My friend episode 5&6

My Friend 5

I was so mad at Dora I trusted her so much, she was my best friend how could she betray me this way. Yusuf told me to calm down and stay away from her to avoid further problems.

“Of course my friendship with her has ended, but I first needblast her” I said to Yusuf.

Yusuf walked me home, I wasn’t my self all through the evening until mama noticed and asked what the problem was.

” Mama it’s Dora o, Dora tried to snatch my boyfriend, can you imagine I saw her with my two eyes at his house” I narated to mama what Yusuf told me.

“Hmmm children of nowadays, instead of you to concentrate on your studies, you are here fighting over that slender boy that looks like warms are feeding on him”

“Mama that’s not what I am talking about , what has Yusuf done to you na” I was now getting angry at mama.

“You better check that your so called boyfriend very well too” mama said

I left the room in anger, I was talking about Dora she is busy blaming Yusuf. In fact I need to go see Dora now, I can’t wait for her to come to me first.

I left the house for Dora’s. Dora was with her mother in the parlour, she dragged me outside immediately I entered the house.

“Babe why are you looking like you coming from a war zone” Dora asked

“I am coming for you Dora, how could you do this to me, I thought you were my friend. You know how much Yusuf mean to me…i hate you so much and I don’t want to ever see you close to Yusuf or me Again” I said to Dora, and walked away..

“What are you talking about? I was about coming to your house to tell you something about..

” hold it there, tell me that you love my boyfrd and you have been trying to seduce him? I don’t want to hear anything from you ok..people were truly right about you, you are evil” I cut her off..

Dora stood speachless, I didn’t care how she felt by my words, she hurt me first. She deserved it.

Days past, months past I didn’t hear from Dora not like I cared but I some how felt guilty. My relationship with Yusuf was going smoothly.

After 4 months, mama came home and told me she saw an ambulance in front to Dora house, and Dora was taken by the ambulance.

Myheart skipped though she has hurt me, I still missed her and wouldn’t pray for any evil to befall her.

I rushed to Dora’s house and I was told by her siblings that she got ill last week and that’s why ambulance came to pick her.

Hmmmm thank God it’s not Death I asked for the hospital name and promised to visit her the next day.

My Friend 6

On my way back from Dora’s house I decided to branch Yusuf’s house to tell him about Dora’s ill health. He may not like her but I believe he wouldn’t be so heartless not to care about her well being.

I was still lost in thoughts when I walked into his room without knocking only to be knocked down by the reality before me.

Yusuf was on top of a girl, they were both n***d. I stood there like a statue and watched them. I let out a scream which made him jump off her.

I rushed out confused, crying, and looking like I just escaped from a ritualist den. I found my way home and I couldn’t eat or sleep, I cried all through the night.

Now I believe Yusuf lied against Dora. How could i be so stupid not to hear from her first before judging, I hated Yusuf but hated myself too for not being a good friend to Dora.

Yusuf called me that evening, I picked after the seventh ring, I didn’t wait for him to speak i cursed him and his generation. I wasn’t sure of what i was saying but I know I was pouring out my heart of pains.

The next day I managed to get up from bed and got ready to go see Dora at the hospital, i pray she forgives me.

I was directed to the female ward and I sighted her mom in the corridor I walked to her with my head bowed, I was ashamed of myself Dora’s mom smiled and gave me a hug she then pointed to Dora’s ward. Dora looked so pale and lean I walked slowly to her bedside and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I taped her by the shoulders and she opened her eyes, she smiled and Said “Lover girl, you are here?

I let out a loud cry and knelt down held her hands and pleaded for her to forgive my foolishness.

Dora struggled to sit up and held me to stand up, she opened her arms for a hug and I went in feeling like a baby.

Oh how much I have missed my friend!

“Stop crying jor, since the day you told me about your worries about Yusuf I took it upon myself to investigate him and I found out he was a pro- max cheat, I never told you because i had no evidence yet..the day you saw us together I was only confronting him for deceiving you” Dora explained to me.

I cried more when she told me and still pleaded for her forgiveness which she said she has. I then asked her what was wrong with her that an ambulance had to come pick her.

She smiled,cleaned my tears and looked me into the eyes, and said “I am dying”

©Pamela Pam
©Pamela Pam

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