could hide the truth from her anymore. It dawned on Precious that it was best for him to come clean and tell Barbara the whole truth before Mandy twist it and sell a false story to her.

All Precious knew at that point was that he couldn’t and didn’t want to lose Barbara. He finally realized that a relationship is far more than just love making; it’s friendship and also being able to find happiness in someone. A relationship needs more than just a banging body, hot shape and good bed skills in order to work. Having those things aren’t bad but it’s a misconception to think that that’s the major things you need to acquire in order to hold someone down. Love is far more better than that, trust me!

That night wasn’t the best of nights for Precious as he wallowed in guilt and kept thinking on all that happened earlier at Mandy’s house. After going back and forth on how to tell Barbara the truth, he finally made up his mind to come clean no matter how scared he was, as regards the chances of his relationship survival afterwards. But he felt it was better to build the foundation of his relationship with honestly than with lies, secrets and deceit.

Unfortunately, Precious wasn’t able to see Barbara the next day because she had to travel out of town for work purpose. His mind hung up all through her absence because he kept thinking anything could happen anytime. Due to guilty conscience, he called her severally while she was away. He didn’t want to have the talk with her on phone but rather face to face.

While Precious was greatly disturbed about the future of his relationship, Mandy kept trying to access him but couldn’t. She tried every means possible and even resorted to visiting his house but still wasn’t able to access him. She felt guilty about the fact that she betrayed her friend ‘Barbara’ but it wasn’t as much as how sad she felt for losing Precious. I wonder how you can lose someone or something that was never yours in the first place. All fingers were crossed and they took each day as it came, while wallowing in guilt.

Three days later, Barbara returned from her trip and went straight to Precious house because she missed him dearly. Precious was aware that she was going to make her first stop at his house, so he started preparing for the truth reveal. He prayed within and asked God to give Barbara an understanding and forgiving heart.

At around passed 7pm, Barbara arrived and the first thing she did when she set her eyes on Precious, was to give him a warm hug. “I missed you so much baby” she said and buried her nose inside his clothes to smell his sweet scent.

While Barbara was busy feeling his body, Precious was dying slowly within and couldn’t hold back anymore. “Baby can we talk?” He asked, “Can’t it wait, I miss you and want to just be with you” she said but Precious told her it couldn’t wait.

They sat down on the couch and he looked into her eyes and said; “Baby please promise to be understanding and not leave me after hearing what I have to say?” He soberly said and Barbara suddenly realized that there was fire on the mountain. “What’s it? You are making me scared now” she inquired and Precious began to talk. He narrated everything that happened and didn’t leave any single stone unturned. By the time he was done talking, tears were already flowing uncontrollably from Barbara’s eyes.

Just one look at Barbara’s face and Precious couldn’t see how completely shattered and shocked she was. He tried to clean the tears in her eyes but she shifted her body in resistance.

The atmosphere was slient for over ten minutes with no one talking. Precious was dying slowly because he didn’t have any clue on what was going on in her mind. She kept staring at him without uttering any word and after being silent for a long time, she finally spoke. “Did you sleep with her?” Barbara asked with tears in her eyes, “Baby everything I told you is the whole truth, I didn’t sleep with her because I came back to my senses that night before we got far” he soberly said.

Barbara broke down in tears as she couldn’t believe what was happening. Precious got up from his seat and went closer to her, just as he was about to touch her, his door bell rang. “Baby please hold on, let me see who’s at the door” he said and went to see who was knocking. As the door opened, Precious almost dropped dead when he saw who was standing in front of him.

With his eyes wide opened, he screamed, “Oh No! Mandy you can’t be here”.

End of episode 7 ๐Ÿ˜‰

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