Men Do Cry episode 6

Men Do Cry (episode 6)
Second-to-last episode

There’s a huge difference between physical and emotional wound. One heals faster but the other takes almost forever to heal. You can see one but can’t see the other and that makes it difficult for healing to take place, as people can’t tell they are wounded by mere looking at them. Jaden was suffering from an emotional wound known as Rejection!

Laura was dead shock as she never believed Jaden could raise his voice at her. Jaden felt disappointed at himself when he realised what he had done. “I’m so sorry baby! Please I wouldn’t do it again, I was just carried away” he pleaded but Laura remained quiet. He kept apologising but she couldn’t utter a word due to shock.

After a while of apologising with no response from Laura, he stretched his hand to touch her and immediately his fingers rested on her shoulders, she burst into tears. “What did I do wrong” she asked as she sobbed, “You did nothing wrong my love, I’m the one at fault” Jaden said with tears in his eyes. “I told you this relationship wouldn’t work if you don’t deal with your past but you told me everything was going to be alright and now see” Laura said sobbing.

The sight of Laura in tears shattered Jaden’s heart to pieces. He couldn’t believe that he was the cause of her pain, he felt bad knowing that he raised his voice at her. “Laura, I’m trying to be the best I can but it isn’t easy for me. I’m suffering within but have to put up a brave look all the time because everyone expect that from me. I might be a man but I have my own struggles and insecurities too. My ex did me bad, she rejected me and made me feel worthless, I wanted her to stay but she left; leaving me all alone when I needed her the most. Being a lawyer wasn’t my initial dream but I had to take up this profession because I felt it would make me look tough and ruthless, I felt being a lawyer would never make me vulnerable again in my life, I felt it would make me sit above my insecurities but it’s unfortunate that nothing has changed; I’m still the broken, rejected and vulnerable guy from years ago. I love you with all my heart and I don’t want to ever lose you Laura, I could shut down any chance of healing if you walk away from my life. I accept the fact that I’m lonely and vulnerable, please don’t leave me Laura” he said with tears falling off his eyes.

His words pierced Laura’s heart and she cried more, “Oh baby” she said and hugged him tightly. They cried together and Jaden rested his head on he shoulder sobbing, “I believe everything will be alright but you have to let me in. You have to let me into your insecurities and battles, with that way, I can fully understand why you do certain things you do and can help you heal. Please let me in” she said sobbing.

Jaden moved closer and whispered “I love you so much” into her ears. Laura wiped the tears off his cheek and kissed his eyes. Jaden kissed her forehead and they hugged each other tightly as though their lives depended on it. Jaden apologised again and promised never to raise his voice at her again, she nodded and told him they will get through it. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

It was time for Laura to leave but Jaden begged her to stay the night. “Baby tomorrow is Sunday and I have to get ready for church” she said, “We’ll go shopping this evening to get you some new clothes for church tomorrow” he pleaded but Laura declined the offer. “I’ll come around after service I promise” she said and pecked his cheek. Jaden smiled and went for her lips to kiss them and Laura willingly gave him her lips. “I love you” he said smiling, “I love you too” she replied laughing, “No, I love you more!” Jaden said and Laura blushed. After their little play, Jaden got his car keys and drove her home.

Their relationship grew stronger than it used to be and they got to know each other better. Laura played with caution and avoided some things that might be sensitive to Jaden, he also worked on his mind and began to see Laura as a different person from his ex who hurt him. He loved her to a fault and didn’t want to ever lose her. She was like his inhaler!
Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and their relationship waxed stronger. Jaden started thinking of settling down with Laura but was scared she might say No. He thought day in day out on how to make his intensions clear but no good idea was coming forth.

The perfect day finally came when Jaden’s law firm threw a party to celebrate a major deal they closed. Everyone was allowed to come with a date so Jaden invited Laura. She dressed to kill and almost took the shine of everyone. Jaden was proud that she was his and didn’t hesitate to show her off.

Everyone was having a good time at the party and didn’t suspect that Jaden had something up his sleeves. As the celebration went on, he told the DJ to stop the music and called for everyone’s attention. “Can I get you all attention please?” He said, “they say you have never truly lived until you have loved someone completely. I didn’t know what love meant until I met a lady who practically showed me what it meant. I could write a thousand words to describe you and it still wouldn’t be enough to fully explain what a beautiful person you are. I’m referring to no other person than you, Laura! I love you from the bottom on my heart and want to spend forever with you” he added.

As he spoke, Laura’s heart raced as if it were running a marathon race. She didn’t know when she started tearing up.

Jaden walked close to her, looked into her eyes and said “Baby, I want you to do me a favour today by accepting to marry me. Will you marry me?”


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