My friend episode 7&8

My Friend 7

“Lol Dora be serious for once na, which one is I am dying? This joke wasn’t funny.

” Linda, I mean it…i have kidney failure, I have been battling with it for long now but decided to keep it a secret,so I can live my life freely without people reminding me of my health all the time” she said now crying.

Dora hardly call me by my name and I have never seen her this serious, this was too much to handle within 24hrs.

“Dora why would you keep such a thing from me, I am your best friend” I said, my eyes were already tired of crying.

“Babe, I love you so much and I have watched you stand by me. Even defended me from your mother and people who judged me wrongly, you gave me strength. I was always taking things unserious cos I know I wouldn’t be alive to enjoy them”

“This can’t be it na, what are the doctors saying?

” We haven’t gotten a donor, and my mom can’t afford money for a transplant. My mom is ill and can’t donate…babe don’t worry, you can name your baby after me” she said trying to put a smile on face.

She never seems stop surprising me, she always makes a joke out of everything. I was still trying to process what I just heard when her mother walked in with dinner for Dora.

I pleaded with her that I would like to stay the night with Dora, so she can go home and rest. She thanked me and left.

Dora and I talked about alot of things, about yusuf, school and her business boyfriend whom she said has been the one supporting her bills.

I called mama to let her know I will be staying back with Dora and she said no problem.

Soon Dora fell asleep and i took the chance to go see the doctor in charge of her. I asked what the chances of her survival will be, he told me they needed a donor that matches with her and then money to pay for the transplant.

I have no money but I wouldn’t mind sparing my kidney to save my Dora.
I told him to take a test of me and let’s see if I matched.

He said ok, gave me some papers to sign and we schedule the test for tomorrow.

I spend the night praying and hoping it will be successful. The morning break and I sneeked into the lab to run the test, I came back just in time before Dora woke up. I had given the doctor my contact to call me if the results came out positive.

I told Dora I needed to go home to change and pleaded with her not to give up on me yet…she smiled with a reply ” Yes your highness”.

My Friend (Final)

I went home, tidy up my chores at home and also rushed to school to school what I have missed. I told mama I will be spending more time at the hospital and she said no problem she also wished Dora quick recovery.

I was making lunch when i received a call from a strange number, it was the doctor..he said the result matches and I needed to be in the hospital urgently so as to schedule the operation time.

Dora have no much time.

My God I wAs very happy but scared of how I was going to tell mama this news, i walked to were mama was seated in the parlour I knelt down before her and narrated all that Dora was going through and also told her about my decision to save her life.

Mama went quite for a while before giving me her blessings to go ahead. She said she was wrong about Dora and she is glad I have the heart to save a soul.

I was surprised at mama response. I thanked her and left for the kitchen to finish the cooking.

Few hours later I was at the hospital and branched the doctors office first, he explained all the side effects of the operation and asked me again if I was ready to proceed with it, I said Yes.

I went back to Dora ward and saw her chatting with her boyfriend Chidi, i have only met him few times. I thanked Chidi for everything he has done for her and he said it was nothing, that Dora meant alot to him.

I asked to speak to him outside and he followed me outside. I told him about my test and the result, what we needed now was the money for the bills. Chidi was so happy he promised to take care of the bills as long as he gets to be with Dora more.

We planed to keep it a secret from her untill the operation was successful.
We informed Dora’s mom and she was filled with Joy, she kept thanking us over and over again.

The day of the operation came and we were both urshered into the theatre. My face was covered so Dora wouldn’t recognise me..she was told the kidney was coming from a good Samaritan.

The operation was successful.

I woke up few hours later and Dora woke up 30 minutes later. The hospital was full with her course mates already.

I guess her mother informed them.

Dora couldn’t hide her joy when she was told she could live for more year’s. She was shocked when she saw me with bandage walking towards her.. She asked for an explanation and her mother told her what happened.

” Lover girl, when will you stop loving? She said with a wide smile

“Only when you stop being my friend” I replied

We both hugged each other with tears flowing down our eyes.

I have found a sister and i will do anything to for.

I love you.
I love you too.

The end.


©Pamela Pam
©Pamela Pam

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