Escapades in the north episode 5

Episode 5

Every thursday of the week was usually a free day for me. I wasn’t expected to go to work but to go for the Community Development Projects/Meetings which usually ended by 11 or 12pm. I decided not to go for lessons on thursdays, so after CDS on thursdays, I usually had the day to myself. It was one of those thursdays that Zainab told me she was going to come to my house. **Finally!8)**

Zainab called and told me that she was at the front of my gate. When I opened the gate, she quickly walked in. I was shocked! ** 😮 Blood of god 😮 **. She was putting on an indian flowing gown and a scarf covering her head. She was looking so majestic. When she saw that no one was in the compound, she turned around and gave me a long hug.

We went inside and she took off her scarf. Jeez, she was looking even more pretty. Hausa girls don’t expose their head and legs in the public. She told me their religion forbade it so as not to tempt men.

**:-\ Hian, laws dey o**

She told me she got something for me. I asked her what it was and she asked me to close my eyes. **Seriously??? Would you tell me already???**

She placed a little box on my palm and when I opened it, I found a very lovely rolex wristwatch. Wow!:o I gave her a warm hug and held her in place.

We later ate the food she bought from a fast food joint and she was feeling so excited. Hausa girls are usually ‘caged’. They rarely socialize. So whenever they have even the slightest opportunity to experience relative freedom, they are usually in an ‘excited state’. It was this excited state Zainab found herself at that moment.

She told me she wanted to lay down and I sat on the bed while she lay on my laps. You know that feeling you get when you are in a room alone with a hot girl/guy you like? That was exactly the feeling I was having then. Mamba was already trying to wiggle out of place but I sent it a message to calm down. Everywhere was serene and quite. I was just whispering sweet nothings into her ears while stroking her hair slowly.

After some minutes, I bent my neck and gave her a kiss. She was frozen. **Wait o, you never kiss before???**. I realized we’ve never talked about anything sexual previously. Before I knew what was happening she sat up and kissed me. Now it was my turn to be surprised ‘cos she was kissing like a pro. Now I was finally able to touch her b***s **8)those b***s I dreamt about 8)**. At first it was on the outside, over her dress, and while doing that, she seemed a little nervous. My fingers found her n*ipple and make circles around it, making the it erect under her clothes. I realized she was still nervous and I asked her if I should stop. She said I shouldn’t. I asked her if she had let other boys touch her b***s and she said she had some male friends and she knew they wanted to touch it (how you take know???) but she never let them.

She then stood up and took off her dress, letting it fall to floor. She stood there in black lace bra and panties, ‘pretty sexy’ I thought. As I stared, she reached behind her, undid her bra, and then I saw those b*****s that I had seen in my dream. ** :-\ it was slightly smaller than the one I saw in the dream :-\ ** She stepped forward and stood still as I reached out and smooched her b***s, first with my hands, and then kissed with my mouth. Her b***s were amazingly firm for their size and protruded straight out, capped with large dark areolas and thick ni*pples. I was in heaven, using my hands to lift and hold her b***s while s*****g her n*ipples. She sighed and stroked my hair as I sucked her.

Then she surprised me again…

Zainab: Baby, I’m still a virgin. Would you please show me how to do it? ** 😮 Chisos!!! 😮 **

Despite my ‘corruptness’ over the years, I had never had the opportunity to bleep a virgin. This was going to be a new experience for me and I was determined to make the most of it. I wanted to be gentle with her ‘cos from stories I heard I could be painful for her, considering the size of mamba which was about 8” when in the fully ‘excited state’. I told her to take off my boxers which she did.

She had never actually seen a hard c**k before, so I allowed some time letting her touch mamba. I showed her how to stroke it, and let her play with mamba’s head and balls. I felt like a teacher giving tutorials (my specialty). Finally I asked her to put it in her mouth and she did. She was a good student and she learnt fast ‘cos in no time, she began licking and s*****g like a pro. **maybe she don dey watch mojo before**

After several minutes of s*****g, I told her it was her turn. I lay her down on the edge of the bed, and I knelt down next to it. I placed one hand on her b***s, fondling her n*ipple, one sliding up her thigh to her p*ussy. I told her to look at me and tell me how it felt. She was wide-eyed as I slid my finger up and down her slit, separating her meaty lips, and gently flicking her c**t. She may have been a virgin but her body certainly knew how to respond sexually. My strokes brought forth a wetness that soon covered my hand and her legs.

Her eyes were half shut now, m*****g. She was as tight as you would expect, but she was so wet by now that once I got one finger in, then another, and I was able to start moving them around, almost prying her p***y further open from inside. I think that’s when she came the first time. She gasped, she arched her back, her eyes rolled and shut and my hand was suddenly soaked. When I went down on her she came almost immediately again, as I worked her p***y open with tongue and fingers.

Finally I stood, leaned up and gave her a big wet sloppy kiss, and then positioned myself between her legs. She watched as I opened a condom and rolled it down mamba. When my mamba slowly entered her and separated those virgin pu*ssy for the first time, it felt like I went to heaven and came back. I f*ucked her gently initially. She showed some pain at first as her inner pu*ssy broke open but it didn’t take long for her hips to start moving in rhythm with mine. After several minutes, my balls tightened and I felt the spasms as I emptied into her.

After cummming I stayed in her for awhile, both of us feeling the heat of our juices. As mamba gradually returned to it’s ‘ground state’, I pulled out, holding the condom as I exited. “Show me,” she said, as she reached out to take the full condom. She held it, full of semen, and then slowly spilled it out onto her b*****s. I’m now thinking, “this girl may be a virgin but she’s got a kinky side to her” She was amazed by looking at the result of her first full s*x. She said she had seen c*m in movies but it was the first time she was seeing it in real life **i talk am say she dey watch mojo**. ‘There’s always a first time for everything’ I said.

She began stroking mamba again and before long, it rose to the occasion. We bleeped about 3times that day before she went home.

When she got home, she sent me a text from her private line: ‘Thank you baby for I the wonderful time I had with you today, you are the best. Looking forward to this some other time. I love you.’

Aha… Finally!!

So I now had 3 girlfriends in Katsina. How the hell did I get to this point???. I thought I was a good guy (or I wanted to be). I thought I wouldn’t have to cheat on my girlfriend back at home. I remembered her jokingly telling her sister that she would visit me no matter where I was posted to in the country.

Distance could be a b*itch at times. Meanwhile, I was in regular communication with her. We talked at least once a day. But now there were new developments. She told me her visa had been approved and she was due to travel for her masters in the UK. **Nawa o, this babe wan leave me for Naija sha**. She said she wanted to see me before she left, to get some feel of good mamba I guess. But there was an issue. Distance. My spirit didn’t feel like travelling :-\. She was willing to travel, but she was in a dilemma too. She said she couldn’t pay for a flight from Lagos to Kano and then have to endure a crappy 2hrs bus ride from Kano to Katsina. There was usually no direct flight from Lagos to Katsina then (dunno about now though). If there had been a direct flight from Lagos to Katsina, then traveling to see me wouldn’t have been an issue.

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