My friend episode 3&4

My Friend 3

My relationship was going smoothly, love was in the air and mama had already noticed something was going In between Yusuf and me.

“This boy that always walks you home from the lesson, what’s going on between the two of you,” mama asked one evening.

“Mama, he is my boyfriend and his name is Yusuf” I answered, frowning my face.

I was 19yrs already, I just felt it was about time I stop hiding my relationship from her.

“Your boyfriend? I don’t trust that boy he looks like a player…be careful o”

“Mama you are always saying negative things about my friends, it was the same thing you said about Dora. Please o, Yusuf is not who you think he is, he is just a fine boy”

“Okay na, don’t say I didn’t warn you”

I pushed my mouth as I punched on my touch light phone. Mama is a sadist, she always has something negative to say about my friends.

That evening I met with Dora and told her my conversation with mama, she just laughed and told me not to worry about mama but I should be careful sha.

We were done with our classes and have sat for our jamb awaiting the result. The result came out two weeks later and Dora and I scored 190 and 230 respectively, Dora was an intelligent girl but she never takes anything seriously.

I never seem to understand her freewill spirit atimes. I was her only friend and unlike me, that was so disturbed about going to the university, Dora never cares about University.

“Babe don’t worry, go to that University. I will marry one business mugu and will be enjoying my life” she always says whenever I talk about school.

She was from an average home like me. Since she never had an interest in school, I convinced her to apply to A.B.U with me that way I could be giving her some morals with her academics.

Soon, our admission was out and we both got admission to study the courses we applied for. I was so happy to inform Yusuf that I will be joining him in A.B.U, as expected he was happy for me too.

Yusuf helped us with the school running, from registration and locating our departments. That was the period Dora and Yusuf bonded well.

My friend 4

Dora was in Theatre art the same as Yusuf, they practically see each other more at school than me. I was studying Biochemistry, so I had no time to catch up with them in school except at home or on weekends.

Studies were going fine, so also my relationship and friendship, Dora being the unserious type always find a way to come to see me at my department. Sometimes she attends classes just to look at the fine guys in my class.

Though I was always busy in school, I try to create time with Yusuf for lunch, but I noticed he hardly introduce me to his friends when I am around.

I asked him one day and he claimed It was because I was new to the school and he wouldn’t want to draw much attention to me, that it will distract me from studying since he was one of the popular guys in his department.

I was impressed by his response and so happy to know that he had my interest at heart.

Even when I see girls around him on campus, he will say they were practicing for their next drama.

I never had any reason not to believe him, he was still my lovely yusuf. I confronted in Dora and she assured me that I was only being jealous, but i should be watchful.

One Friday afternoon, my lectures for that afternoon was cancelled, i quickly rushed home knowing that Yusuf will be home ( i know his class timetable), i had no call card so i just decided to surprisee him.

Just before I got to his house I saw Yusuf and Dora beside the house talking. The conversation looks serious, I got to where they were and there both stopped talking, I asked what the problem was but Dora just walked away promising to see me later in the evening.

Yusuf dragged me to his room, I was confused and asked for some explanation.

“Babe, you need to stay away from Dora, i don’t like her” Yusuf frowned.

“You are not making sense, i thought you both were getting along fine, what happened?

I wasn’t sure I needed an answer to that, i was already scared.

” Can you believe Dora tried to seduce me, she has been throwing advances at me but i couldnt do it and thats why she still followed me home.

My head started spinning, i couldnt belive what i just heard, Dora trying to take my Yusuf?

No wonder mama never liked her..she was definitely going to hear from me.

©Pamela Pam
©Pamela Pam

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