Tears episode 8

Episode 8-9


(episode 8 )

The beautiful thing about love is that you can’t force or manipulate it, no matter how hard you try. I guess God made it that way so that our feelings would always be genuine without people’s interferences. If only people could manipulate love, then I presume Mandy would have succeeded in winning Precious over considering the amount of efforts she put into trying to get him. Well, as a popular saying goes ‘nine days for the thief and one day for the owner’. Mandy was about to meet her doom and eventually confront her supposed best friend whom she betrayed out of envy. The atmosphere was about to explode and Mandy didn’t seem ready for what was about to hit her.

When Precious saw Mandy standing in front of his door, his heart dropped because he knew what was going to happen if Barbara caught a glimpse of her. Unfortunately, Mandy wasn’t even aware that Barbara was inside the house, she also didn’t know that Precious had just revealed all that happened to her. What a tragedy indeed!

“I said you can’t be here, just leave now!” Precious repeated when he figured Mandy wasn’t taking him seriously. “I just want us to talk, I’m not here for what you think” Mandy said but Precious wasn’t interested in what she had to say, all he wanted was for her to leave before Barbara finds out that she was there.

While Precious kept resisting, Mandy became impatient and forcefully made her way into the house. As she walked into the living room, her heart almost left her body when she saw Barbara sitting right in front of where she stood, still crying. Immediately Mandy saw Barbara, she wished the ground could open and swallow her. Never in a thousands years did she believe that she would be caught in such manner.

The situation was beyond Precious as at then, so he decided to just hands up and let whatever was going to to happen have it’s way. Matter of fact, he was quite relieved that Mandy was there, so that the truth would surface without seeming like he was making up the whole story just to destroy their friendship. It was Barbara’s moment so he wasn’t planning on interfering unless he was called upon.

“So it’s true? So this is what I get for loving and trusting you with all my heart?” Barbara said with tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes. Mandy was dumfounded and didn’t know what to say or how to begin answering Barbara’s questions. The atmosphere was silent but Barbara wasn’t ready to let it remain that way. “Mandy I asked you a question, what did I do to deserve this from you? Why Precious of all men? You know how long it took me to finally find someone my heart beats for, why did you decide that it was him or no one else? How do you even sleep at night knowing that you were making sexual advances towards my man? How do you sleep at night with such evil, bitterness and envy piled up in your heart for a person who did nothing wrong but love you? How can you smile with me when you knew quite alright that you wanted what was mine and even went as far as lying to Precious about me, saying that a lot of men left me because of my poor sexual performance. Were you not the same person I confided in by telling you how naive I was when it came to love making and how I wasn’t able to learn much because I had dated just one person in the past. How was I able to get dumped by men because of poor sexual performance, when I had only dated one guy in the past? Why did you go to such extent just to take Precious away from me? You are evil and I can’t even look at you at this moment, you both should enjoy your lives and leave me alone” Barbara said and walked out on them still crying.

Immdietely Barbara left, Precious rushed her and tried to stop her from going but she was too hurt to care about any other person but herself. “Baby please I’m sorry, don’t leave me I beg, I wouldn’t let you go babe, please” he said as he held her hands but all Barbara wanted at that moment was to get away from them.

“Just leave me alone, my heart can’t bear this magnitude of betrayed from two people I love and care so much about. If you claim to love me, why didn’t you say something since the first day it happened? It’s clear you secretly wanted it and that’s why you let things get to the level where she can just visit your house uninvited. To be honest, I don’t trust you anymore; I don’t think I can trust a man that couldn’t tell me the truth from the onset. Precious just leave me alone, I don’t deserve all this” Barbara said and walked outside his building.

Despite the fact that Barbara was angry, Precious wasn’t ready to let her go that night. It would only take rapture to occur for him to let go of her. “Babe you aren’t going anywhere, I would never let you go. I know I was wrong for not telling you from the onset, but my reason for doing so was because I was confused and initially thought it was all a big joke, till when she approached me at the restaurant restroom. Babe please don’t punish me for something I didn’t do, I beg you! Do whatever you want to do to me but please don’t leave me because I don’t think I would be sane without you in my life. I’m sorry, please forgive me” Precious sadly said, with tears clouding his eyes.

As all these were going on outside, Mandy stepped out from the door, looking sober and shattered. It was apparent that her conscience was dealing with her and she was overshadowed by guilt. Immediately Mandy came out, she walked close to get to Barbara but she screamed and told her to stay away and not get one bit closer.

Precious didn’t want a scene so he hurriedly went back inside, grabbed his house and car keys. He locked the house door and begged Barbara to get into the car. After several pleading, Barbara eventually got in and they zoomed out, leaving Mandy behind.

When they left, Mandy almost collapsed because she felt like a loser and failure. Not only did she not succeed in getting Precious, but she had also lost a dear friend. It was at that moment that it dawned on her on what she had done. Regrets started springing from all angles and she shamefully walked down to the estate gate and headed home.

On the other hand, Barbara kept crying and didn’t seem as though she was going to stop anytime soon. Precious drove the car to a quiet location and packed there. He remained mute as he watched her cry bitterly. Every tear that dropped from her eyes pierced his heart and it almost drove him crazy.

After about 20 minutes of watching Barbara cry, Precious finally summoned the courage to speak. “Barbara you are killing me slowly and I hate myself for being the reason for this tears in your eyes. I wouldn’t remain the same again if you leave me. I’m so sorry for not telling you earlier, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Baby please!” He sadly said.

Barbara still loved him dearly and wasn’t ready to lose her man just because of what her desperate friend did. To be honest, she was a bit proud of him deep down. The more reason she was hurt was due to the fact that it was Mandy of all people who betrayed her. The thought of her man having the slight intimate contact with her best friend was painful indeed.

Barbara didn’t utter any word to Precious and just told him to take her home. After several failed attempts to change her mind, he drove her home and sadly bid ‘Goodbye’. All through that night, non from the three of them slept well. They all cried and wallowed in thoughts all night without any clue of what the future held for each of them.

Days passed and Precious was gradually making his way back into Barbara’s heart. At that time, she wasn’t talking to Mandy and had cut all ties with her. Precious was still not getting all of Barbara like he used to but he didn’t give up on their love. She mostly didn’t want to see him but he was always present at her house every night begging.

The heart can’t lie as Barbara knew she still loved Precious and didn’t want to lose him either. They were gradually working on their relationship and Precious was willing to put in all the work if it came to that.

While these two love birds were busy working on their relationship, Mandy was battling depression and didn’t have anyone to check up or care for her. After trying to access Barbara but all efforts proved abortive, she decided to pay her a visit one evening.

At around 8pm, Mandy arrived at her house and knocked on the door. While she waited for Barbara to open, her heart skipped several beats and she started praying for God to touch her heart to forgive and forget.

After the thrid knock, the door opened and Mandy looked into Barbara’s eyes with tears falling from hers; “Barbie, I’m so sorry, it’s the devil’s work. Find a place in your heart to forgive me” she sadly said

Barbara looked at her and asked; “if the truth didn’t surface, would you have felt sorry for me? Would you have left my man and would you have realized that you were betraying our friendship?”.

Mandy nodded ‘No’ and Barbara said “Exactly what I thought, I would never forgive you?”

End of episode 8 😉

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