Men Do Cry episode 3

Men Do Cry😭😭
(episode 3)

The fast food attendant’s name reveal made jaden feel a type of way and it was a good feeling. Her name sounded like a beautiful melody in his ears. Jaden didn’t need a seer to tell him that he was already falling for her because he could feel it deep in his soul. He didn’t want her to go, but it was sad that she had to because he was interrupting her work.

“Nice to meet you Laura, and beautiful name by the way” Jaden said, “Thank you! Can I also know your name?” She asked, “My name is Jaden” he replied, “Would you have bothered to know my name if I didn’t ask you first” he added and she blushed. “I really have to go now, my supervisor wouldn’t be happy with me if she sees me talking to you” Laura said and left in a hurry.

As Jaden quietly ate his food, he kept thinking of a way to see Laura again without having to implicate her at her work place. “What am I going to do now? I can’t possibly call her to my table again because she’s back to the counter” he thought to himself as he ate.

When Jaden was done eating and was about leaving, he stretched his hand and pick one of the fast food flyer that was close by, removed a pen from his pocket and wrote something behind it. When he was done writing, he walked to the counter and pretended as though he wanted to bid Laura goodbye. As she waved goodbye to him, he secretly put the flyer into her hands and winked at her before walking away. Laura immediately realised what he did and hid the flyer under the computer keyboard at the counter.

After about 30 minutes, she opened the flyer to see what was written and it read “I would love to see you again and maybe help get you a better job, Call me on this number so we can meet up and talk better”. Laura smiled and chuckled after reading his note, she kept the flyer in a safe place then continued with her work.

That day was a busy one for Laura and as evening drew near, more people trooped into the fast food to make purchases. Laura was so busy that day and forgot everything about Jaden and his note.

As night drew near, Jaden kept expecting her call but it wasn’t coming forth. He kept expecting till the next day but Laura didn’t call. Jaden became upset and angry with himself for letting his guards down, “You see why these women need to stay far away from me? what on earth is even wrong with me and why do I care? Urghhhhh!” He angrily said to himself as he drove to work. All through that day at work, he couldn’t concentrate fully because half of him was with Laura. He thought about her and was constantly mad at himself for doing so.

On the other hand, Laura was busy and occupied with work and had forgotten all about the flyer she hid in a safe place the day before. It was when a customer who came to buy food demanded for the food to be microwaved, that it dawned on her that she hid something underneath the microwave the day before. She was extremely surprised and made jest of herself for being forgetful of such an important thing. She immediately made up her mind to call him after the days work.

At close of work that day, she picked her phone and dialed his number as she walked down to the bus station. The phone rang a little while before he picked, “Hi Jaden” she greeted, “Hello” he bluntly replied, “How are you doing?” She asked, “who am I speaking to?” Jaden asked without trying to be nice, “It’s Laura speaking” she politely replied.

Immediately Jaden heard Laura’s name, his heart almost left his body. His hands began to shake and his breath ceased at any attempt to breathe freely. “How are you doing Laura?” He managed to asked, “I’m fine, thank you! Am I calling at a wrong time because you sound unhappy” she questioned, “Oh no I’m fine, it’s just that I felt you would have called sooner” he said.

As they conversed on phone, the conductors at the park were shouting the locations they were heading to. Their voices kept interrupting the call till Jaden had to ask where she was, “I’m at the park trying to get a bus home” she said. He asked of the park she was at and she told him, “can I come and pick you from there and take you home?” He asked but Laura turned down his offer, “Don’t worry, I’m fine and besides it’s late” she said. Jaden insisted but Laura refused at every attempt.

After a long time of talking, Laura had to end the call because it was time for her to enter the bus heading her way. Before the call ended, Jaden reminder her about the job offer and told her to prepare her CV for an interview anytime soon. They said goodnight to each other before ending the call.

After the call, Jaden laid on this big luxurious bed and placed his hand on his forehead. There was just something about Laura that made her a medicine to his hidden sickness of rejection and anger. Everything about her was peaceful and he wanted more of her badly. He stayed awake for a while thinking about his life before finally sleeping off.

As the week went by, Jaden enquired from his friends who were hiring if they wanted an accountant. It was a tough one because he wanted to get a befitting and stress free job for Laura. Fortunately for him, he managed to secure an interview for her at one of his client’s firm.

Jaden happily reached out to Laura that evening and told her to prepare for the interview coming up the following day. Laura was able to take an excuse from her work place to be able to attend the interview.

The interview day came and Laura killed it and was offered the job on the spot. She almost collapsed due to excess happiness and lacked ways to fully express the way she felt. Immediately she left the interview, she picked her phone and called Jaden to break the good news to him. “Yeeaaaah, I got it Jaden, I got the job!” She screamed when he picked, “Wow! Congratulations Laura, I’m so happy for you” he excitedly said.

Laura became emotional and thanked him over again from the depths of her heart. Jaden was touched at how appreciative Laura was and wanted to do more just to hear her say those beautiful “Thank you” over and over.

Jaden’s heart started beating fast again and he didn’t know when he said “Can I take you out tonight?”.

Laura was shocked at his request and said “Come again, what did you just say?”.

To be continued

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