Tears episode 6

Tear Drops (episode 6)

There’s nothing hidden that wouldn’t be revealed, it’s just a matter of time before the truth eventually surface. The heart of man is desperately wicked indeed and Mandy unfortunately did well in proving it right. It’s extremely disheartening and heartbreaking that she could stoop so low by going to Precious house unannounced, thereby totally neglecting her friends feelings. She never for once considered how Barbara would feel if she found out what she was up to; I guess Mandy wasn’t thinking things through at all and it’s sad that she let her envy get the best of her. What a best friend indeed!

The kiss Mandy gave to Precious was unexpected as he didn’t see that coming even in a thousand years. Immediately she kissed him, he was shocked and furiously pushed her away. “What in God’s name is wrong with you? How dare you come to my house and kiss me, who even told you I live here?” Precious flared up.

At that point, Mandy was scared because it clearly looked like things weren’t going in the direction she thought it would. There and then, she broke down and started tearing up bitterly. As tears fell off her eyes, Precious became confused and didn’t know what next to do. He stretched his hands and gently touched her shoulders; “I’m sorry if I was a little too harsh on you” he managed to say but Mandy wasn’t showing any sign that she was going to stop crying anytime soon.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward as Precious didn’t know exactly how to get out of the situation he unfortunately found himself in. Unable to stop her from crying, he managed to persuade her to enter inside his house so the scene wouldn’t draw the attention of his neighbours.

It’s quite unfortunate that Precious couldn’t read through Mandy to figure out what she was up to. At that moment, all he wanted was for her to stop crying because he was quite an emotional person. On the other hand, Mandy was relieved within because it finally seemed like her ill plan was gradually coming to pass.

When they entered inside, Precious made her settle down in his living room and went inside the kitchen to get water for her to drink. Immediately he left, she smiled and hailed herself for a job partly done.

Shortly after, Precious walked back in with a bottle of water and handed it over to Mandy. “Now, can you tell me why you are here?” He asked, “I’m here because I love and want you” she shamelessly said. Precious was extremely shocked because he knew quite alright that Mandy was Barbara’s ‘supposed’ best friend. What a shocker indeed!

“Are you sure you’re ok, aren’t you Barbara’s friend and I presume you know we are dating, how can you come in here to utter such trash” Precious said. Mandy smiled faintly and looked into his eyes; “You can say whatever you want to say about me but all I know is that I wouldn’t hold back my feelings for you. Listen, there’s nothing Barbara can give you that I can’t equally give to you; matter of fact, I’m even doing you a big favour” she bluntly said.

In everything Mandy said, the only thing that struck Precious was when she mentioned that she was doing him favour. He kept wondering what she meant by that so he had to interrupt her. “What do you mean by you’re doing me a favour?” He curiously asked, “Now that you have asked, I have no choice than to answer. Mandy can’t give you the things I can give to you. She’s dull, naive and dumb, and believe me when I say you would get bored before you even know it. All the men she has dated in the past ran away from her because of this. I know she’s my friend but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell you the truth. Precious I’m a complete package and believe me when I say you wouldn’t regret any decision you take to be with me. I’ll leave now, take as much time to think about me and call me when you are ready to be with someone that would bring out the man in you” she said.

As Mandy got up to leave, she placed her hand on Precious manhood and rubbed it gently. He knocked her hands off but she already knew she had succeeded in messing up his mind.

That evening was a disturbing one indeed for Precious because he couldn’t get his mind off his encounter with Mandy. “How on earth did she know my house?” He soberly wondered. Everything Mandy said sank into his head and kept popping up in his mind, no matter how hard he tried to shut it down. She succeeded in greatly messing up his mind and he unfortunately wallowed in thoughts all night.

On the other hand, Mandy felt both scared and excited; she was scared because she feared Precious would tell Barbara all that happened and also felt happy because she felt her plans were gradually coming in play. She crossed her heart that what happened would remain between herself and Precious alone.

The next day, Precious indirectly inquired from Barbara to find out how Mandy knew where he lived. They were having dinner in his house after a long day at work when he popped the question. “Baby, did your friend come here to work with you while I was away?” He curiously asked, “Yes babe she did, she helped me with the decorations while you were away” Barbara said without suspecting anything. Precious figured the truth and immediately waived the decision.

As time when on in their relationship, Precious began to realise all that Mandy said to him the day she made the surprise visit to his house. He figured that Barbara was quite naive when it came to love making and didn’t improve no matter how much he tried to teach her. Despite that, he wasn’t bothered much and didn’t see it as enough reason to leave a woman he dearly loved.

In as much as Precious was trying to be a real man, he was still human and had his own weaknesses. There were times he wanted to feel like a real man but Barbara wasn’t up to the task in such occasions. He learnt to deal with such situations whenever they arose and always tried to look at the better side of his relationship with Barbara. Well, unfortunately not for long!

One fateful day, Precious came back from a trip and called Barbara immediately he landed at the airport and told her to meet up with him for dinner at a popular restaurant they usually hung out in. Unfortunately, Mandy was with Barbara and she insisted to follow her for the dinner date. Without informing Precious, Barbara invited her and they zoomed out to the restaurant.

They arrived and sighted Precious sitting handsomely on a seat at the other end of the restaurant. Barbara happily ran and gave him a hug. Immediately Precious set his eyes on Mandy, his heart skipped several beats. He kept wondering why Barbara would bring her there but immediately realised that he never confined in her on what Mandy did to him few weeks back.

Mandy figured he was uncomfortable seeing her there and smiled mischievously towards him. “Hi Precious” she greeted, “Hey, how are you doing?” He asked and she said ‘fine’. Barbara who was unaware of everything that was going on, sat on Precious laps and wrapped her hands on his neck as she tried to catch up with all that happened while he was away on his business trip.

The food was finally served and everyone ate quietly. While they ate, Precious had to excuse himself to the restroom and after few seconds, Mandy also excused herself to go to the restroom.

While in the restroom, Precious faced the mirror and bent his head in deep thoughts. Just as he was lost in thoughts, a hand held him from behind and when he turned to see who was holding him, it was Mandy!

“Stop this! What is wrong with you? Do you want to ruin my happy relationship with Barbara” He furiously asked but Mandy wasn’t even ready to answer his question. She locked the door and pushed him on the wall and locked her lips with his.

Precious was trying his best not to give in but Mandy was honestly irresistible. She was hot and had the body that could set any man’s eyes ablaze. They kissed passionately for a while and had to stop because Barbara was waiting for them back at the restaurant. “Here’s my house address, come for more if you want” Mandy said as she typed her address on her phone and sent to him. She hurriedly arranged her clothes and went back to be with Barbara before Precious came afterwards.

They stayed a little longer before leaving the restaurant. Precious dropped the ladies off at Barbara’s house before heading to his. On his way to his house, he couldn’t get his mind off his affair with Mandy and deeply wanted more.

Halfway into the journey, he turned back the car and gave Mandy a call. “Are you back to your house?” He asked, “Yes I’m home. it’s an apartment, so come to the second floor and knock on the door on your left” she said and Precious ended the call afterwards.

In less than 20 minutes, there was a knock on Mandy’s door and she smiled and went to open it; Lo and Behold, it was Precious leaning handsomely on her door frame.

She looked into his eyes and said “Hey baby, come to mama!”.

End of episode 6 😉

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