Somebody’s Son episode 3

Somebody’s Son Final.

The sea was stable and the ship was moving fine again, we joked and laughed over our previous challenges.

“Baby look over there our forever land” somebody’s son pointed.

We have been dreaming of this land for so long, hence our fight against external factors, we were focused on achieving it.

We jumped up in celebration as we were closed to landing, then in a twinkle of an eye, our ship had capsized, turning us into the deep sea right amid all the challenges we have been fighting since the beginning of this journey.

“What happened, I thought you promised me, how, why” I cried out in pain.

Somebody’s son did all he could to save us from drowning, our ship might have sunk but Love was still alive. He said I was his strength and all he needs was for me to hold his hand again.

I was broken, you are the captain how did you let this ship sink, I think it was better we swim out separately…I said to him.

Somebody’s son wouldn’t have it, ” “you are a part of me, I am a fool, there is no lady that understands me as you do, I chose to share this beautiful island with you because you deserve it for all the years you have been with me on this journey”

He brought out the most shining and beautiful ring I have ever seen and stretch it to me, dragging me to the shore of the sea.

“Without you, I will be broken, without you, this island will be nothing but a forest, this is me taking a fresh start with you, asking for another chance to make you love me again, if I ever fail to protect you again, there is a live boat at the other side of the river. Go and never return to me ” he said with tears.

Somebody’s Son can be so annoying and stupid, but he is still my soul mate. Somehow I have been unable to stay away from him in all his stupidity.

This is going to be a big decision for me, to trust again and stay in our dreamland. The land we have built together for years.

We are two imperfect beings in love.
Love is crazy…

So i Said YES!
Let’ start afresh again.

The End
©Pamela pam

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