Somebody’s Son

Somebody’s Son.

I met this guy at law faculty in 2015, I was in a hurry to get my registration done, he called out my full name and I turned to stare at him with a shock at how he knew my name. I was just seeing him for the first time, he smiled and said he knows me, I shouldn’t be scared.

Oh there! my ATM card was in my hand. Smart guy, that’s where he saw my name.

I still tried to ignore him, waiting for the cafe guy to attend to me, it was a long day and my legs were already failing me. Soon I was done and headed out of the place immediately to the next stage of the registration.

He ran after me handing me his campaign poster, I collected it and told him I was in a hurry I need to be on my way, but he pleaded to get my number, to make sure I don’t forget about his ambition.

His friend followed behind letting somebody’s son do what he knows how to do best… Convincing me in giving my contact to him. I gave him and I hurried down my way.

Contact that was to be meant for a political ambition became a means of friendship and then an invite for my favorite dish (gwote/Pete) which will be specially made by him as that was his favorite too.

Being a lady of my words and a lover of gwotes, I kept to my promise and visited. I never got any gwote but a good package Indomie with veggies. Lol, he apologized of course.

Political ambition started changing to a Shipping ambition.

I was shipping a ship that wasn’t ready to be shipped then, so somebody’s son had a lot of chances.
I was reluctant cos deep down I knew this was just going to be a sinking ship, man was good with his game and so it became so hard to resist his charm.

Well, I can use him to keep myself busy, he is fun to be with but this guy na player joor…Pam don’t let emotions into this.

The ship official started when somebody’s son pulled a mad birthday stunt for me. I haven’t been surprised that way before.

I was all smiles that evening. Pam stay focused…I said to myself.

To be continued.
©Pamela Pam

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