Somebody’s Son episode 2

Somebody’s Son 2

After the birthday stunt, we went for my departmental dinner together and our lips keep gripping each other, it was as if we have been shipping forever, the connection was just perfect.

I finally decided to take the ship on offshore and land it on the blue sea, Captain has been waiting patiently.

We both let the waves take charge, while we enjoy the cruise. Just as I was there for a fun, so also was somebody’s son.

It was a soft and adventurous cruise even after 2 years. It was now life after school and the blue sea had divided into river Niger and river Benue ( Long distance).

So what we thought was a cruise was now looking more like a titanic ship.
Emotions Set in, jealousy, fights, makeup’s, challenges and sacrifice, insecurities were now things we started facing.

Four years in, it was a war between us and the pirates( external factors) Somebody’s son showed me his “playboy” side and I showed my “two can play that game” moves.

Okay, he didnt see that coming..
He calmed down and concentrated on the ship.

The blue sea was disappointing us, it let external factors hit us, it was a tough trip, many rocks, sharks, storms kept hitting, and in all of this, Somebody’s Son held my hand. At each hit he will say, we will get through this together trust me!

Wow, what happened to that playboy charm, I guess I have calmed him down with my charm too…maybe.

The storm came with striking this time around, we had no choice but to
paddle offshore to fix the ship. We had options of letting it be, but the blue sea was looking so beautiful that it drew us back to its back again for us to flow on.

The more we ride the ship, the more challenges we faced…different phase of challenges. It got to a point we looked back and noticed we had come a long way and going back wasn’t going to make sense.

“Blue sea bring it on, we can handle It”…we screamed out

We cried many times, I doubted myself, the emotional trauma was too much, I wanted to give up but every time I look into his eyes all I see is the blue sea…

Though filled with a lot of harmful creatures underneath it, it still stayed calm above and still retain its beauty.

To be continued…
©Pamela Pam

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